Leather vs Textile - the ultimate guide for motorcycle jacket

Leather vs Textile - the ultimate guide for motorcycle jacket


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When you decide to buy a motorcycle jacket, have you ever struggled with this question: textile or leather, which one should I buy? There is no absolute answer to this question, nor is there an absolute winner in textiles and leather. Which one you should purchase ultimately depends on your needs. Therefore, this article will compare textile and leather motorcycle jacket from multiple perspectives. Through this in-depth analysis of the differences between the two, so that you make the most appropriate purchasing decision according to your needs.

Leather vs Textile

Textile is the term used describe man made materials such as nylon, ballistic, mesh and so on. With the development of technology, there will be more man-made materials are used to make textile motorcycle jacket. In contrast, leather motorcycle jacket, as a classic motorcycle style, is one of the best partners of motorcycles, mainly from natural animal skins, generally made of cowhide, goat skin, etc.



Whether you are a novice motorcyclist or have been riding for decades, safety is paramount. If you pursue higher protection, then a leather jacket will be the best choice. Although high-end textile jackets can also provide protection, leather jackets are even better. In almost any comprehensive real-world test, the impact resistance of leather jackets is much stronger than that of textiles. This is why almost every road racing agency and most track day organizers require riders and racers to wear leather instead of textiles. Whether you are riding in the city or commuting daily, or a professional rider or racer in pursuit of speed, leather jackets can always provide you with better protection. According to different needs, you can choose leather jackets of different grades and price. If you are a rider who pursues extreme speed and often rides long distances, then you should choose a professional motorcycle leather jacket, and the thickness of the leather should be at least 1.2mm. A skin that is too thin will not be able to provide good protection.



Textile is a more versatile fabric than leather. Leather is limited by materials. Although genuine leather also gets some breathability because of its natural pores, it is still not comparable to textiles. The simplest example: it is difficult for you to wear a leather jacket in summer. Some leather jackets may have a perforated shell for hot weather, but in general, textile jackets will be more comfortable in all four seasons. On the other hand, leather jacket is nice in cold weather, it’ll be warmer than textile jackets.

In addition, most leather jackets may be water resistant but they are not waterproof. This means that it is best not to wear a leather jacket on rainy days (especially heavy rain). If you plan to ride in all weather conditions, textiles will be more suitable for you. At the same time, this also means that the cleaning of textiles will be easier. You can never put the leather jackets in the washing machine directly, but textiles can.



As mentioned above, textiles are easy to clean but leather jackets are costly to maintain, as they require professional care and cleaning. On the other hand, if the leather is properly maintained, it can last a lifetime. However, textiles will wear out faster. And if there are some accidents, your textile jacket will be easily damaged, you need to buy a new one to ensure that the armor is in good condition. The leather jacket may wear out from the slide, but it may be strong enough to be ridden again. Therefore, the durability of leather jackets is definitely better than that of textile jackets.



There is no doubt that if you want to create a cool, trendy, stylish and outstanding image, leather jackets are the best choice. Although the style depends on personal preference, for many years, whenever motorcycle jacket are mentioned, leather jacket is always the first to be remembered. It always be regarded as the best partner for motorcycles like the helmet. An iconic leather motorcycle jacket can keep it popular for decades to come. In addition, the leather jacket can be worn when not riding the bike, but the textile jacket will not look good if you wear it off the bike.


Budget always is an important thing to consider. Whether it's textiles or leather jackets, there are both some high-end and expensive options, of course they also have low-cost options. There is not much difference between a cheap leather jacket and a textile jacket. It makes no sense to compare high-quality textiles with low-quality leather jackets, and vice versa. In middle-range, textiles are better-priced than leather.



There are many factors to consider when buying a new jacket. If you are more inclined to versatility, easy to care and cleaning, be able to use it in any weather, and also the budget is limited, then we recommend you textile jackets. If you pay more attention to protection, durability and stylish appearance, then leather jacket is what you want. No matter which kind, you should not too compromise on protection when buying riding gear. Within your budget, choose the best quality possible. Undeniably, high-quality jackets may cost you a lot of money, but they provide maximum protection and are definitely worth the money.

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