How to Style A Leather Jacket for Men to A Nightclub

How to Style A Leather Jacket for Men to A Nightclub


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Yeah, it's Friday night. It is the perfect time for some clubbing with the guys. Wondering how to style your leather jacket for the nightclub date? This article is written with you in mind. A nightclub is no longer a place that you can just bash into with whatever the moment meets on you. Let us get your wardrobe filled with cute leather jackets first.

In 2022, you need to consciously select the best outfit for a nightclub to keep your ego intact. Leather jackets are never short on swags and class. Nevertheless, you need to style them correctly to earn the attention that will make you feel proud. Now, let’s take a dive into how you can style a leather jacket for a nightclub

Leather Jacket Styles to Nightclubs for men in 2022

You should get familiar with the different types of leather jackets and the look they give. Adding a leather jacket to any casual dressing can go a long way to elevate the look. Bikers, riders, or bomber jackets are the most common types to wear to a nightclub. Some casual styles of flight jacket design can also be worn.

You can find out more about the different types of leather jackets from PalaLeather. In this article, we will be looking at the various ways a leather jacket can be styled for an outstanding nightclub look. After reading this, you will be ready to look dapper this Friday at the nightclub. Let’s go:

Leather Jacket with Black Tee

You can have a breathtaking street look with a biker leather jacket coupled with a plain black tee. The look is completed with blue or black ripped jeans. For lovers of black, you can keep the whole piece black and combine it with white sneakers. The leather jacket can be black, brown or any other color of your choice.

pair a leather jacket with black tee and jeans

High-top sneakers are the best to combine with this leather jacket look. Apart from sneakers, boots or rugged shoes can also be used with this outfit. Try this out on your next date at the nightclub and see how you will be referred. The jean can be ripped, washed, or straight.

Leather Jacket with Colored Tees

A black leather jacket can be combined with any color of Tee to a nightclub. T-shirts ranging between white, grey, red, wine and blue. A brown leather jacket can also be used, but the contrast of the tee should be more carefully selected.

pair a leather jacket with colored tee

The type of t-shirt does not have to be rigid. It can be a V-neck, round neck, band t-shirt, scoop neck, or henley tees. As usual, a pair of converse or sneakers is good to go with the dressing. A black face cap or brown depending on the leather jacket color can elevate the whole look.

Leather Jacket with Chinos or Pant

Instead of wearing a pair of denim, chinos or pant trousers can be worn with a leather jacket to a nightclub. Well-fitted pants trousers or chinos are not bad with a leather jacket. The same things that combine with the jeans will also be fine with chinos. With chinos or pants, the look is more mature than it is streets with jeans.

leather jacket with chinos or pants

The footwear for this casual style is more of a derby shoe or rugged shoe and not boots. Sneakers can also go well with fitted chinos or pants. A tee or shirt can be the accompanying clothing for this leather jacket styling to a nightclub.

Leather Jacket with Patterned Shirt

You can easily throw a leather jacket over a casual buttoned shirt. It could be a flowery pattern, dotted, checked, or a vintage design. Since casual shirts are not hard to find in a guy's wardrobe, they can be a quick choice for a nightclub. A plain shirt can also be worn with a leather jacket to a nightclub.

leather jacket with plaid shirt

The jacket color will to a large extent determine the color of the shirt to use. It is important to pay attention to the contrast between the shirt and the jacket. For a black jacket, almost any light color will be okay. The general rule is to pair a dull color with a bright one. One pair of colors you can never go wrong with is black and white.

Leather Jacket with Turtleneck

Winter is coming and turtlenecks and sweatshirts will take the center stage. Turtlenecks can be styled with leather jackets in nightclubs not just in the winter. In the same vein as wearing tees, the color of the jacket and the turtleneck must combine well. You can choose between a contrasting color pairing or a monochrome combination.

leather jacket with turtleneck

Sneakers, converse, boots, or rugged shoes can be worn with a turtleneck and leather jacket. A pair of denim jeans, chinos, or fitted pants trousers can be used with them. Don’t over-stretch it, pick a trouser that best suits your mood.


The nightclub dressing is expected to be a good blend of a casual and trendy look. A leather jacket goes a long way to command attention in any place. There are a good number of styles to pick from when it comes to a nightclub outing. But first, you must get yourself amazing leather jackets.

Your leather jacket will go well with either a pair of jeans, chinos or pant trousers. Ant fitted pair of the three will look dashing enough. For what goes under the jacket, you can either use a tee, a patterned or plain shirt, a turtleneck, or just a sleeveless athletic jersey (singlet).

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