Can A Leather Jacket Be Altered?

Can A Leather Jacket Be Altered?


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Is it hard to alter leather?

As an enduring fashion item, more and more people will purchase leather jacket. But sometimes there is a problem of jacket that are too big or too small. At this time, you may wonder whether the leather jacket can be Altered? Even though the leather is hard to alter, the answer is Yes.

If your leather jacket is just a little tight rather than too small, then alterations are not recommended because leather jacket is somewhat flexible and you can stretch it in some right way. Also, a leather jacket will naturally stretch and get bigger with use.

Since leather is a thicker material, tailoring is more complicated compared to other fabrics, so there are a few things to consider and keep in mind.


Professional tailor

First and foremost, DO NOT DIY, because leather is a special fabric and once you make a modification it is very difficult to change back. For example, if you make a few stitches somewhere on your jacket, even if you unpick the seams, there will be some ugly holes left there and these will stay on your leather jacket forever, so the cost of mistakes is really expensive. That's why you should always look for a professional tailor who have years of experience in leather garments. After all, you wouldn't want to let an inexperienced tailor ruin your beautiful leather jackets.


Can you alter the size of a leather jacket?

Sizing of leather jackets

Even if you are going to get your leather jacket altered, you have to consider the size. If you buy a leather jacket that is oversized or too small, alterations will be very difficult and expensive. Especially if it is too small, the tailor store may not have the same leather as your leather jacket.


Leather type

There are many different types of leather, each with its own characteristics. Different leathers will have different requirements for sewing. For example, cowhide and horsehide, both of which are so thick that ordinary needle and thread cannot pass through them, it require special equipment to be able to sew them. The general tailor store will not have special equipment that can handle, then it will not be possible for tailoring.


The structure of a leather jacket

The simpler the structure of a jacket, the easier it is to tailor or alter it. For example, one of the easiest parts to modify is the sleeve. If the sleeve of your leather jacket is too long, generally the most common practice is to cut off the extra-long part of the leather jacket cuffs and redo the sleeve closure. However, this method of alteration is not suitable for leather jackets with zips on the cuffs or other special designs. Details such as ribbing, zippers and pockets can get in the way of certain alterations. It can thus be said that the more complex the structure, the more difficult it is to alter. There are also influencing factors such as lining and insulation. If your leather jacket has a unique lining or insulation system, or a specially designed cut, these can make alterations more difficult.


In addition, if your jacket has a unique design and is not one of those ordinary models, it’ll be very difficult to do the change, and the alterations may also change the original design and destroy its uniqueness.


The aforementioned issues of leather and structure determine whether the tailor can make alterations for you and how easy or difficult they are. Communication, on the other hand, determines whether you will get a satisfactory result. Therefore, you must express your needs clearly to the tailor in order for him/her to make the alterations to your liking. In addition, alterations are a complicated and labor-intensive task, so don't be in too much of a hurry, as constant rushing may lead to mistakes or perfunctory work.



Another important issue to consider is price. With large alteration jobs, you will be faced with large costs. If it's not a leather jacket that has special meaning to you, you need to consider if it's still necessary when the cost of alterations is too high. If you are constantly faced with the need to have your leather jacket size altered, instead of spending money on alterations, it is better to just customize a piece to your own size from the beginning.


How much does it cost to resize/alter a leather jacket?

Leather Jackets and Resizing Costs

resize leather jacket or alter leather jacket

Leather jackets can keep you warm in times of chilly temperatures. They can make you look stylish and polished as well. That's why it can be so anxiety-inducing to realize that your leather jacket just doesn't fit you perfectly. Fortunately, you can opt to alter and resize your beloved leather jacket.

Resizing a leather jacket can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Costs can differ greatly based on specific leather varieties as well. However, it isn't uncommon for leather jacket resizing to cost upward of $150 in total.

Since leather jacket resizing can in many cases be as complex as making a new piece entirely, it can cost a lot more than many other kinds of tailoring projects. If you need leather jacket tailoring job that's a lot more straightforward and easy, it may cost you merely $25. Sleeve shortening tends to cost people less money.

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