Bucket List Travel: How to Look Good While Checking Off Your Bucket List

Bucket List Travel: How to Look Good While Checking Off Your Bucket List


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Nothing beats traveling the world and immersing yourself in different cultures. From the vibrancy of India to the unique style of Japan, fashion varies hugely across the globe.

No one wants to stick out as a tourist when traveling, so it’s important to understand the local style and culture of the country you’re visiting. Knowing the style of locals means you can hone your wardrobe and respect the country you’re visiting.

In this style guide, we’ll show you how to look good while checking off your bucket list. We’ve listed some of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe and we’ll show you how to dress when visiting each country.

What to wear in Paris

What to wear in Paris

When most people think of Paris, they conjure up romantic scenes of patisseries and elegantly dressed people in berets. Paris is a fashion capital, so it’s important to know what to wear when visiting.

What do people wear in Paris?

Paris style is tailored and chic, conservative but with an edge. You’ll see stylish Parisians wearing neutral colors, and many follow the ‘three colors or less’ rule that gives their outfits an effortless appeal.

You rarely see locals wearing clunky sneakers, flip flops, or sweatpants. Parisians like to be presentable while maintaining a level of comfort, and feminine energy with a masculine edge is the look many locals exude.

What to wear in Paris

To avoid sticking out as a tourist in Paris, aim for an elevated style. Leave your sweatpants and sneakers at home and opt for an elevated alternative, such as relaxed trousers and a smart top.

You don’t have to be formal for your visit, but you’ll fit in with a more tailored look. Don’t forget to stick to the neutral color palette and put together outfits with three colors or less to follow Parisian trends.

The weather can be unpredictable in Paris, no matter what time of year you visit. Take a stylish jacket, sweater, and long-sleeve tops to layer up should it get cold.

Packing suggestions:

  • Plain, short sleeve tops
  • Plain, long sleeve tops
  • Shirt or blouse
  • Pair of well-fitting blue jeans
  • Pair of black or neutral pants
  • Knee-length skirt
  • Tailored dress
  • A stylish jacket
  • Thermals (if you’re visiting in the winter)
  • Waterproof ankle boots for sightseeing
  • Smart flats or dinner shoes for dressing up

What to wear in Rome

What to wear in Rome

Italy is the fashion capital of the world, which can feel a little daunting when you’re figuring out what you should wear when visiting Rome.

What do people wear in Rome?

Italian style is more formal than American, but this doesn’t mean business attire. Instead, you’ll see locals wearing tailored, well-fitted basics that give them an effortless but put-together look.

Tasteful jewelry and well-groomed hair are both staples of Italian style and help bring outfits together.

The secret to European style is in the tailoring. It’s common for locals to have all of their clothes altered, including jeans and t-shirts, to give an elevated look.

What to wear in Rome

If you’re visiting in the summer, be prepared for extremely hot weather. Add that to the large crowds, and it can be overwhelming. Think about practicality when choosing clothes to take and opt for breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.

For women, dresses are the best option. Choose tailored but relaxed midi-dresses for sightseeing to look lawlessly chic while staying cool.

There is no dress code when visiting Rome, but if you’re planning on going to Vatican City, have some modest options that cover shoulders and knees to respect the culture.

The streets are cobblestone in Rome, so take comfortable flats that won’t kill your feet when sightseeing. Supportive sandals are a great way to look great without sacrificing comfort.

Pack suggestions:

  • Knee-length breathable dresses
  • Rompers (these are a stylish alternative to shorts and great for sightseeing)
  • Linen shirts
  • Lightweight, wide-leg trousers
  • Tailored, neutral tops
  • Comfortable sandals for sightseeing
  • Smart dress shoes for the evening

What to wear in Amsterdam

What to wear in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a much more relaxed culture when it comes to fashion, and the weather usually dictates what you’ll wear.

What do people wear in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam locals opt for a casual, oversized style that focuses on comfort and self-expression. You’ll see most people in jeans, oversized sweaters, and hats to stay warm in the chilly climate.

Layering is also popular with Amsterdammers. Tank-tops with t-shirts and jackets give a warm but effortless outfit and mean it’s easy to stay on top of the weather.

Thicker jackets and coats are also a familiar sight on the streets of Amsterdam. The temperature can drop to around eight degrees when the wind picks up, so jackets are a must.

