5 Small Things To Updating Your Leather Jacket Style

5 Small Things To Updating Your Leather Jacket Style


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Today's blog we're going to focus on the Moto jacket and 5 ways to style this classic leather jacket stay tuned whether you're going on a date, whether you're going to work or whether you're running errands. Let’s say you're going to class for the weekend, it doesn't matter what you're doing, you add a leather jacket to your look, it'll add some sophistication and a natural cool quality almost instantaneously. So you want to make sure that one you have a great leather jacket and two that you're wearing it correctly.

an evergreen fashion staple

I personally think with little style there's no wrong way you can wear a leather jacket so I want to show you guys 5 different looks so you want to wear a lot of their jacket to work.


It is the leather jacket appropriate with a shirt and tie. A white long sleeve button-down with a slim silver tie, a pair of gray slacks and black slip-on dress shoes. The key to this look is that everything is nice and the model’s pants are slim, his shirt is slam, his tie a killer.

tie with leather jacket

There's no added bulk and I think that's important when you're pairing it with a leather jacket you don't want anything to be oversized. It needs to be all nice and slim and streamlined.


boots with leather jacket

Another great way to wear a leather jacket is to dress down with a pair of dark denim, a nice button-down shirt and a pair of brown boots. This is perfect for a date night look for a weekend love or just for a nice business casual look. A pair of boots will polish the whole outlook, make your style more classic and unique.


Another way you can style a leather jacket is completely dressed down, pair it with some cargo pants, a nice hoodie, and some white sneakers and then you can go about your weekend errands looking cool and stylish knowing that your outfit is put together by adding that leather jacket.

leather jacket with hoodie

It's that third piece that always kind of like seals the deal and the leather jack is the perfect third piece. I don't want you guys to ever feel discouraged because you can absolutely dress it up or dress it down.

All Leather

An all leather outfit will also be a good choice for someone who wants to be in rock and punk style. Leather pants with a pair of leather boots should be totally cool and stunning. Be careful to choose leather fabric which is breathable, you don’t want to wear the leather garments stuck on the body which is really uncomfortable. This is a very unique outlook so I recommend trying it once to see if it is fit or not.

all leather outfit


Get some accessories with your leather jacket looks. Silver accessories like necklace, bracelet, rings and belt would be a good choice to add personality. Little decoration will make your outlook more stand out which will change your whole style.


There's kind of no wrong or right way to do it. It is about experimenting on what works best for you, for your style, for your body type. These are 5 ways that I would style my customers in so I want to show you guys how you know you can kind of take one jacket and transform it to 5 different ways, kind of 5 different personalities for whoever you want to be that day, that night or that week.

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