21 Stylish Leather Jackets Look of Male Celebrities

21 Stylish Leather Jackets Look of Male Celebrities


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Leather jacket is a fashion statement and will never gone out of style. For decades, leather jacket always is one of the trendiest clothing for men, it can enhance your personality. As the ultimate trend setters, celebrities will wear leather jackets for movies, shows, stages and also for their daily routine life. We are here with a list of 21 male celebrities who created the classic images with leather jacket on screen or in their daily life.

1. Al Pacino

Alfredo James Pacino, one of the most famous star of Hollywood, starred in many movies. In the movie Carlito's Way, Al Pacino created a rough, unruly, and elegant image with leather jackets. In this film, the most impressive image is with the long black leather trench coat, which is also a perfect era-appropriate interpretation of the 70s wardrobe.


2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

In The Terminator, you can see Schwarzenegger wearing a leather jacket when riding a bike, shooting or fighting. Leather jacket helped him create a strong, crude, and powerful male image.


3. Brad Pitt

In the film Fight Club, the red jacket worn by Brad Pitt is really impressive. Actually, Brad Pitt has a fixation on leather jacket, you can always find him wearing various styles of leather jackets whether in his daily routine life or on screen. Leather jackets help him to shape his role in films but also make the statement of himself. Some people say that Brad Pitt perfected the art of wearing leather.


4. Bradley Cooper

Cafe racer leather jacket has always been Bradley Cooper's favorite. This lightweight and minimalist leather jacket can create a classic, simple, stylish and cool style.


5. Brant Daugherty

A classic black leather jacket paired with white t-shirt and brown pants, Brant Daugherty finished a casual but trendy look in the movie Fifty Shades Freed.


6. David Beckham

As a top star, David Beckham is world-renowned for his handsomeness. Even if you just Google the ‘leather jackets’, you can find a lot of pictures of him wearing leather jackets. It can be said that David Beckham is a perfect spokesperson for leather jackets.


7. Dwyane Johnson

Dwyane Johnson wears a lot of leather jacket to play his part in many movies. Bomber leather jackets and cafe Racer leather jackets are his favourite. He likes to pair them with jeans and black glasses.


8. Harrison Ford

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the famous Indiana Jones’ jacket worn by Harrison Ford is a classic brown leather jacket look which Combines casual and formal. He created a top-notch charming appearance with this leather suit.


9. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is best known for his long-running role as ‘Wolverine’ in the X-Men series, and his brown bomber leather jacket is almost inseparable from his character in the movies.


10. John Travolta

In Grease, John Travolta used a biker leather jacket with the T-Birds logo on the back to create a classic image that has gone down in movie history.


11. Johnny Depp

From young teenager all the way to now, Johnny Depp has always been a big believer of leather jacket. Wearing a different leather jacket, Depp is sometimes an unruly teenager, sometimes a cool bad boy, sometimes a wild tough guy, but also can be an elegant gentleman. The versatility of the leather jacket style is perfectly interpreted by him.


12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

In the famous movie Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brown leather jacket reflected the 2000s trend for menswear that was simpler, smarter and more minimal.


13. Justin Theroux

Leather jackets are perfect for creating a classic and cool look. Justin Theroux loves his traditional black leather jacket, pair it with a muffler and black jeans, it’s simple, casual but charming.


14. Laurence Fishburne

In The Matrix, the long black leather trench coat worn by Laurence Fishburne is so cool. Who wouldn't want to have such a cool look for themselves? Just put on the leather jacket, you are the brightest one.


15. Leonardo Di Caprio

In Inception, Leonardo Di Caprio also wore a leather jacket. Actually, not only just in Inception, he wore leather jackets in too many movies. As one of the most attractive male celebrity in the world, leather jacket can be said to be a perfect partner for him.


16. Marlon Brando

The leather jacket worn by Marlin Brando in The Wild One is not only created a iconic uniform of bad boy in the history of cinema, but also become a classic look in the history of leather jackets that cannot be ignored.


17. Mel Gibson

If you like the movie Mad Max, then you must have seen how cool it is when Mel Gibson wore leather jacket, it embraced the masculinity in an elegant manner.


18. Michael Jackson

As the king of pop, Michael Jackson never lagged behind in the field of fashion. Leather jacket, one of the most fashionable items, was of course Michael's favorite. His classic red aviator leather jacket is still impressive.


19. Nicholas Cage

“Did I ever tell you that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?” asks Nicholas Cage in the movie Wild at Heart. In this movie, Nicholas wore a special snakeskin leather jacket which got a unique charm. This leather jacket also has a vital role for this film. And the line he said is totally true - the leather jacket is a symbol of individuality.


20. Ryan Gosling

Blade Runner 2049, is a American neo-noir science fiction film. In this film, Ryan Gosling wore a long brown leather coat with fur lining and shearling collar. I have to say that this coat is fully consistent with the character traits, and also appropriate to the background of the story. It adds a stalwart but melancholic air to the part.


21. Tom Cruise

If you have paid attention to the leather jacket, then you must have seen this photo - Tom Cruise wore a black military leather jacket in Top Gun, achieved a iconic image of leather jacket on the screen. People are crazy about his apparel, and that military leather jacket has become a classic model that has been selling well. In real life, Tom Cruise is also a leather jacket lover. He has almost worn them all, be it a bomber jacket, flight jacket or cafe racer leather jacket.

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