What to wear in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a much more relaxed atmosphere when it comes to fashion, so it’s best to focus on comfort and practicality. Check the weather forecast before your trip, and take enough layers to stay warm.

Like Rome, most of the streets are cobblestone, so you’ll need waterproof, practical boots or trainers for sightseeing.

Hats, scarves, and gloves are also a great option, especially if you’re visiting in the colder months.

Packing suggestions:

  • Long-sleeved tops
  • Tank-top base shirt
  • Pants/trousers
  • Under-layer under the pants
  • Warm (winter) jacket that’s water & wind-proof
  • Boots or sneakers
  • Scarf, hat, and gloves

What to wear in London

What to wear in London

Overall, London has a casual, easy-to-wear style that can be seen from the tourist-packed Canary Wharf and City to the more creative streets of Camden. But it’s also somewhere that personal style is expressed and bold, unique looks are not uncommon.

What do people wear in London?

You’ll find a full spectrum of styles from Londoners, from casual streetwear to the latest fashion trends. With a flexible approach to fashion, locals don’t bat an eye at even the most eccentric outfits.

But if you have a more casual, simple approach to fashion, you’ll fit right in. You'll find an eclectic mix in London from bold, colorful streetwear to neutral, tailored looks.

What to wear in London

When visiting London, you’ll be somewhat restricted by the weather. Unless you visit in the height of summer, expect rain, cold winds, and dreary climates. For this reason, sensible shoes and a warm jacket are a must for sightseeing.

You’ll rarely see people walking around in heels during the daytime, so save these for the evening when you visit the renowned clubs and restaurants.

Backpacks are popular in London, too. But pickpocketing is a possibility, so make sure you have a secure bag and avoid carrying valuables in your pockets.

Oxford Street is a world-famous shopping destination, so if you want to elevate your looks while visiting, this is the place to go.

Packing suggestions:

  • Sensible shoes for sightseeing
  • A warm jacket
  • Jeans or trousers
  • Heels or smart shoes for the evening (many venues have dress codes)
  • Tops and vests for layering (if the weather is chilly)
  • A mini backpack

What to wear in Thailand

What to wear in Thailand

With a hot, humid climate and modest culture, it can be difficult figuring out what to wear on a trip to Thailand. The dress code differs in the vibrant city, the temples, and at the beach, so you need to be strategic when packing.

What do people wear in Thailand?

You’ll find locals wearing comfortable yet modest clothing throughout Thailand. Collared shirts and polos are far more popular than t-shirts for men, and women tend to wear knee-length dresses.

Locals favor slip-on loafers, boat shoes, and ballet pumps over laced trainers when it comes to shoes.

What to wear in Thailand

You’ll fit in much better if you stick to a casual but modest wardrobe for your visit to Thailand. Stick to linen fabrics to handle the humid climate, and avoid showing your knees and shoulders to respect the culture.

When you’re on the beach, it’s a different story. Locals are used to tourists, so you can take your favorite swimwear. A cover-up is a good idea for visiting any beachside venues, though.

You’ll find that local service improves if you wear modest clothing that fits in better with local fashion.

Packing suggestions:

  • Linen trousers
  • Knee-length skirts or dresses
  • Linen polo shirts or collared shirts
  • Slip-on loafers or boat shoes
  • Flat ballet pumps

What to wear in Japan

What to wear in Japan

Japan has a generational split when it comes to fashion. The older generations favor modest fashion, whereas younger generations push boundaries and pave the way for new trends. Tokyo is another fashion capital and is well known for cutting-edge fashion statements.

What do people wear in Japan?

No matter what generation, a common theme of Japanese fashion is presentation. Dirty or scruffy clothing is frowned upon in Japan, and locals take pride in their appearance.

Shorts, trousers, and basic tops are all very common throughout Japan. But you’ll always notice people are well-groomed and very clean. Holes in socks are a huge no-no since people spend a lot of time shoeless in temples and traditional restaurants.

Jeans are more common in the younger generation, but you’ll see much more dark denim than lighter colors in streetwear.

In large cities, young people push the boundaries of fashion with gorgeous materials, unusual tailoring, and creative styling. Japanese street fashion is a style icon all of its own but not something tourists are expected to emulate.

Communal bathing in hot springs(onsens) is a traditional pastime. But apart from in a few mixed-gender baths, you won't need a swimsuit as they are explicitly forbidden (for hygiene reasons).

