How A High-Quality Leather Jacket Is Made

How A High-Quality Leather Jacket Is Made


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An artisan-made leather jacket is made for a lifetime of adventure. A high-quality made leather jacket always can look their best for decades after you had it and could tell you a story of life.

leather jacket

We are going to talk about the whole process of making a real leather jacket for those of you who are truly interested in leather jackets and want to get a deep vision of the making process.

Design Illustration

design illustration of a leather jacket

Drawing the design illustration is the first step that happens to every fashion designer. Designers get inspiration and draw the design sketches. It’s the step that makes the imagination come to the real image.

Paper Pattern

Paper Pattern

The second step is creating the paper pattern based on the design. The paper pattern is an essential step that reflects how this leather jacket or coat is looked or fitted on a person.

The armhole and the shoulder are the most complicated place to fit, through the armhole, you can see how skilled the pattern designer is. Craftsmen will develop a really great pattern with their decades of leather jackets making experience.

How the craftsman creates the paper pattern is just reflected directly on the leather jacket, whether it would be able to adapt for each person.

Leather Inspection

Leather Inspection

The craftsman examines each skin for any nicks or holes, any scratches that they may not want on the leather jacket. Each skin is different and every piece would show natural grain from the animal.

Lay out all the skin and check how the skin would appear on the one same leather jacket. How are all dozens of these pattern pieces gone actually fit into these hide that are all different sizes.

We also need to make sure that the pore size is the same, because a leather jacket is made up of three pieces of skin. We need to make sure that it is basically the same.


cutting of making a leather jacket

We cut the pattern exactly the same with the lineation and carefully lay out all the pieces in the right place which can help the sewing step with an easy way to understand which part belongs to the right place for a leather jacket.

We will make a fabric version which is basically a mock up of what the design jacket will be for custom-made leather jackets since they are highly personal and have some different design requests and measurements based on tailoring. There’s always some sort of tweaks that have to be done before we actually cut.

Once the needle goes through the leather, you can’t take back. There’s always a hole the needle was. Every piece of skin is one-of-a-kind, so it should be texted before we actually finish with the leather.



After the inspection, we draw lines on the skin according to the paper pattern. Some craftsmen would draw extra 1.5cm out to give space to the sewing seam while others would get sewing seam space already done on the paper pattern.


ironing of making a leather jacket

To make sure every piece of leather is ready to manufacture. In order to keep the clothes unchanged for ten years, we added a layer of fusible interlining behind the leather, so that it would not deform after wearing it for several years.

Sometimes, we can even find some defects by ironing before we actually manufacture the leather jacket which is an effective way to double check the leather piece.

Button Attaching

button attaching of making a leather jacket

It’s time to add hardware like buttons, silver zipper, metal decoration, etc for each piece. This is the step that decided how this leather jacket will be compared to the mass chain production.

We PalaLeather use 100% handmade craftsmanship to do the button attaching one by one. Not opting for chain production means higher cost but a better quality that you will notice in our hardware and stitching.

PalaLeather uses the best hardware both in quality and technology in the world to make sure the leather jackets are ideal for customers to get a soulmate and tell us a story with this leather jacket.

Hardware & Embroidery

hardware embroidery of making a leather jacket

Hardware and embroidery are all designed by PalaLeather, and all the hardware is silver plated and will not rust. There is no chemical material in the embroidery filling. All skins are vegetable tanned and have no chemical components.



The most important part of identifying one of our leather jackets is the visible logo which is tagged on genuine leather labels.

Some leather jacket brands may label on the normal fabric as we label on the real leather which needs high quality raw leather materials and advanced leather producing technology.

Our iconic label uses 3D coining to get the beautiful emboss brand logo on the leather piece which we hope can get a nicer experience that customer has in this leather jacket.

To keep the exquisite craftsmanship we do, we use German imported pure natural glue which is 100% environment ethical. The glue keeps the 3D coining always hump and won’t out of shape.


sewing of making a leather jacket

Now, we sew the pieces together. We sew one seam and then we have to iron it flat, roll it out and glue the seam so that everything stays really flush and flat.

Check every sewing step before you start. The next sewing step can make sure you are in the correct process just in case you may make a little mistake sewing the wrong 2 pieces together.

Braid Laced

Braid laced of making a leather jacket

All of our seam joints are laced, so the clothes won't deform. The mesh at the back and the lacing at the seam joint determine that our leather jackets are difficult to deform, they can't be worn out for decades.


Ready-To-Wear process of making a leather jacket

It’s the proudest step for every craftsman that we get a nice finished leather jacket in great shape and excellent quality. Check the stitching, zipper, embroidery, label and every detail of one leather jacket to make sure it is ready to show in front of the customer.

Water Wash

Water Wash process of making a leather jacket

We finally have a special polish process, water washing is our core formula to make an unique leather jacket. This step is PalaLeather’s own special process which is the most important one that distinguishes us from others.

Through our water washing, the leather jacket will be particularly bright than the original leather texture.

Ex-factory Inspection

Ex-factory Inspection of making a leather jacket

All leather jackets must be strictly, not carelessly, inspected before they leave the factory. This step including ironing the whole leather jacket to ensure the jacket pieces are flat and clean.

Inspection the stitching, zipper, hardware, embroidery and pockets to guarantee the leather jacket is ready to wear.

the process of making a high quality leather jacket

A leather jacket is like modern day armor since it gives customers confidence that they may really don’t get from any other piece of clothing.

For someone who has never been able to envision themselves in a leather jacket, this may help you to get inspiration and start a new different journey.

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