8 Styling Tips for Mastering a Business-Casual Outfit for Men

8 Styling Tips for Mastering a Business-Casual Outfit for Men


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Business casual is a term that would mean corporate but not too serious. A business casual look incorporates the 'casual' look into the corporate setting without breaking rules. With business casual attire you tend to look more relaxed, yet professional.

Styling Your Business-Casual Wardrobe

Before you go on to learn how to style a business-casual outfit, you must know the clothing pieces that can be used to style this outfit. Here are details on some:

business casual outfits for men

Shoes: Your feet are one part of your outfit that must take on the "business" part of the business-casual. Corporate shoes look better for this outfit. So, if you're hoping to fill your wardrobe with some business-casual foot wares, I would advise you to go for some loafers, derby, brogues, oxfords, monk straps, or perhaps some corporate boots like a Chelsea boot or a dress boot.

I'd advise against sneakers, as they are typically known to tone down on the "corporate-ness" of outfits, but then business casual is just a tone down, not down-down as sneakers would.

Shirt: A button-down collared shirt is the best option for a top in a business casual outfit. while this clothing piece may look or sound very corporate, the way you rock it is what would determine if it's 'giving' business-corporate or strictly business. A round neck plain coloured shirt or a polo may also be worn, but with the right combination.

Pants: On the top of my list is, Chinos. This clothing piece is not as corporate as plain suit pants, and not as casual as a pair of jeans trousers. You may also wear plain jean trousers depending on other clothing pieces you are wearing. Slim fit trousers, whether chinos or plain pants are always a better option as they make you look smarter.

wear a leather blazer for business casual wearing

Jackets: Jackets are perfect corporate accessories provided they are not "suits". There are several kinds of jackets you can wear in your corporate casual outfits, although you must wear a jacket that matches your entire outfit. In many instances, the jacket is the piece that makes the dressing less corporate, so you must make sure you pick the right one so you don't look too casual. Leather jackets are very versatile clothing pieces that can kill the business casual look.

Now, how do you style these clothing pieces to get the perfect combination for a business-casual outfit?

Styling Tips for Mastering a Business Casual Outfit

Now you know different clothing pieces that suit your business casual wardrobe, the next thing is to know how to perfectly style them. I have compiled 8 styling tips for your business casual outfits and have presented them as some simple do’s and don’ts. They are as follows:

business casual wearing rules

1. Do wear a neatly tailored blazer or jacket made from quality material: The kind of jacket or blazer you wear would determine if your entire outfit going to look business-casual or not. You can wear a cotton single or double-breasted blazer but make sure they do not have coloured buttons.

A brightly coloured button would make you look too casual so they should be avoided. Leather jackets are perfect for business casual outfits. Black leather bikers or leather blazers are perfect options.

2. Do wear a fitted cardigan or sweater underneath your collared shirt: Cardigans or sweaters make good substitutes for blazers and jackets, especially during the cold season.

3. Do wear slim-fit trousers: Earlier I told you that chinos are the perfect pants for a business casual outfit. While it is important to pick the perfect type of pants it is also important to pick one with the perfect size. Your trousers must be fit so you look smart in them.

4. Do wear neutral colours: Your shirts, pants and blazers should be neutrally-coloured, or at least monochromatic. Brightly coloured clothing pieces should be avoided by all means if you are a beginner unless you've mastered your business casual wardrobe.

The remaining tips are things you must never try

5. Do not wear a corporate suit or tuxedo: A corporate suit would make you look too formal and I'm sure that is not what you're aiming at.

6. Do not wear a loose-fitting leather jacket. Get neatly tailored fitted leather jackets. Your leather jackets must be tightly fitted they must not be loosely fitted as that can make you look unsmart.

7. Do not over accessories: Excess accessories like earrings and scarfs may present you " too loud". Just go with a simple clothing combination and you're good to go.

8. Do not wear casual pants like jeans, shorts, baggy pants or joggers: of all your clothing pieces your pants must not be informal.

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