What to wear in Japan

Japanese people tend to be petite, so you’ll struggle to find clothes that fit in local stores. As such, make sure you take everything you need with you on your travels.

The temperature can drop in Japan, and rain is common, so plan to dress in layers. Basics like vests, t-shirts, and sweaters work well. And don’t forget a statement, tailored jacket to finish off your outfits.

Swimsuits are forbidden in most hot springs (onsens) and public baths for hygiene reasons, so you won’t need to pack one.

Also, some tattoos in Japan are associated with the mafia and are banned in many places. If you have a lot of tattoos, it’s best to keep them covered to avoid confusion.

Packing suggestions:

  • Comfortable, slip-on shoes (you’ll take them off frequently when indoors)
  • Smart tops that can be layered
  • Trousers or dark denim jeans
  • Smart shoes or heels (for the evening)
  • A statement jacket
  • Modest clothing for visiting temples

What to wear in Bali

What to wear in Bali

From colorful, embroidered Balinese attire to relaxed, comfortable resort wear, you’ll see a real mix of styles across Bali. As a popular backpacker destination, locals are used to tourists standing out.

What do people wear in Bali?

You’ll see locals in Bali adorned in luxurious fabrics with colorful, bold patterns and prints. Many of the garments are hand-embroidered, and the detail is visibly stunning.

On the other hand, you’ll also see locals in much more casual outfits. Many wear simple shorts, t-shirts, and sandals to keep cool in the tropical climate. Anything goes in Bali, and the relaxed atmosphere is welcoming to tourists.

What to wear in Bali

You’ll need a few different outfit options depending on what you plan on doing in Bali. If you’re backpacking, you’ll need sturdy hiking boots, shorts, vests (and a lot of bug spray).

But if you’re visiting any of the temples, make sure to pack modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Balinese people are used to tourists, but you are expected to respect the culture when visiting sacred places. There are even places to rent headscarves for inside the temples.

Then there are the luxurious restaurants and clubs in the cities, and this is where fashion comes to life. It’s still not common to see high heels, but you can dress much more formally for nights out.

Packing suggestions:

  • Boots, shorts, and vests for hiking
  • Midi skirts and t-shirts for sightseeing
  • A headscarf or cover-up for temples
  • Linen trousers or longer shorts for sightseeing
  • Knee-length dresses for the evening
  • Formal shoes and ballet pumps (heels are less common)

What to wear in South Africa on safari

What to wear in South Africa on safari

South Africa is the most desirable bush and beach safari destination on the continent. Famed for its sunny beaches and expansive reserves, you’ll be happy to know the dress code is very casual here.

What do people wear in South Africa?

Most South Africans opt for casual clothing that is comfortable and cool, even in most restaurants. Of course, in the large city hotels and restaurants, smart casual is the go-to dress code.

Locals usually wear dresses, shorts, t-shirts, and light trousers. The evenings get cooler, so light sweaters and jackets are also very common. You’ll even see people carrying an umbrella to stay dry in the summer thundershowers, especially in Johannesburg.

What to wear on safari in South Africa

Pack casual, lightweight, neutral clothes for your safari. Breathable fabrics are important to avoid overheating in the dense heat. The more you can cover your skin, the better. Long-sleeve shirts and blouses will protect your skin from the sun.

Although you don’t need to bust out the khaki to visit the preserve, it is best to wear neutral colors. This will help you blend in and avoid disturbing the wildlife or attracting insects.

Bonus: the tsetse fly is attracted to black and blue, so avoid denim and you’re less likely to get a nasty bite.

You won’t need hiking boots for your safari trip; just comfortable trainers will do. Shake them out every morning to make sure no creepy-crawlies have climbed in during the night.

Packing suggestions:

  • Neutral, long-sleeved shirts
  • White or neutral linen trousers
  • Sensible, closed-toe shoes or trainers
  • Mid-length dress for the evening
  • A button-down linen shirt and trousers for the evening
  • A wide-brim sun hat and sunglasses

What to wear in Brazil

What to wear in Brazil

The dress code in Brazil varies from city to city. On the bustling streets of São Paulo, it’s much more formal than Rio de Janeiro. And if you’re visiting during the Carnival, all bets are off.

What do people wear in Brazil?

In general, Brazil has a casual and comfortable style. That said, you’ll see locals wearing flattering, form-fitting clothes that show off their bodies.

