Should You Buy A Cheap Leather Jacket for Daily Wearing

Should You Buy A Cheap Leather Jacket for Daily Wearing


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Leather jackets are a fashion statement and with the kind of styles available, they can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. It's important to note that leather jackets can set you back a pretty penny even if you are on a budget due to the quality.

Of course, most people will tell you that they wouldn't really see the difference between an expensive one and a cheap one. This article, however, argues that there is, in fact, a difference between the two.

Cheap Leather Jackets vs High Quality Leather Jacket

buy high quality leather jacket than cheap leather jacket

A leather jacket can be a significant investment, but it's worth it for the quality. When it comes to the things you wear daily, it's best to buy them once and buy them well. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing that the clothes you wear all the time are beautiful, reliable, and made to last. And nothing is better at making you feel good than a genuine leather jacket.

The truth is, if you're constantly replacing low-quality clothing and accessories, it will hurt your wallet much more than buying one high quality item at full price. Some leather jackets can indeed be costly-especially if they're designer or come with a brand name-but if the construction is solid and the leather is genuine, that cost will pay itself off over time because you won't need to replace it.

high quality leather jacket is worth to buy

A cheap leather jacket may be tempting because of its price tag, but it's likely that it won't last as long as a more expensive jacket made from higher quality materials. Cheap leather jackets are often made with inferior-quality materials that will tear easily. They may also have poor stitching and shoddy designs, which can cause them to wear out faster than a well-made jacket.

On the other hand, a high quality leather jacket is an investment in your wardrobe that will last for years. A good leather jacket can cost a few hundred dollars, but over time it will pay for itself by lasting longer than several cheap jackets combined.

a quality leather jacket is more comfortable than cheap one

A quality leather jacket is also more comfortable and versatile than a cheap one. It will fit better and look nicer, so you can wear it on many different occasions. A high quality leather jacket will also keep you warmer in cold weather with a high quality material being used.

Tips for Buying Quality Leather Jackets

tips for buying high quality leather jacket

Check the stitching

The quality of the stitching indicates whether a jacket is made from top-notch materials. Check the seams along the lining and outer surface to see if they are straight and even, with no loose threads. Loose threads might signify that the leather isn't genuine or that the jacket wasn't stitched properly.

Feel the weight of the leather

Next comes feel. You should always be able to feel the quality of the leather through its thickness and weight. The heavier the jacket, the better the quality. This is because good leather is dense and sturdy, while cheap leather is thin, fragile, and obviously cheap.

You might also choose to compare your jacket with a few others at the store-if yours feels much lighter or much heavier than the others, it's best to keep looking for one that feels more balanced.

hang up the leather jacket

Hold the garment up to a light source

You can do a simple leather test by holding the garment up to a light source. Genuine leather tends to be more consistent in color, especially in the cutout areas. Leather made with animal hide will have slight imperfections and variations, which are often considered desirable when it comes to high quality products. However, real leather does not have a glossy finish that looks like plastic.

Fake leather products also tend to be thinner than genuine items, since they do not come from animal hide and therefore require less processing. If you've found a secondhand jacket with an unusual but faded or otherwise worn-out tag, you can try holding it up to a light source as described above; if it has the characteristics of fake leather, you have probably found an incredible deal on an imitation product.

Smell the leather

If you're looking for a leather jacket at a brick-and-mortar store, smell it. If you're online shopping, look for information about the product's smell in its description. Real leather has a distinct smell that fakes can't replicate.

While it may not seem like an important thing to consider while making a purchase, the scent of your jacket will be one of its most distinguishing characteristics, so it's worth checking out how it smells before buying.

If you're not sure what leather smells like and aren't able to decipher anything from the descriptions on the products you're considering, try smelling something else made of real leather-such as an old wallet or watchband-to get context on what kind of scent to expect from that material.

If all else fails, ask someone who knows what they're doing (they probably won't mind being asked) or look up reviews by people who've bought the same item and see what they have to say about its smell.

look at the lining and its quality

Look at the lining material and its quality

When you are shopping for a leather jacket, pay close attention to the lining. The lining is an integral part of the jacket that protects its shell from being damaged. Without a lining, your jacket will be much more likely to get scratches and nicks, and other damage during use. Make sure that the lining is made of good quality material, like silk or satin, and that it is well sewn into the jacket.

Look to see if there is any damage to the lining and make sure that there are no tears in it or missing pieces in it. Also, look at the seams where the lining meets with the leather and make sure that they are intact - if there are signs of fraying here then this could indicate poor workmanship.

check the craftsmanship on leather jacket

Check for symmetry along the seams

Use a tailor's tape measure and check for symmetry along the seams. This is one of the most important things to check for in terms of construction quality. It's an indication that the garment was carefully made by hand, rather than being thrown together on an assembly line.

It may look like a small detail, but it's actually a huge indicator of quality. A symmetrical seam means that the manufacturer took time to align each pair of pieces of leather before sewing them together, giving your jacket its overall shape and structure.


A classic leather jacket is an investment. If you buy a good quality one from PalaLeather, it will last you for years and withstand the test of time. Even if you do potentially save expenses on a cheap leather jacket, it won't last as long as high quality leather.

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