What’s The Difference Between Goatskin And Lambskin (Sheepskin)

What’s The Difference Between Goatskin And Lambskin (Sheepskin)


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Today we are going to talk about goatskin vs lambskin. The difference between these two are quite obvious. Knowing well can let you shop the most suitable leather jacket for you.

goatskin vs sheepskin

Lambskin (Sheepskin)

Lambskin is also known as sheepskin, in some cases can be a very wonderful product, It’s nice lightweight and soft, extremely smooth grained and it’s also your premium leathers. A lot of your lambskin is in high priced products and it depends on the grade of the skin.

difference between goatskin and lambskin

Lambskin tends to form like its natural state and be very thin. Lambskin can be very elastic in very kind of rubbery which also gives off a very soft texture which is wet. 

Lambskin has a glossy and shiny landscape, it’s soft and delicate but still vert structured as well.

smooth grain lambskin jacket detail

Lambskin is more suitable for daily wearing. It is not good for riding and it’s also a product that can befit very easily. Lambskin Jacket may suitable for daily wearing. However, you might want to be careful on using that for anything that would be for sport related activity, like motorcycling.


For the most part, goatskin is a great product for most of your leather jackets and accessories, it does have a little bit more grain than lambskin too and usually 5.5 millimeter. Goatskin has a characteristic pebble grain which is a tight grain and a nice surface texture.

In this case, goatskin leather jackets would be higher priced than lambskin leather jackets.

goatskin leather texture

It’s a little bit more prominent compared to the rest of the creases and its full grained surface texture are really interesting.

Goatskin is more durable than lambskin which can be worn for decades with a good quality leather. For durability, goatskin leather jacket can always be the first choice for you. It’s definitely a good product for riding and hiking or any other related sport activities. 

Learn more about the highly versatile and useful goatskin leather

difference between goatskin and sheepskin with leather jacket_detail

Goatskin has different grades for garments use and accessories (bag, wallet, shoes, etc) use, for garment specifically, goatskin can be very soft and lightweight with vegetable tanned. It also can give customers an old favorite looking for those who are obsessed with it. 

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