3 easiest ways to clean mold and mildew from leather products

3 easiest ways to clean mold and mildew from leather products


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In this era, almost everyone will have some leather products, whether it is leather clothes, leather shoes, leather bags, etc. Have you ever bothered about how to store leather products? What should I do if the leather products are moldy during long-term storage? This article will help you answer these questions.

Moldy leather products are mainly due to the gradual disappearance of the mildew-proof effect of the leather, or the humid weather. Humidity is the main cause of mildew in leather, because the humid environment provides conditions for the formation and propagation of mold, so humidity is the root source of mold reproduction. Therefore, the leather products should be kept in somewhere ventilated and dry during the storage process, avoid direct sunlight, and the leather should be dried in time when it is damp.


If your leather products have mold, then you can take the following methods to try to get rid of it.

Points to note before cleaning:

Before you start cleaning of your leather products, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Do not use detergent on the leather, do not put it in the washing machine.
  2. Before using any cleaning products, take a spot-test the less obvious parts of leather. Once the unrecoverable discoloration occurs, stop using it immediately.
  3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions before and during cleaning. Different products may have different characteristics. If possible, you can ask first the manufacturer for best solution.

3 simplest way to remove the mold from leather:

1. Some mold on the leather can be easily wiped off, you only need to wipe it off with a fine flannel. If the leather surface is embossed, gently brush it with a fine-bristle brush. Then use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to wipe off the mildew, or use light alkaline water, then wipe it with a dry towel, dry in a cool and ventilated place, apply leather oil in the end. For long-term storage of leather products, you can first wipe it with a towel dipped in a 4% high-grade soap solution, then wipe off the soap solution with water until it is clean, and finally dry in a cool and ventilated place.


2. Use a leather cleaner to thoroughly clean the leather, and then apply a layer of leather anti-mold agent, store the leather jackets, leather bags or other leather products you have processed in a dry environment.

3. Dip a cotton cloth with a little water, keep the cotton cloth in a semi-wet state, and gently wipe the moldy parts of the leather. Note that the rubbing should be light and gently, too much force will cause the color of the leather to change and damage the epidermal coating. If you can't wipe it off completely, or the mold has already penetrated into leather, send it to a professional leather care company for processing.


Get musty smell out of leather:

Moldy products will have a musty smell. After the mold are treated with the above methods, add lavender, rosemary or lemongrass essential oils to remove the smell of the leather, and then put your leather jackets or leather pants on a hanger, then keep them in a cool and ventilated place, which is conducive to removing the musty smell.


If you don't like the smell of essential oils, you can also try to clean the leather with a vinegar solution which helps to eliminate the unpleasant odor, and the vinegar smell will also dissipate with any other unpleasant odors in the leather. First, you need to mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water, put it in a small spray bottle, and spray it gently inside and out of your leather jacket or other leather products. Be careful not to get the leather too wet, only a light mist is okay, then hang it in a ventilated place to dry. The leather conditioner can be used later to keep the leather jacket soft and avoid cracking.

Note: Before operation, it is best to find a small area on the leather and test it. If the leather does not change color or crack, then continue.


In daily life, the environmental conditions for leather products such as leather clothing and leather bags to become moldy are: humidity and a temperature suitable for mold growth and development. Therefore, leather products should be stored in a dry environment for avoiding mold and mildew. The most effective method is to keep in a vacuum before storing, however, it’s difficult to implement. The best practice, the simplest and most effective method is: first use leather cleaner to clean the leather products thoroughly, and then apply a layer of leather anti-mold agent, storing them in a dry environment, and some mothballs or insect-proof balls should be wrapped in paper and placed in a corner of the wardrobe. In addition, do not cover leather clothing with an airtight bag or plastic bag. It can be covered with a layer of cloth or a single piece of clothing.

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