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The Ultimate Leather Jacket Guide 2022 | PalaLeather


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Leather garments are one of the magical pieces that no matter what you put on the leather is just going to make it look a thousand times better but one thing is not all leather is made equal. There are so many different factors to leather and there's so many different price points of leather.

Some people they just don't know the difference like why is one jacket $2,000, another one is $200. In this blog, I want to show you guys everything you need to know when you're buying a leather jacket.

leather jacket fit

How should leather jacket fit?

NO. 1 which is the fit and so many people overlook this. It doesn't matter if the jacket is made out of gold and lined with diamonds. If you have a jacket or any other kind of clothing that doesn't fit and it's going to look like you got it out of a donation bin or you got from a hand-me-down from your uncle, there are a few things that I look at. It's important to try on different sizes and fits to see which one complements your body type.

leather jacket fits

The first thing is the shoulders. This is the thing that you probably won't look at the most because no one wants to alter this at the time sight impossible but this is really simple just make sure the shoulder bone ends where the shoulder stitching ends, if not then it's going to feel tight or feel loose. It's going to be really uncomfortable if not now we wear it for more than ten minutes.

The second thing I look at is the sleeve length. What you have to look at is if you lift your arm up more skin would show than wear your watch when and so then it's too short. We have your arms down, does the sleeve go past your wrist and towards your thumb? It's more than halfway in between those two and I say it's too long.

The third thing I look at is the torso. This is not as reliable because different types of jackets will have different types of lengths, but most jackets especially just a regular bomber jacket which you should expect to the end where your front pocket went.

The fourth thing I like to look at is the armhole size. This one is more of a designer's choice than a fit choice. I like to have things that have a smaller armhole because it's going to have an increased range of motion. You're going to be moving around this jacket all day so I would go for something that will allow that it's going to have way less of a generic off-the-rack regular jacket type of look and still look way more tailored. To look a lot more custom-made than any other type of jacket, that's the thing you won't go for when you want to look a lot more polished. Anyone makes it look like you spent a lot more money on an outfit.

leather jacket fit guide

Which leather type should you choose?

NO.2 which is to find out the source of the leather. I'll break this down to two categories one is what animal they come from and second is what part of the skin that it come from. Mostly jackets are going to be either goatskin or cowskin.

I like goat leather because it's a lot softer. It's a lot easier to break in a link cow but also it's certain to be a lot easier to stain. At least from my experience but also what part of the skin did this leather come from. It'll determine how adorable the leather is when the leather being made is split into two parts so the top half will be leather the bottom half will be suede.

different leather jacket

The layers are closer to the surface of the skin are the more durable parts so the leather with the top half. There's full grain leather and genuine leather. The full grain is the outermost layer of the skin and it's also going to be the most durable and water-resistant but it's also going to have all the scarring from the animal. It's not going to look as uniform genuine leather oddly enough is not as genuine as full-grain leather. It'll be processed and sometimes they'll even have multiple layers bonded together but it's not as bad as most people think.

split leather jacket

Inner suede which is the bottom half and I love suede because it's not as shiny and it's also super durable and super soft. It's also the most delicate of them all.

And then there's bonded leather which I would say to avoid in general because why don't leathers just be a bunch of leather strips put together to make one big strip and sometimes they'll have synthetics mixed in it. I'll have a lot of processing and it'll be a lot weaker than actual leather. Let’s say a leather you see at H&M or Zara so the leather that looks worn out or ripped in no time.

leather detail jacket

Look at details

NO.3 look at the little details there's a lot of things to look at when it comes to leather jackets but here are a few things that I like to look at.

The first thing which is the stitching make sure your stitching is consistent, make sure it's going in one direction and also there's no loose threads and the stitching pattern is as small as possible. The smaller the stitching pattern usually means the more durable the stitch is. A lot of fast fashion brands see that the stitching will be inconsistent, you also see loose threads this is already a sign that the jacket is not going to hold up.

The second thing I look at is the inside of the jacket. Now, when you purchase a leather jacket, get the inside of this jacket, the first thing I look at on the inside of a jacket is the lining. Some jackets have the lining is half flannel hat synthetic, most jackets that are higher-end.

detail leather

They use cotton or natural fibers and most low-end jackets still use all synthetic and there's nothing wrong. Using synthetic but you see that most higher-end jackets to have a blend of natural and synthetics also look at the patches, if there are any patches, look at the label just look at everything on the jacket.

Higher-end jackets they'll take the time out to put extra detailing on the inside, the thing that people don't even see because they want to give people that luxury feel. Fast fashion brands or lower end designers usually don't do this type of stuff.

I also look at the adjusters and you can see the image, the sleeve alone on this jacket has a zipper just err and also has snap buttons on the cuff if your jack is not ripped and I would say to get adjusters on it not only does it look cool it's also functional. You're not going to be the same size all the time and most higher-end designers know this so they'll adjust so you can increase the size or decrease the size of certain areas of the jacket.

detail leather jacket

And also make sure your adjusters work because I've seen fast fashion brands like you'll have a belt on it but they only have one belt loop so you can adjust it or have the snap buttons and the snap button doesn't actually snap off it's just stuck on there. It's just a fake button dossal hit the underarm to see if it has the underarm vents and this is something that I love to have on my jackets because leather jackets make you really hot and especially in the armpit area having these vents. Sometimes the only thing that prevents me from becoming a pool of sweat, it's also going to make you feel a lot cooler overall.


Get the zippers and the buttons make sure that the zippers go up and down smoothly and also make sure the zippers aren't flimsy. Jackets usually have thicker buttons and thicker zippers. These are way more durable and allow low end designers who like to use cheap zippers or cheap buttons that will either fall apart right away or they'll bend right away.

If your jacket has sewn in buttons that make sure it has a backing. Some jackets have its regular buttons instead of it being sewn on to the jacket itself the buttons are sewn on to another button this is a lot more durable and to make sure your buttons stay on a lot longer.

Price are everything?

NO.4 which is don't let the price they take your purchase. What I mean by this is I don't think that a $2,000 jacket is going to be a lot better than a $400 one. There's always so much they could do with a jacket, we have to consider did they just mark it up because they could or because it's actually a better jacket or a more durable jacket and this goes both ways because I made the mistake of buying sale items just because they're sale and I overlooked so many key things that if I gave myself a little bit more time to look at it I would never bought it.

leather jacket price

Great thing about leather jackets are, there are mostly timeless designs so you don't have to rush the buy it unless you really want it right now while I like to do is I like to bookmark certain jackets to see if they go on sale or I check the next season or the next year to see if that same jacket will come back.

Another thing is you can buy the used jacket and I personally don't have a problem with that. I bought used jackets before and nothing bad happened to me.

how to clean or care a leather jacket

Leather care is important

My final tip which is make sure you know how to take care of the leather make sure you put protectant on it make sure you condition it wash it you guys feel like your actual skin because the jacket is a century skin and if you don't feel comfortable with it you could take it to a leather cleaner and they could take care of it for you. It's a lot cheaper than having to rebuy a jacket.

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