Do Leather Jackets Get Damaged in The Rain?

Do Leather Jackets Get Damaged in The Rain?


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The answer to this question is "no." You may wear your leather jacket outside in the rain. This doesn’t mean that you should not carry an umbrella with you if you know it will rain.

Even if your leather jacket is water-resistant, it is not waterproof; you should still attempt to keep it as dry as possible. What exactly does this mean? What is the main difference between water resistance and waterproofing?

leather jacket water resistance

Water resistance

Water-resistant means that it can withstand water penetration to a certain amount but not entirely. Waterproof means that it is impenetrable to water for an extended period, regardless of how long it is submerged.


This means that a product can be impenetrable to water. The product can be fully submerged in the water without being damaged.

what effect does water have on leather jacket

What effect?

Then what exactly effect does water have on a leather jacket?

This implies that even if the leather is water-resistant, water can still get inside the jacket if there is a lot of it. On the other hand, water may have a variety of detrimental impacts on your jacket if it is not dried correctly.

Your jacket may decay or harden. If the water is not perfectly dried, it could leave massive stains on the jacket. This could also affect the colour of the jacket and can cause cracks. How can you tell if a leather jacket is good quality?

how to protect leather jacket

How to protect?

Let's talk about how to protect your leather jacket from the effects of water?

Simply throwing your jacket in the wash will not help, as this will only make matters worse. Instead, what you SHOULD do is the following…

  • Use leather lotion

The leather lotion is not only water-resistant, but it also protects your leather jacket from other damaging factors. This acts as a sort of barrier between your jacket and the rain. This should be the first thing you do before putting on your jacket. The lotion won't be able to form a barrier if the jacket becomes wet before you've had a chance to apply it.

  • You are drying carefully

You should dry your jacket as quickly as possible if it becomes wet. This will help you avoid any potential water damage. Even after using the leather lotion, this is still desired. After being in the rain, you may dry your jacket with any soft fabric. Any form of heat-producing devices should be avoided, such as a hairdryer.

  • Spray

A water repellent spray works best with most types of leather jackets. This water repellent spray helps keep water out of the jacket and on it. This creates a thin film on the surface of your jacket that prevents water from penetrating.

  • Conditioning

This is also one of the most efficient strategies to prevent damage and wear to your jacket. Make sure your jacket is clean and moist before attempting to condition it.

This slight moisture aids in absorbing all the conditioner's oils by your jacket. When it comes to waxing your jacket, it should be dry and clean; don't get the two confused. Allow the conditioner to penetrate completely before wiping away any excess. Avoid using any form of heat to dry your leather jacket.

Some of these measures are preventative in nature and should be done before any water comes into contact with them. Others are safeguards to take if you find yourself stuck in the rain. The most crucial thing is to make sure your jacket is well-maintained.

You've spent time and money on this coat, perhaps even tailoring it. You'd like it to last as long as possible. Find out if leather jackets are attractive.


benefits of wearing leather jackets

So is there any benefits of wearing your leather jacket in the rain?

After discussing what to do to prevent your jacket from getting wet in the rain and how to protect it if it gets wet. You might wonder, “Well, why would I want to wear it in the rain?”

  • The most obvious advantage is that your jacket is water-resistant. This means you'll be able to wear it in the rain without feeling moist. We all despise getting drenched in the cold.
  • Even though leather jackets are lightweight and breathable, they are not unpleasant since rain does not remain inside them. The layer of thick material under the jacket may also keep you warm in cold weather. Leather jackets are highly versatile since they are both stylish and functional.

Learn more about the benefits of wearing a leather jacket in the rainy season.

rain on leather jacket

How will your leather jacket react to the rain?

The two strongest types of leather are full-grain leather and top-grain leather. This is unsurprising given the superb quality of the leathers. Although the price is more significant, you are getting a high-quality product.

These leathers are more resistant to the elements than animals themselves. Like any jacket that gets ruined when it gets wet, so does the leather jacket. Their toughness doesn't imply you shouldn't take care of your jacket.

If your jacket does get wet, make sure you take those precautions and dry it out as soon as possible. It might have a significant influence on how long your leather jacket lasts.

