Are leather jackets warm enough for winter?

Are leather jackets warm enough for winter?


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Actually, that’s depends. As we all know, leather can block the wind well, but whether leather jackets keep you warm is a relative thing.

First of all, if you choose genuine leather, it’ll be more suitable for winter, because the genuine leather jackets can block the wind better so that will be more warm. This is also one of the reasons why many bikers or riders prefer leather jackets. In addition to giving you a dazzling look, the excellent wind resistance of it can provide you with the best protection. 


What weather and temperature is suitable for leather jacket, that’s something we need to consider. If you’d like to wear a leather jacket in winter when the temperature is very low, how do you choose the right style? And which kind of leather jacket is warm enough for winter? Here got some answers.



Leather jacket is generally made of cowhide and sheepskin. The cowhide is firmer and more durable, and the sheepskin is lighter and softer. In terms of warmth retention, the sheepskin is fine and dense so it can keep you warmer. This is derived from the excellent thermal insulation and air permeability of sheepskin. Therefore, it can not only keep warm, but also regulate cold and heat.



This is an important point. Two leather jackets which both are made of sheepskin, but with different linings may get totally different heat retention.

1. Without lining: unlined leather jacket can barely keep you warm, and also be not so comfortable for wearing. This type of leather jacket is rare on the market.

2. Cotton lining, polyester lining & wool lining: among the three, the wool lining is slightly better, followed by cotton lining. But in the case of very low temperature, there is not much difference in the actual wearing experience of the three.


3. Shearling lining: undoubtedly this is the best one which can keep you warm even on a cold day. The outer leather provides excellent wind resistance, and the inner fur provides you with unparalleled softness and warmth. It’s a good choice for low temperature weather in winter. The thicker the fur of the inner lining is, the better the quality of the selected fur is, and the better the warmth retention it will get. But if the shearling is too thick, it may not look so cool and it will be more cumbersome to wear. So if you aren’t going to somewhere very chill with wearing it, or if you are not some guy afraid of the cold so much, just choose the appropriate thickness.

Layer of insulation


Leather jacket with same lining will also cause differences in warmth retention according to different fillings.

1. No filling: lower warmth retention and lighter wearing.

2. Cotton: most of leather jackets will choose cotton as quilted lining, it can keep more warmth for the user. A good filling process can make the leather more stylish and warmer.

3. Down: some leather jackets will be filled with thin down, it's no doubt down will bring more warmth to you. Herefrom, another special style has been derived-- leather down jacket.

Leather down jacket


As the name suggests, it is a combination of leather and down jackets. Combining the wind-resistant and fashionable characteristics of leather and the warmth and softness of down jackets, such clothes can let you resist the severe cold with a stylish looking, and get ride of the mediocrity and boring of ordinary down jackets.



Last but not the least, whether the leather jacket can be worn in the cold winter also depends on what you wear beneath the leather jacket. If you want to wear it with a jumper or hooded fleece which can make you warmer, then you should be more cautious in the choice of size when you buying leather jacket. If you choose a close-fitting style, it means you don't have enough room to squeeze in those layers underneath. Therefore, for the purpose of keeping warm in winter, a oversize leather jacket will be a more ideal choice, or you can choose a larger size when buying leather jacket.

In addition, in winter, do not wearing clothes too tight also is an important point to fellow. If you wear clothes wrapped tightly, the heat preservation effect is not obvious, which makes people feel colder instead. This is because the air between the clothes interlayer becomes very little, and the air layer is lost, then the heat conduction speeds up.


Another important point to note is that it is best not to expose the leather jacket to the snow (or rain) for a long time, because the leather jacket is not waterproof. If it happens to be snowy, remember to dry your leather jacket in time to prevent the snow from melting into water and soaking into the leather which will cause damage to the leather.