Dos and Don'ts of Keeping A Genuine Leather Jacket

Dos and Don'ts of Keeping A Genuine Leather Jacket


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A leather jacket is a must-have or always-wanted vintage cum modern apparel in every wardrobe. And most of us have not more than one piece of leather jacket that we are always proud of. Wearing a leather jacket always gives you comfort and confidence. Whether it reminds you of your biker days, your college days or you bought a new one for a current event.

Due to their special nature, genuine leather jackets are precious apparel pieces that need care, to be able to be used for a long period. Here are some tips for your most-loved leather jacket to wear and treasure in good condition for a long time.

Do’s of keeping a leather jacket

  • 1. How to clean

  • Keep the genuine leather jacket clean need specific cleaning methods. After taking your genuine leather jacket out of storage and before wearing it, have the leather cleaned and conditioned. Clean it using a good quality leather conditioner, gently using a cotton soft-bristled brush to remove any unwanted dust or dirt. This will help your leather maintain its original color and luster.

  • 2. How to store:

    Always store your leather in a cool and dry location to avoid exposing it to sunlight for long periods. 

  • Hang it up on perfect size hangers, not on any wide or small hangers, because this will stretch the shoulder area and cause the seams to fray. 
  • Cover and fill the leather jacket with non-acidic paper to treasure it in its original shape. 
  • Store genuine leather jackets in a breathable wooden box to protect them from dust particle accumulation.
  • 3. How to shop:

  • When shopping for a leather jacket, make sure to pick one which fits you well.

    Genuine leather jackets mens  Pala Leather are 100% real cowhide leather products that come from cows, horses, and sheep. It keeps you warm during winter and cools during summer because it’s breathable and comfortable. When it comes to style, casual cum professional-looking leather jacket fur collar and black trench coats will never go out of fashion.

  • 3. How to wear:

  • Be at ease when wearing it and make sure it doesn't feel too tight or loose around the shoulders or other parts. At Pala Leather, you can get a custom-made leather jacket whatever your style or size is.

    Don’t for keeping the leather jacket

    1. Do not apply heavy perfumes and sprays on the leather jackets as they might damage the material and the look of the clothing item.

    2. Do not take them into a steamy bathroom while bathing, as they might get damaged when exposed to too much heat and moisture.

    3. Do not wash your leather jacket with water:

    It is a sin to wash any genuine leather product with water directly as it will destroy the quality of the leather itself. The best way to clean your leather jacket is to wipe it with a dry cloth. You can use saddle soap if you want to preserve the original color.

          4. Do not use any kind of chemical substances on your jacket

    Only use products specialized for cleaning the leather jacket.

         5. Do not DIY the repair work 

    If you spot any stretching signs or stitching, take your jacket to a professional for repair.

    Bonus Tip:

    Take out your leather jacket from storage time to time to give it some fresh air. It keeps the ever-stylish genuine leather fabric in the best condition for a longer span.

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