Can You Wear Your Leather Jacket in the Rain?

can you wear leather jacket in the rain

Can you wear your leather jacket in the rain? Leather is a perfect material for less than perfect weather days. You can certainly wear your leather jacket in the rain.

For some reason, the rumour that leather can't be worn on rainy days has become a common street myth. It is not clear why. Leather is one of the few natural materials that you can wear in almost any kind of weather. If you are concerned about what effect rain is going to have on your clothes, you should instead avoid cotton and suede. Both, unless they have been especially treated, let the rain water in. When it rains, suede clothing will be ruined in a matter of minutes.

Can You Water Proof Leather?

Leather is already water proof. Unless the rain contains chemicals of some kind, your leather jacket is not affected by rain water.

Unfortunately, as pollution levels increase across the globe, rain can contain containments that can damage your leather jacket. This is still pretty rare, but it can happen.

Follow our tips on how to look after your leather clothing.

look after a wet leather jacket

How to Look After a Wet Leather Jacket

When you come home after having been out in a heavy rain shower, it is a good idea to wipe down your leather jacket. Dry it off using a soft lint free cloth to make sure you don't damage the leather.

Once you have wiped it down, you should hang up your leather jacket. Make sure it is not hung up in a wardrobe where there is no air circulation. When you have been out in the rain, your jacket may be still slightly damp even though you have wiped it down.

Place your jacket on a hanger and hang it up to dry completely.

Should I Hang My Leather Jacket Above a Heat Source?

keep your leather jacket dry

Hanging your leather jacket directly above a heat source is not such a good idea. It may affect the weather in a less than favourable way. Leather is dependant on a certain amount of moisture to preserve its qualities. Instead of having your jacket close to a heat source, hang it in a room or an area of your home with an ambient temperature.

Can My Leather Jacket Go Mouldy?

If you look after your jacket in the right way, it is not going to go mouldy. As we already mentioned, looking after your jacket in the right way is essential.

When you wipe down your jacket and then hang it up correctly, it is not going to pick up mould spores.

Is It Okay to Hang Up My Leather Jacket For a Long Time?

hang up leather jacket

Clearly you may not want to wear your leather jacket during hot weather. It is tempting to hang up any leather for a long time.

When you are not planning on wearing your jacket for a long time, you should hang it an area with excellent air circulation. Doing so, keeps the leather in excellent condition. Just like natural cotton, you can say that leather is a breathable material. When it has access to oxygen, it lasts longer.

Should I Hang My Leather Jacket in a Sunny Spot?

That is not such a good idea. UV rays from the sun can damage leather. If you have spent a lot of money on your jacket, you don't want to see it damaged by the sun.

Hang your leather jacket in a spot where there is no excessive light. Too much light is much more likely to cause damage to your jacket than rain.

protect leather in the rain

What About Faux Leather?

Faux leather jackets are becoming popular. Are they water proof? Not all faux leather jackets are water proof. If you are thinking about buying a faux leather jacket, you need to check that it has been treated and made water-proof. Check the label and speak to the seller before you buy any faux leather item.

Leather has been a popular for many years. It is worn by bikers and many others who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Your leather jacket will last for many years as long as you look after it in the right way. If you are looking for clothing that is going to stand the test of time and is sustainable, leather is an excellent option.

In Conclusion

To conclude the article, “yes” you can wear a leather jacket in the rain. The jacket will keep you dry if you get wet. Leather jackets may not perform as well as a rain jacket or poncho, but they do the job. This is one of the many reasons we admire them. Leather jackets are adaptable, comfortable, stylish, and practical in various climates. Rain will not deter us!

There's no need to be concerned if you are caught in the rain in your leather jacket. Make sure, however, that you let it dry naturally and that you take excellent care of it. There are a few strategies to care for your jacket so that it does not suffer long-term harm.

There are leather waxes and conditioners on the market that you may buy or manufacture yourself. Look around, read reviews, and decide what will work best for you.

Keep in mind that various leathers may respond to water in different ways. Regardless of the leather type, your jacket will benefit from appropriate leather maintenance. It can add years to the life of your jacket.

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