How To Tell If the Leather Is Real or Not

How To Tell If the Leather Is Real or Not


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We see lots of leather jackets with “genuine”, there are genuine leather jackets under $100 and genuine leather jackets over $300-500 or even $1000. Which one is worth getting a real genuine leather jacket? Are you worried about purchasing a genuine leather jacket but it’s not really genuine? How can we recognize the real leather from the fake one?

genuine leather jacket for men

The genuine leather includes many leather types such as goatskin, lambskin(sheepskin), cowskin, suede, etc. Let’s talk about something we should know when you purchase a genuine leather jacket.


garment leather label

It could be all inside the jackets, inside the shoes, inside the purse or beneath the shoes or wherever and the product is written as real leather or genuine leather. Check the garments label description. It's made at least 55% of the product has to be made with real leather but however if someone can make a fake leather they can also make a fake track so this is not the best way.


smell leather

Somebody said about the smell, it's the smell of some kind of flowers. However, it's just the same way that they can produce any kind of smell, any kind of perfume and put it on any material.


fire leather

Go to the next thing someone said about leather's fireproof taste. Have you ever heard about that. Do a fireproof test because the fake leather most of them are the product of petroleum like acrylic or plastic so if you put it on fire you catch fire immediately.

Then what will happen with the sheet of real leather and with the real 5 mm, what a killer, nothing happened. However, I would not suggest you get inside any store and ask them to do the fire because it's not so nice.


fold leather

What I can suggest you is, for example with a small object, what you can do is maybe you can try to open and close it for a few times and you look on the hinge if you see some crack on the layers of the material split it could be made with paper or plastic so it's not a real leather and what I can suggest you to do is just close the bottle if is on the shelf and get away from the shop immediately.


leather texture

The best thing is, have you ever heard about the to feel the texture or to see the backside of the leather but the problem is when you have the finished product in front of you, the problem is it has a lining inside and you cannot tell the shopkeeper to take away the lining you up because you want to see the backside of the leather.

So what you can do is put your hand inside separate the lining from the leather and now you can feel the leather and if you feel some stiffness or some plastic bag of the leather, then it could be fake leather.

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