It’s not uncommon to see high heels, designer dresses, and tailored suits in cafes and restaurants. Likewise, beachwear is revealing and form-fitting, emphasizing styling and accessories. However, beachwear is reserved for the beach only. If you walk along the streets or a boardwalk in your swimsuit, you’ll be pegged as a tourist.

The urban streets of São Paulo are more formal, and locals like to dress up more. But the touristy spots like museums tend to be more casual.

What to wear in Brazil

It gets extremely hot in Brazil, so go for lightweight dresses, trousers, or playsuits. Patterns and bright colors are perfect for this vibrant country, so don’t be afraid to express yourself with interesting patterns and materials.

For the evening, your favorite party dress, heels, or suit will fit right in. Heels are common, as are smart dress shoes or boat shoes. But you’ll be equally welcome in well-fitting jeans and a classic t-shirt.

Flats are best for sightseeing as you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Ballet pumps, sandals, or brogues are all sensible options that still fit in with the elevated style of the country.

Packing suggestions:

  • Vibrant dress or playsuit
  • Tailored trousers and button-down shirts
  • Patterned wide-leg trousers
  • Sandals or sensible shoes for sightseeing
  • Heels or formal shoes for the evening
  • A stylish leather jacket for the evening

What to wear in Peru

What to wear in Peru

The home of Machu Picchu, Peru is a stunning country in South America and a favorite among travelers. Peru has a rich history with a colorful culture that’s wonderful to immerse in.

What do people wear in Peru?

Beauty and femininity are at the heart of fashion for women in Peru. You’ll see a lot of rich, bright colors and figure-skimming silhouettes that are flattering. Pretty patterns combined with airy fabrics are most common, in the form of dresses, rompers, skirts, and shorts.

Men tend to favor a casual style but still go for lightweight, patterned fabrics that nod to the country's rich heritage.

What to wear in Peru

The seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere, so you’ll need to plan for winter conditions from July to September. Depending on the region, the weather is also variable, so check on conditions to plan your wardrobe.

Breathable clothing is a must, so choose natural materials and moisture-wicking fabrics if you’re planning a hiking or active trip. Layers are a great option to combat the weather changes from day to evening.

For the beach, go vibrant and colorful to fit in, along with a wide-brim hat to protect yourself from the harsh sun.

Packing suggestions:

  • Lightweight, breathable t-shirts and trousers
  • Shorts and vests
  • Supportive boots for hiking
  • Vibrant resort wear for the beach
  • Casual, colorful options for the evening
  • Flat, sensible shoes for sightseeing

What to wear to the Taj Mahal, India

Did you know that “Taj Mahal” translates to “Crown Palace”? It’s a stunning white marble mausoleum built in the 1600s and reminds us to celebrate love.

What do people wear in India?

India is a conservative culture, and locals dress modestly. Covering the arms, legs, chest, and shoulders is an important sign of respect. The women often wear beautiful shawls and scarves to maintain modesty while expressing their culture with vibrant colors and patterns.

The men also dress modestly, usually opting for linen trousers, shirts, and slip-on shoes.

What to wear to the Taj Mahal

It’s a basic sign of respect to dress modestly when visiting the Taj Mahal. There is no dress code you need to follow to be allowed in, but it’s best to cover your knees, shoulders, and chest.

Maxi skirts, loose dresses, and linen trousers are great options to remain modest while surviving the humid climate. But don’t be afraid of bright colors! India is known for beautiful jewel tones, so you’ll fit in well.

The ground is level, paved, and clean around the Taj Mahal, so you won’t need to worry about supportive shoes. Sandals or your favorite walking shoes will be fine.

If you want to go inside the Taj Mahal, you’ll be required to remove your footwear or use disposable shoe covers.

Packing suggestions:

  • Maxi dresses or skirts that cover your legs
  • Linen trousers
  • T-shirts or button-downs that cover shoulders
  • Flat shoes

What to wear in Santorini, Greece

What to wear in Santorini

Santorini is renowned for its sandy white beaches, and millions of tourists flock to see the Cycladic houses every year. It’s important to balance style and practicality in this warm climate, so let’s take a look at what locals wear.

What do people wear in Santorini?

Grecian style is a clever mix of minimalist and maximalist. Locals have an almost effortless style that uses basics and beautiful accessories to give an expensive yet easygoing look.

