11 Chic Retro Outfit Ideas for Guy | Dress Retro Easy Way

11 Chic Retro Outfit Ideas for Guy | Dress Retro Easy Way


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It is quite easy for a guy’s wardrobe to become boring with limited outfits. It seems all guys have to wear just shirts, jackets, tees, and jeans. Those sound so basic and short. But it doesn’t have to be, you can always add some retro style to your dressing mix for more interesting options. How can you easily dress retro? We should probably start by casting more light on what it is to dress retro.

retro style and retro fashion

What is Retro Style / Retro Fashion?

A good number if not all that we wear today are a blast from the past. Fashion trends of centuries ago have been reshaped into what we now have as new trends. In a simple term, retro style or fashion is a way of incorporating an old fashion style into a new trend.

We can say that a retro style is a new fashion trend that brings to mind a parallel style in the past. The bottom line is that dressing retro brings back a feel of the past. It is pretty similar to vintage styles, but these two can be slightly differentiated.

Vintage fashion specifically talks about replicating a look of some 1980s or earlier than that. On the other hand, retro fashion focuses on a blend of the oldies with modern style. It is a new fashion trend that brings a touch of the olden day's styles.

Another angle to differentiating between retro and vintage styles is their originality. Vintage fashion consists of items that have been made about 10 decades ago. They are original and old fashion items. For the retro, these are not so original as they are inspired by vintage fashion pieces. More like an upgrade or blending of old outfits to reflect a modern trend.

Enough with the appetizers, let's get to the main course. How do you get to dress retro as a guy? We've got you 11 retro outfit ideas you can play around with as a guy. Let's go over them together.

11 Iconic Retro Outfit Ideas for Guys

Suspenders with Patterned or Printed Shirts

The first retro outfit idea for guys is this simple use of a suspender. Wearing a printed or patterned shirt may not be retro enough and adding a suspender just makes it come out perfectly.

This is good for a business casual style. A printed shirt with suspenders on fitted pants is not bad for a casual office dress. Looking retro does no harm to the work culture or does it?

Pattern Shirts with Wide-Leg Pants

Naturally, polka dots are heavily associated with the retro style. Wearing a polka-dotted shirt is a reflection of the olden days' fashion for men. A polka dotted shirt is good with plain fitted pants or jeans. There are more ways to make use of polka-dotted clothes.

More ways to use polka dots include wearing a dotted bow or normal tie. You can also make do with a polka dotted trouser. Pants with polka dots can be worn with plain shirts for a reverse of the polka dotted shirt on plain pants.

Suspender with Tee and Hat

It is Friday night and a nice time to have some casual retro outfits. Another good way to use suspenders for a retro style is to wear them on a simple t-shirt. A plain round neck and a suspender is a sweet casual retro style every guy should try out.

On a casual date or having a drink with friends? This is a classy way to look. Have these overfitted chinos pants and have a hat over your head. It is a go for any casual occasion and a simple yet classy retro style to elevate your look.

Leather Jacket with Jean

Leather jackets are retro in themselves and so they are perfect for guys seeking to rock the retro fashion style. There are different leather jacket types you can make pick from. A shearling bomber jacket is ideal for colder months bringing that sheep skin style.

A biker leather jacket is also a great option. Coupled with jeans and a t-shirt, this is a classy retro look for men. Leather clothing is perennial and so will always bring out the retro anytime.

Retro Shirt and a Jacket

The retro shirts are frontiers in replicating a 70s and 80s style in this age and time. Remember the real retro is the blend of the old with the new. So, get yourself a retro shirt and a nice modern jacket over it.

This look is simple and elevating. The idea is to keep it simple and original. Don't go for any weird color. A bright retro shirt and a black, or navy blue jacket are okay and fine.

Bowling Shirt with Trousers

A loose, straight-cut, and short-sleeved simple bowling shirt is on the card here. A simple retro look can be achieved by combining a retro shirt with cropped trousers. It gives a casual look that is fine for a hangout with friends or a night out at the club.  

Using bright colors that you may not wear on a normal day is just the way to bring out the real retrospect. Use two bright colors. It could be a sky blue bowling shirt over orange trousers. 

Turtleneck Sweater with a Coat

Turtlenecks are not new, they are something of the past. But they have remained a part of our wardrobes. You can get a retro look going on with a turtleneck or roll-neck sweater. Simply wear a nice coat over the turtleneck and trudge ahead in style. 

You can alternatively wear a leather jacket over the turtleneck instead of a long coat. The main retro ingredient here is the turtleneck. A good final piece is fitted pants. 

Use a Scarf with a Shirt

Simply adding a scarf to your dressing is a retro style. This is a fashion trend of the 70s when men used silk scarves. With a plain or printed scarf, you can replicate this look as a guy. To keep it simple and stylish, get a plain shirt for a printed scarf. 

For a plain scarf, a printed or patterned shirt is not a bad idea. You can wear a sweater over the shirt ad tie the scarf around your neck. A jean or fitted pants look just fine with this style for the retro look. 

Bootcut or Bell Bottom Trousers

Both bootcut and bell bottom Trousers styles are similar oldies dressing ideas. Quite similar but with a slight difference, any of these can elevate your look into the retro domain. A pair of bootcut jeans and a shirt or tee do the trick.  

A bell bottom pant is perfect for a vintage fashion look. This is perfect for a formal event. Wear a tucked-in shirt, a nice tie with a sweet jacket. Perfect the combo with a well-ironed bell bottom pant. You're good to go for any formal event. 

Bow tie and Suspender

Combining a bow tie with a suspender is a cool and simple retro idea you should try. This is a formal retro dressing that can be used for an office meeting or presentation. For more formal expressions, you can throw a formal suit on the Shirt. 

The use of brightly colored shirts is also cool for this style. A bright printed, checked, or patterned shirt with a suspender is retro with or without the bow tie addition. A fitted pant is an ideal choice for this retro style for guys. 

Striped Blazer with Tie

Having a retro look at a corporate or formal event is not a bad idea. This could be as a guest at a wedding or as the groom, a retro style is always elegant. A striped blazer combined with a plain shirt and bow tie. Ensure to keep the bow tie color contrasting to make the combo pop. 

A blazer with checks can also be used instead of a striped one. This can be on slim-fit pants or a bell bottom to complete the retro look. The bell bottom pants are not a must but it is a retro style in themselves. Depending on you, any of these two trouser options is perfect. 

Get the Retro look on already!

Wait are you waiting for? Up there are 11 simple ways to get yourself to look retro easily. You need just some simple pieces like a suspender and a scarf to get the retro side of yourself out.  

In other cases, you need to rock a leather jacket or a turtleneck for this style. But in all, you don’t have to do so much to add a sweet 70s and 80s style to your dressing. 

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