Why You Should Buy Genuine Leather Jacket Instead of Faux Leather Jacket

Why You Should Buy Genuine Leather Jacket Instead of Faux Leather Jacket


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Do you know what is genuine leather and faux leather? Genuine leather, also known as full-grain leather, comes from the top layer of the hide. Faux leather is a term used for any material that is designed to look like real leather but comes from different sources, such as sponges or plastic. In this article, we will compare genuine leather and faux leather jacket.


Genuine Leather or Faux Leather?

We all know that wearing a genuine leather jacket is not cheap, but it lasts longer than any faux leather jacket. Faux leather jackets are easy to maintain, do not require any special care, and look good for about three years, if you use them with proper care. But the cheaper one will feel very stiff in the beginning.

It is true that faux leather jackets are much cheaper, but do you know that they will look old after a few months of use? A genuine leather jacket made with high-quality material can last up to ten years or more if maintained properly. That means you can use it for several seasons, and it will keep looking new all the time.

genuine leather jacket for men

Faux leather jackets have a shiny look, but genuine leather jackets can be polished to increase their shine. Genuine leather is more body-conforming as compared to faux leather and will offer a distinctive soft touch. In short, if you want to save money, then buy faux leather for everyday or party wear. But if you want a long-lasting jacket, then you should buy genuine leather.

We have seen that there are a lot of differences between genuine leather and faux leather jackets. If you're planning to buy a new jacket, why not get the best from your money?

There is no doubt that genuine leather and faux leather jackets look very similar and sound as if they serve the same purpose. However, there are a couple of key differences between them which you need to understand before making your purchase decision.

Well, let's start with a Genuine Leather Jacket - why should you buy a Genuine Leather Jacket instead of Faux Leather Jacket?

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Why Genuine Leather?

1. Genuine Leather is Durable

This is the most important reason why you should consider buying genuine leather jackets. Faux leather jackets are not as durable as genuine leather jackets. A faux leather jacket can be stretched out after some time of wearing, or it will crack if it isn't treated properly.

But this won't happen to a genuine leather jacket. Genuine leather jackets are flexible and durable due to the natural properties of this material. The best part about a genuine leather jacket is that it will last for a very long time if you take care of it properly.

2. Genuine Leather Jacket has Natural Feel and Smell

Due to its outstanding property, genuine leather will be able to provide that natural feel and smell. A faux leather jacket can't provide this, which means you won't get the realness of a leather product. Make sure you check the label of faux leather products before buying them.

This is because almost all retailers make fake claims about their products, and they say it's genuine, and some retailers don't even provide the true facts about their products.

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3. Genuine Leather Will Fit You Better

Genuine leather will fit you better than faux leather as it is a natural material, and there won't be any imperfections in the product. But this definitely doesn't mean that faux leather jackets are bad or won't fit you well. It all depends on your style and the size you choose.

In faux leather, some imperfections are common, which is not a big deal if you want a stylish look on a budget.

4. Genuine Leather has Superior Durability

This again comes down to the material properties of genuine leather. Due to its qualities, it can survive weather changes, and it can also be more forgiving than faux leather. A genuine leather jacket will last for many years of wearing and especially if you take proper care of it.

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5. Genuine Leather Jackets are the Right Choice for the Season

Genuine leather jackets are beneficial in all seasons as they look great and feel comfortable in winters or summers, but faux leather is not. In winter, genuine leather jackets will keep you warm as they have natural products in them which provide insulation from the cold weather.

In summer, with its breathable features, a genuine leather jacket can keep you cool and comfortable.

6. Genuine Leather Jackets Cost More

This is where most people make a mistake about buying faux leather jackets. They always prefer buying faux leather jackets as they are cheaper than genuine leather products, but this definitely doesn't mean that you should buy a cheaper product if it's not worth it.

Genuine leather jackets also have the tendency to last longer, so better buy once and enjoy your investment for years.

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7. Genuine Leather Jackets Have Better Quality

Genuine leather jackets have better quality than faux leather because they are made of natural products, and the manufacturers take care of every detail while making them. This also increases the cost of genuine leather, but it is worth buying as you will be able to use it for a long time.

It all depends on your preferences and how much you are willing to spend on your jacket.

Get a Genuine Leather Jacket?

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Genuine leather is more durable than faux leather, which means you can get a lot of use out of your jacket for a lot longer before it wears out and needs to be replaced. This actually makes it a much cheaper option in the long run. As genuine leather ages, it develops a rich patina similar to a well-loved pair of jeans - which is another reason why it's more popular: because it looks so good!

Genuine leather jackets can take on the form of your body over time and still look great, whereas faux leather jackets may start to look less flattering as your body shape changes.

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Leather jackets last for years - we still have the first motorcycle jacket we bought ten years ago, and it's as good as new (albeit a bit smelly). The faux leather equivalent would have worn out long ago.

Genuine leather jackets tend to be made from better quality materials than faux leather ones, and the tailoring is usually of a higher standard, which just makes them look that little bit more stylish.

The lining in genuine leather jackets is often stitched together using thread made from the same cow whose skin provided the hide, and this process can also reveal interesting patterns, which makes each jacket unique.

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So, when you are buying a leather product, make sure you know the facts about genuine leather and faux leather because this will help you understand both types of products better before making a decision. This way, it will be easier for you to find that perfect outfit according to your needs, wants, and budget.

Why Faux Leather?

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What is Faux Leather Jacket?

  • Faux leather jackets are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a man-made material that is often reinforced with a blend of polyurethane and cotton canvas - so they are more research than genuine leather.
  • Faux leather jackets usually have a matte finish as opposed to the natural shine of real leather, but this can be easily remedied with a little polish or wax.
  • Many faux leather jackets have padded linings, which look good but only serve to bulk up the jacket and restrict movement - not ideal for zipping around on a motorbike, whereas genuine leather allows you to move easily.
  • The main disadvantage of faux leather is that it creases very easily, so it doesn't look so great after prolonged wear - again, this isn't an issue with genuine leather.
  • The tailoring of faux leather jackets can often be a little bit shoddy, and the finishing will tend to be less refined because it's more difficult to work with.
  • Faux leather is usually less expensive than genuine leather, but that doesn't mean you should always look for a bargain - sometimes a higher price tag can mean higher quality.
  • Make sure you always read the label to check whether the jacket is made from genuine leather or faux leather, as there are some designs that blend both together to produce something in between.
  • When buying faux leather jackets, try to purchase them from reputable retailers with good feedback so you know they'll stand by the quality of their products.
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One last thing you have to know is that a genuine leather jacket comes with a price tag higher than faux leather ones, so better for you to invest in a well-known brand and a good retailer. Likewise, if you want to find a high-quality faux leather jacket, choose not to go with the cheapest ones.

In short, you must prioritize your budget and look for a genuine leather jacket that can provide comfort, quality, and style to you. For this reason, we suggest that you buy the best one from PalaLeather on your budget constraint.

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