How To Get Outfit Planning Like A Pro

How To Get Outfit Planning Like A Pro


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Outfit planning, why would we even do this? Personally, I like to make everything methodical and crazy so I've been planning my own my outfit since I was in like great school because the worst thing in the world is waking up in the morning putting on an outfit having it not work but you're late for school and you miss the bus it is a disaster.


Save Time

Planning outfits saves your time. We're all busy, we have lives, we've got work with that family, we don't need to spend any extra time standing in front of the closet thinking what should I wear. And then if you pick a crappy outfit what happens is you end up having what I call a wardrobe closet meltdown so you try something on if it doesn't work you throw it on the floor you try something else you get frustrated.


You will have a meltdown, you keep trying stuff on you get super frustrated and then you end up putting on the same piece of crap outfit that you wear all the time that saves you sanity.

Save Money


It also saves you money, a lot of things people get into this habit a lot and I even do it my when I don't outfit plan is I get addicted to the new so I'll wear an outfit one way one way only I'll warn it and I don't want to wear it anymore.

And then I think I need a new outfit, I need a new piece to add to my closet then your closet gets so giant and full of stuff and you're not wearing what you own so if you take the time to plan out your outfits, you can get different combinations and you can get more creative with your clothes and that's going to actually save you money.

How To

Let's get right into it. I like to plan my outfits for the week every Sunday and I like to throw myself a little outfit planning party. You can have fun with the outfit planning and going to make it an event that happens in your week.

It's not like I have to like what I just plan these outfits because make it a fun part of your routine and it's going to make the rest of your week a total snap.

Make Plans Ahead


If setting aside one day a week sounds a little bit out of control then at least do it the night before. Just stay tuned but that was like the one way that I thought about wearing that outfit and then I just put this back in the closet and I never really thought about it. I can't really say in another article when I am going to wear crane pants like the full crane jacket in my life but because I made it a priority to plan my outfit.

I will set out some basic pants as one of my hero items for the week and I set aside a little block of time where I could try different ways to wear this outfit so I put on my crane pants and I made it more casual with a little shirt and I popped on this the best.

Pick Up Your Old Garments


I made a new outfit with a piece that may have been ignored otherwise and for me personally maybe not everyone can relate but when I buy like a fast fashion piece, such as Zara, I kind of give them like whatever status in my wardrobe so I'm like whatever I warm was a warm on date or warm for work, it doesn't really matter.

If I don't ever wear them again but we should be wearing our clothes and we should be loving everything that we own so I was pretty excited to like be able to wear my old pants again and it's fun to think of different combinations like maybe I'd wear kind of a t-shirt in the leather jacket maybe that would look crazy but you don't know until you try. It can really flex that creativity muscles and get more use out of your clothes.

What I recommend is once you go your party ingredients set, you got your music, you've got your little block of time, pick out just seven pieces that you want to wear for the week and grab some things that maybe you normally don't give a lot of attention to and then try as many different combinations as possible with those pieces.

The good thing about setting aside a little block of time is there's no pressure, there's no pressure to like to work or get ready for that date or get ready for those dinner plans. It's just all fun so you try on different combinations and then once you nail it take a selfie or if you feel like really awkward taking a selfie you can lay the outfit out on the ground and take a little picture.

Get Inspiration


I create a lookbook on my phone so if there is a time where I'm not sure what to wear or I don't know how to put something together I go to my little album, I'm like oh crane pants and a vest that was the fun combination and sometimes when you get into the spirit of it.

Sometimes I'll plan an entire month's worth of outfits and have them in my phone and I don't ever have to worry about it ever again.

You're probably thinking like okay I'm going to set aside some time. I'm totally on board with this whole situation but I am NOT a stylist and I don't know how to put these different combinations together. Where am I coming up with these ideas? I literally only know that crane pants go with a crane jacket. This is where finding inspiration comes.

Also, you can create an inspiration board maybe from Pinterest, get images pinned when you think this outfit is fun. Before your outfit planning, go through and see if you can get some ideas for your outfit like a new way to wear a vest or a different way over a blazer or working an accessory into your wardrobe in a fresh way.

Do Something New


What happens when we go into our closets to get dressed, you're kind of in a haze and you just pick something up. This is exactly what happens when I don't plan. I'll just put on a pair of jeans, this shirt looks comfortable done and there's absolutely no creativity, no layers, no accessories, no fun, no individuality and that's how you start hating your clothes so stop being so addicted to the newness and start making new things out of your outfit.

Something else that I've noticed within myself, if you start buying the same stuff over and over and over again when really restyling it serves the same purpose so why buy another long-sleeve black shirt when maybe if you tried that shirt with a different jacket. It would still have the effect of actually having a new shirt in your closet.

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