Genuine leather jacket VS Faux leather jacket

Genuine leather jacket VS Faux leather jacket


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Although leather jackets have been around for many years, they have recently started to become one of the trendiest fashion items again, and more and more people are starting to shop for them. Many people may wonder what the difference is between genuine leather jacket and faux leather jacket. When we buy leather jacket, which kind should we choose?

To answer this question, we first have to clarify what’s genuine leather and faux leather. Genuine leather, or we say real leather, is made of animal skin, such as cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin and so on. Faux leather, that is, artificial leather, generally can be divided into PU faux leather and PVC faux leather, most of the faux leather jackets are PU leather. Artificial leather is made from a plastic substrate, which is then treated with wax, dyes or polyurethane to create color and texture.


Thus genuine leather and faux leather can differ in many ways, which can be discussed in the following ways:

1. Appearance

The grain of genuine leather is clearly visible and irregularly changing, the pores are also clearly identifiable, and the leather surface is glossy and delicate. There are no two identical leathers in the world, the grain and pores of each leather jacket are unique. The pores of artificial leather are consistent in shape, and the surface grain is generally regular.


2. Texture

Genuine leather has a smooth, soft texture unlike faux leathers. Taking sheepskin as an example, the real sheepskin leather jacket has a soft touch and fits comfortably. The faux leather leather jacket, on the other hand, will be more rigid. The real leather is flexible and elastic, lightly pressed by hand around there will be centripetal fine wrinkles, and the wrinkles will disappear slowly when you lift your hand. But the faux fake leather does not have this elasticity.


3. Smell

Genuine leather emits a unique, natural leather smell without pungent smell. The artificial leather may has a strong pungent plastic smell.

4. Performance

Genuine leather jackets can keep you warm with good breathability, when you wear a genuine leather jacket will not feel stuffy because of the pores. Faux leather jackets are windproof but not breathable, and it’ll be stuffy when the temperature is high. In terms of durability, they are very different. Genuine leather jackets have excellent durability. Under proper care, a genuine leather jacket can be used for 20 years or even more. A high-quality genuine leather jacket will not wear out with use, but will become softer, more comfortable, more lustrous, and more attractive. That’s why there is a saying that leather jackets  tell stories. Some people will also look specifically to buy old leather jackets that have age on them. On the contrary, faux leather jackets usually can only be used for about 2 years before they will face damage.


In short, There are many different qualities of real and artificial leather. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of genuine and faux leather jacket

Genuine leather jacket: it has a soft but strong texture, making it more comfortable and durable, keep warm but not stuffy. It has elasticity and is not afraid of wrinkles or indentations, and general wrinkles can return to their original state by hanging for a few days. Genuine leather is breathable, hypoallergenic, and exhibits a unique luster over time, each leather jacket are unique even if they are the same style. Also, real leather is biodegradable, making it more friendly to the environment. At the same time, the craftsmanship is also better, which make the jacket looks more delicate and luxurious.

Faux leather jacket: it has a similar look and feel to real leather, while being more affordable. In addition, faux leather has a richer color and pattern as the color and grain is artificially determined. The Maintenance and cleaning of faux leather are simpler and easier.


The disadvantages of genuine and faux leather jacket

Genuine leather jacket: it is made up of real leather and the production process is more complicated, thus the price will be higher. The grain of genuine leather jacket is naturally formed and cannot be chosen. Although the color can be changed through some technical means, there are fewer color options for genuine leather jackets compared to faux leather. Genuine leather jacket requires regular maintenance, it stains easily, and the requirements for cleaning and maintenance are higher than those of faux leather.

Faux leather jacket: The durability is poor, the plastic base is easy to crack and fade with use. It can resist wind but it is also prone to sultry feeling because it’s not breathable. In addition, faux leather jacket is not biodegradable and environmentally unfriendly due to the use of plastic base. Since the price is low, the craftsmanship and quality will be poor, although there may be many styles, its rough craftsmanship will also be a big discount to fashion and style.


Overall Thoughts

Overall there is still a big difference between genuine leather jacket and faux leather jacket, both of which also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing whether to buy a genuine leather or faux leather jacket depends on your personal needs. You can refer to the above differences and comparison of advantages and disadvantages to consider which one is more suitable for you.

Personally, I recommend the genuine leather jacket because it is better in terms of comfort, quality and durability. Most of the faux leather jacket only focus on style, but the genuine leather is the coexistence of style and quality which will definitely improve the temperament. For price consideration, actually genuine leather jacket is more cost-effective, although the genuine leather jacket cost more when purchased, but it can be used for many years.

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