Can A Leather Jacket Be Waterproof and How

Can A Leather Jacket Be Waterproof and How


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How to waterproof a leather jacket to wick rain and snow away. Before this, there are few important things that we need to know.

waterproof leather jacket

There are different types of leather like goatskin, lambskin, cowskin, faux, etc. Some genuine leather jackets are not waterproof, they can’t keep you away from thick rain and the leather can be damaged forever. However, there are some leather that can be waterproofed like cowskin or faux.

Not All The Leather Can Be Waxed

leather jacket waterproof

Today, we are going to talk about the leather jacket that can be waxed with waterproof. Please be aware that not all leather jackets can be waxed with waterproof so before you take action, ask the seller and make sure you can continue to do what I said.

This is what I exactly do to waterproof leather jackets so that you can do something similar or do what I do to help keep your leather jacket.

Waterproof Once A Year

As long as possible, I like to waterproof my leather jacket about once a year. I may have to do it more often now that I’m in an area that has a bit more weather. When a genuine leather jacket meets with water, the water would get soaked in, it’s making some wrinkles. What we want is to treat it so that this doesn’t happen.

leather waterproof wax

Wax Treatment

What I use is the snow proof weatherproofing wax treatment. I’m not sure exactly what it is but it’s sort of a waxy substance that you put on the leather itself and this can be used for boots. I think it’s mainly meant for boots but I found that it works just as well on my jacket and you’ll also need a rag if you’re looking to do this to your own jacket.

Any rag or maybe a piece of an old T-shirt will work just fine and it should be known that if you have a lighter leather that this waterproofing substance will make your jacket darker so choose the waxy carefully, make sure the substance meets your requirement.

Can't Use On Suede Leather

suede leather

Also, the waxy shouldn’t be used on suede leather which will completely change that leather altogether. If you have a darker leather jacket, it’s going to be great unless you want your light leather jacket to look darker, which in that case, just go ahead and do it.

How to Wax It

how to wax a leather jacket

I like to sort of dip my rag into the waterproofing substance and then just sort of apply it in a circular motion until it is evenly distributed across the leather jacket. Do over and make sure you get the seams really well. It’s taken quite a bit to show that it’s making an effect on the leather jacket and that’s fine.

The leather takes what it needs and it is sort of shining so that you can see that it’s working. And then after this, air the leather jacket for minutes and the leather jacket is treated successfully. You can use some water to test the leather jacket whether it is successfully waterproof or not.

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