How Can You Tell If a Leather Jacket is Good Quality

How Can You Tell If a Leather Jacket is Good Quality


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A leather jacket is a staple item in a man's and woman's closet. Its durability and flexibility make it most popular among many people. These jackets come in various fashion styles, ranging from bomber jackets to avant-garde fashion pieces. These are also worn for protection from outdoor activities, especially for bike riders.

Nowadays, leather jackets are incorporated into everyday clothing. It might be your most prized possession if you got yourself good-quality leather. This article will give you a solid breakdown of the list on how to tell a good quality leather jacket.

Four Basics of Leather Qualities

Before we dive into assessing the qualities of a good jacket, you must first understand the basics of its base material, which is leather. Below are the four standards you can find in good leather.

top grain leather texture
  • Top Grain Leather

Top-Grain Leather is the most common type of leather quality and is classified as second in the ranking of its category. It's thinner and more flexible with a sanded surface to make it more breathable and cooler. This is the most popular because it's less expensive, stain-resistant, durable, and readily available.

genuine leather texture
  • Genuine Leather

As its name suggests, this type of leather is made from genuine leather. But among all leather classes since it's from the leftover materials made for high-end leather. Although it's a natural fabric, it does not feel as pleasing as the high-quality processed leather. Regardless of its downside, many people still purchase it since it's widely available.

corrected grain leather texture
  • Corrected-Grain Leather

Corrected-grain leather, also called the lesser-known grain, is a particular type of leather used to make pigmented leather. To be able to produce improved functionality and aesthetic qualities, leatherworkers correct and fix the material by sanding off its surface.

genuine leather texture
  • Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather is considered the best among all leather types. It has fewer flaws, a smoother surface, and a luxurious feel. This leather type is stable and durable, which means it does not wear out fast since the grains have not been removed. This is used in making high-quality footwear, jackets, and furniture.

How Can You Tell If a Leather Jacket is a Good Quality

choose thickness of leather to identify the leather quality
  • Thickness of Leather

The thickness of leather materials is measured in ounces. One ounce is equal to 1/64" thick. You can check their thickness for leather jackets ranging from 2.5 ounces for fashion leather, 3-4 ounces for biker jackets, and 5 ounces for a full-grain jacket.

different leather quality grades
  • Leather Quality Grades

Jackets are graded to determine the quality of leather material in them quickly. The grade numbers are also used to determine its price. The best jackets you can find are made of Grade 1 leather. There is no consistent standard of grading. Leather jacket manufacturers use different systems.

But typically, Grade 1 has the best quality as it's water-resistant, close-fibered, and is made of clear, supple leather. Grade 2 ranks second as it's less consistent in its smoothness and color. Grade 3 feels uneven due to the materials used to hide its imperfection. Lastly, Grade 4 is only suitable for the jacket areas that are not exposed.

color and craftsmanship for leather quality
  • Color and Craftsmanship

As you look at any clothing item, you can tell its quality by its color and craftsmanship. Leather jackets commonly have markings on them; however, to know that it has good quality, the color on the coat should be consistent. You can also criticize its craftsmanship by evaluating the stitching throughout the jacket, such as in the zipper, pocket areas, and linings. Make sure that it holds when it's gently tugged. Check PalaLeather 's high quality made leather jackets which will surprise you.

the smell of leather coat
  • The Smell of the Coat

What is the correlation of the smell of the jacket with its quality? You'll know that it's good when it smells leathery rather than an item made of plastic or chemicals. Some manufacturers use dye in making their coats which can also affect the smell of the jacket.

Some pigments are toxic and can cause adverse reactions to your skin. You can inquire to the store or manufacturer about the type of dye they used in their coats to ensure that it's the right kind.

touch and feel the leather coat
  • Touch and Feel of the Coat

You can tell a lot about the quality of the leather jacket by touching it with your fingers. It should feel smooth to touch, feels soft, and without imperfections. There should not be any bumps and should bend easily. When you bend the material, it will show the variation of colors and pores. Fake leathers are not as elastic as genuine leather, which means it breaks and wrinkles easily.

the weight of leather coat
  • Weight of the Coat

Authentic leather materials are heavier than synthetic leather. Although this is a simple trick you can use, you still have to go over different stores for comparison. Synthetic leather can only look good and deceiving at a lower price, but it's less durable than a real one.

water absorbent test of leather
  • Water Absorbent Test

Of course, you cannot try this trick in stores, or else the store might sue you. You can try this at home after purchasing. For the water-absorbent test, a good quality leather absorbs water differently since pores are in the fabric.

It will show dark patches where the moisture is present until it has evaporated. Try putting 1 or 2 drops of water onto its surface, and if it absorbs, you'll know it's real. If it remains on the surface, then it's a synthetic item.

check the leather texture
  • Check Texture Pattern

If you compare the pattern on synthetic leather against the design in genuine leather, the latter has a unique variety of texture patterns. Because of its natural fabric, it looks more distressed and full of grains.

check the leather jacket price tag
  • Price Tag

Price is another factor that can help you determine whether the jacket is good quality leather. Genuine leather jackets are two times more expensive than synthetic pieces. Cheaper jackets are an artificial item.


Leather Jackets are statement pieces that can be your one-time investment worth a lifetime of use. Looking for a good quality piece is essential because each jacket possesses uniqueness and individuality aside from its durability and flexible characteristics.

Don't just purchase a jacket but evaluate its quality because usually, genuine good quality jackets are expensive, so make sure that you make it worth your money.

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