Why Should You Buy Leather Jackets From High-quality Suppliers

Why Should You Buy Leather Jackets From High-quality Suppliers


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Leather jackets are well known as expensive and luxury items. Before you just buy one at any given moment and any shop or online store, you need to make sure that the company can be trusted.

There are many stores that scam people into thinking that they are buying a quality jacket, but actually, they are buying a cheap faux leather jacket for an expensive price. This is why you should buy your leather jackets from high-quality and trusted suppliers. How do you know if a leather jacket is of high quality or not?

Here are seven tips for buying your first leather jacket:

Leather Type and Quality

leather type and quality

Most people are not familiar with leather jackets and can identify what will be a big perk.

  • The first thing to consider is the type of skin you want. It's all a question of taste and will be decided by the usefulness and money available. You get all your basic skin types such as Sheep, Goatskin(great for soft leather), and Cow. Then you get your exotic types like crocodile, snake, and kangaroo.
  • The next important thing is the kind of grading you choose. Full-grain or top grain. Both are highly durable. However, the whole grain is not as stretchable as the top grain.

Panels and Joints

leather jacket Panels and Joints
  • A jacket with many joints and panels is usually more expansive due to the detailing and effort put into the work.
  • This has an impact on the final product's price.
  • Although single-panel jackets are more expensive because to additional options, this may or may not have an impact on the quality of the final product.


leather jacket lining

Many people are unaware that they have the option of picking fabric for the inside lining, making it plain or quilted, or eliminating the inside lining completely when ordering custom-made coats from high-end boutiques.

The inner lining is a second layer of fabric that adds to the weight of the garment. By firmly dragging down the jacket on your shoulders, it creates a smooth fall from top to bottom. The inside lining absorbs sweat, is soft and warm, and gives an excellent fit in certain situations.

Jackets without an inner lining are lighter and more breathable, but they are more expensive due to the additional finishing and manufacturing complexity on the inside.

Leather Jacket Fit

leather jacket should fit

Leather jackets must complement the wearer's appearance. Thus the fit of the jacket should be on point.When you see a jacket that captures your attention, you know it fits well. A great fit will transform the appearance and contour of the leather jacket.

After that, check the armholes, which should be as high as possible, just like the shoulders. The higher the armhole, the better the fit. The jacket will have more movement if the armhole is lower. It isn't a pretty sight.

Your jacket should finish where the waistband of your pants ends. That is, unless you're the kind to wear your pants half-off your buttocks.

Craftsmanship and Stitching

leather jacket craftsmanship and stitching

The leather jacket's neat and tidy stitching indicates that it is of high quality and also highly pricey. A good leather jacket will be stitched using a strong polyester thread that is well woven with no loose ends.

Decorative stitching on pockets and seams is a common feature among collectors of jackets. Decorative stitching and details on a jacket take more time and work, thus they cost more.

Styles of A Leather Jacket

styles of a leather jacket

There are many different leather jacket styles. The original Biker jacket, Flight jackets, Bombers, and Cafe Racers are the most prevalent and popular.

Modern trends include leather blazers and trench coats, leather vests, and seasonal leather jackets such as windbreakers and shearling leather jackets and coats.

There are hybrids, which are a mix of both genres, ranging from the classics to the present. These are constructed by fusing two or more leather jackets together.

Hardwear and accessories

leather jacket hardware and accessories
  • Examining the hardware and attachments used in a leather jacket may be a simple and effective way to determine the quality of a garment or a brand. Before you buy a jacket, make sure it has high-quality hardware and attachments.
  • Accessories, often known as embellishments, are patches, motifs, studs, eyelets, buckles, and other extra typically decorative components intended to improve the jacket's appearance. Similarly, zippers, buttons of all types, and metallic components having a functional aspect, such as the jacket's fastening, are referred to as hardware.
  • Zipper companies such as YKK and RiRi are well-known. Its presence signifies that the rest of the jacket's components are of good quality. These zippers are shinier, tougher, and smoother when zipping up or down.

The durability of the jacket is also something you need to look at.

 One of the most enticing features of a high-quality leather jacket is its durability. In general, the more substantial the leather is, both in terms of thickness and weight, the larger the animal.

While a cheap leather jacket may appear to be a good value, it will not look as attractive as a high-quality one and will not last as long. Fine leather jackets may last a lifetime if properly cared for, so the investment is well worth it.

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