You’ll see locals in simple tops and trousers with high-end jewelry and sunglasses or straight-legged jeans with trendy sandals. Pairing the unexpected is what Santorinians are known for.

What to wear in Santorini

In peak season (between June and September), the weather will be extremely hot. It’s best to wear sheer tops, linen trousers, lightweight dresses, and sandals to beat the heat while remaining stylish.

A hat will be your best friend during the day. Opt for a wide-brimmed or Panama hat over caps.

Most restaurants are quite casual in Santorini, so stick with a smart-casual dress code to blend in.

Packing suggestions:

  • Maxi dresses
  • Wide-brimmed or Panama hats
  • Linen trousers
  • Simple blouses or t-shirts
  • Sandals or simple flat shoes

What to wear in Egypt

What to wear in Egypt

Egypt is another country where modesty is important. However, temperatures can reach a scorching 50°C (122°F) during the day, so it’s important to keep cool while sightseeing.

What do people wear in Egypt?

Women dress more conservatively than men in Egypt, but even the men are modest in their fashion. Most people wear lightweight shirts, longer shorts, or maxi dresses. Many women wear the traditional Hijab in Egypt or some form of headscarf for modesty.

You won’t see a lot of white clothing in Egypt because the sand will quickly ruin the fabric and turn it a yellowish color.

What to wear in Egypt

Women aren’t expected to wear a hijab when visiting Egypt unless entering a Mosque. However, both men and women are expected to dress modestly to respect the culture.

Maxi dresses, trousers, long-sleeve linen shirts, and playsuits are good options. Avoid white in the desert to stop your clothes from getting ruined in the sand storms.

Packing suggestions:

  • Long, baggy skirts or pants
  • Long-sleeved t-shirts
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A scarf or shawl for women when visiting mosques

What to wear in New York City

What to wear in New York City

The Big Apple is a city known for its fashion. People are known for their street fashion and cutting-edge style. Movies like Sex and the City have shown the emphasis New Yorkers place on fashion.

What do people wear in New York City?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion in New York City. You’ll see a full spectrum, from casual streetwear to Oscar-worthy fashion. There is an emphasis on black in the city, though vibrant colors are also popular.

In the clubs and restaurants, people do go more formal, and you’ll see a lot of form-fitting clothes, heels, and tailored suits.

What to wear in NYC

This is one place where you can wear what you like and not stand out as a tourist (forgoing the I <3 NYC apparel). But New York is also renowned for its range of shops, so you can do some shopping while you visit and build a whole new wardrobe.

This is the city to express yourself, so go all out with dresses, suits, leather jackets, and whatever else you love to wear.

Packing suggestions:

  • Light jacket
  • Comfy flat shoes for sightseeing
  • Shorts or skirts in the summer
  • Dresses or rompers
  • Tailored suits
  • Heels and dress shoes for the evening

What to wear in Australia

What to wear in Australia

The Land Down Under is a casual place. Known for its relaxed beach life, Australia is the place to relax and be comfortable in what you’re wearing.

What do people wear in Australia?

Northern Australia, in particular, is very casual. People wear t-shirts and shorts as a daily uniform and put less emphasis on the importance of fashion. Aussies are also known for wearing thongs (Aussie speak for flip flops) everywhere, from the beach to the supermarket.

The attire becomes a little more formal at night, with button-up shirts and shorts, sandals, and flowy dresses. But there’s no need to pack your formal suit or heels for this trip.

What to wear in Australia

Stick to the beach basics when packing for Australia. This means shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, flip flops, and sandals. Melbourne, in particular, is known for its unpredictable weather, so pack a light jacket too.

For the night, you don’t need to go too formal. Smart shorts, a shirt, or a nice dress and decent shoes will be perfect and fit in with the locals.

Packing suggestions:

  • Shorts and t-shirts
  • Flip flops
  • Swimwear
  • Midi dresses and rompers
  • A light jacket
  • Loafers or sandals for the evening

Look Good While Checking Off Your Bucket List

No matter where you go on your travels, keeping the local culture in mind is important. Some countries are much more modest than others, and the clothes you pack should reflect that.

With that in mind, create a capsule wardrobe for your trip based on your signature style. This is the best way to look great while traveling, and the confidence you exude will only make you look even better.

If you want to hone your style and be an icon on your travels, check out our brand-new 2022 collection to find the perfect jacket for your travels.

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