How To Wear Jackets In The Summer 2022

How To Wear Jackets In The Summer 2022


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People have different perceptions regarding wearing jackets in the summer. A person who loves jackets and treats them as an extension of his body has his ways of fitting into one, no matter the season or weather. On the other hand, some are too skeptical, sometimes even abusive, when they see someone wearing a jacket while others are dripping in the heat. 

Regardless, if jackets are part of your style statement where it is not an option to ditch it, let’s share with the world how it’s done in summer. We bet thousands or more out there want to do so but are too doubtful about stepping up their game. We’ll also look at some of the greatest movie references that support the notion. 

leather jacket in summer

What Suits You

Research what suits you: Leather jackets are not just leather jackets. There are several types concerning style, history, brand or make, the origin of leather, geographic origins, etc. You need to have a decent amount of information that you could use to help decide what kind of jacket will best suit your needs. Just like how you try to find thinner and more comfortable fabrics during summertime, you have to find what kind of leather will work best for you in the summer.

Try something that won’t make you sweat much and isn’t bulky to carry. It goes without saying that you should avoid features like fur collars or a leather jacket with a hood. Those are best left for winters.

Summer Tones

Temperature-friendly Tones: This consideration won't work as much if you are a die-hard fan of black. Lighter colors might help you more with the heat absorption problems and help you stay cooler. Wearing black is majorly considered an amateur choice in general. However, no matter how boiling hot the highways are, you will still find Harleys swooping miles wearing layers of black.

However, a tan or olive shade might fare much better, yet keep your style statement practical. Swipe through the innumerable men’s designer leather jackets out there, and maybe you will find a shade that will interest you as much as black.

Fabric Choose

Breathability & Comfort: Opting for a perforated jacket on top of a soothing color would prove to be much cooler in every sense of the word. Also, while it’s okay to be completely zipped up in an air-conditioned space, you might want to try otherwise in the hot sun. 

Leather Jacket Aesthetic

Reasons to wear a jacket, no matter the time.

Jackets can be more than just hyped style statements. This might sound hilarious, but 9 out of 10 people know this. Jackets are some of the most forgiving wardrobe choices that help you hide many things like features you aren’t proud of or whatever tee you put on in a rush. Do you want to make sure you don’t look sloppy? Just put on a jacket. Problem solved.

Apart from this, jackets are pretty much stylish if it isn’t about warmth and insulation, which only makes sense in the winters or monsoons. They provide the same command and authority as sitting up straight on a Harley or Triumph. Speaking of bikes, if you’re riding, there’s nothing better than a slick biker or bomber jacket that can accentuate the overall look and appeal. 

It goes without mentioning how cool Tom Cruise looked in his military flight jacket known as the G-1 with fur collars as LT Pete “Maverick”. So did Tyler Durden in Fight Club and Al Pacino in Carlito’s Way. All of you who have watched any of these know that Hollywood shot none of those movies in winter settings. It’s all about getting used to and disciplining what it takes to achieve your desired look.

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