6 Easy Tips to Protect Your White Leather Jacket from Discoloration

6 Easy Tips to Protect Your White Leather Jacket from Discoloration


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Leather jackets are wardrobe staples, but one challenge of owning and wearing leather jackets is that they will absorb scents from your body, the air, and other things like handbags or purses that you store them in when not in use.

The more you wear and store your leather jacket, the more likely it's going to absorb something undesirable into its pores and become discolored. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help protect your favorite white leather jacket from discoloration caused by these three things. Here are 6 easy tips to protect your white leather jacket from discoloration.

keep your leather jacket away from dirt

Keep it away from Dirt

Dirt attracts dirt and oil, which are equally bad for keeping a white leather jacket clean. Therefore, it's best to store a white leather jacket away from areas where there's lots of dust and dirt. If you have a lot of hard-to-reach storage space in your home or apartment, consider hanging up your white leather jacket rather than letting it sit in its box, this will help prevent it from being exposed to too much grime over time.

Of course, even if you hang it up when not in use, any piece of clothing that sits untouched for months on end is going to become dirty eventually. As such, make sure you keep your white leather jacket brushed off and wiped down with a damp cloth whenever possible so that any dust and grime don't get an opportunity to settle into it.

Keep it away from heat

keep your leather jacket away from heat

Heat and light are both big enemies of leather. Don't leave them in direct sunlight and avoid leaving them close to heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, or space heaters. Heat dries out a jacket and will cause it to crack, while overexposure to ultraviolet rays breaks down any protective oils on its surface. It's best to store jackets away from these elements when they aren't being worn.

A closet is usually fine if there isn't too much heat coming from nearby appliances. If you want to be extra cautious, place your jacket inside a garment bag before storing it. A garment bag can also help keep dust off of your jacket and prevent it from getting dirty when stored for long periods of time. When not in use, jackets should always be hung on hangers instead of folded up. Folding can put stress on the fabric and lead to creases that make a jacket look older than it really is.

Use protection sprays

use protection sprays to protect your white leather jacket

This is one of those things you may have thought you didn't need until it's too late and all that remains of your jacket is a sad, faded memory. Before wearing your jacket out in public, spray it with a product designed to protect against UV rays.

Many sprays are also oil-based, so they will repel stains as well. For best results, look for a water-resistant version that offers broad protection against damaging UVB and UVA rays. When selecting a spray, be sure to read reviews from other customers who have used it on their jackets.

Some products work better than others, and you don't want to end up with discolored patches or sticky residue on your favorite piece of clothing. If possible, ask about return policies before buying any protective sprays. It might take some trial and error to find one that works perfectly for your needs, and if there's no way to return an open bottle of protective spray, you could be stuck with something that doesn't meet your expectations.

Take Care When Wearing It

take care your white leather jacket when wearing it

Take Care When Wearing It Outside in the Sun

When you're wearing a white leather jacket, don't leave it out in direct sunlight for too long. This could cause the color to fade and even damage it. Avoid letting chemicals come into contact with It: If you spill anything on your jacket or happen to get any sort of stain on it, make sure you immediately wipe up whatever's on there. Even if you think it's not damaging, better safe than sorry.

Sometimes, all it takes is one wrong move to ruin something that took time and money to acquire. Leather is an organic material, which means it can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Don't let yours sit outside in cold weather when you go inside; instead, bring it inside with you so that its temperature doesn't drop drastically when left alone outside.

Clean only when necessary

clean your leather jacket only when necessary

The best way to prevent discoloration is to keep your outfit clean and not allow stains to build up. But, of course, that's easier said than done! When you do have a stain on your favorite outfit, immediately blot up any excess liquid with a paper towel or cloth. Then mix a small amount of cold water with some chlorine bleach and soak until it's gone.

Be sure not to rub at stains when cleaning them off. You can also use baby wipes as an alternative to traditional cleaners. And remember, leather jackets are expensive, so don't wear them every day if you can help it! If possible, store your jacket in a cool place like a closet or dresser drawer so that it doesn't get too hot while hanging in direct sunlight. This will help preserve its color over time.

Make use of leather conditioner

use leather conditioner to protect your while leather jacket

Leather conditioner should be used in moderation since it can build up on your jacket and trap dirt. The right amount depends on how often you wear it, how far between cleanings, and other factors. Start with a test patch and apply small amounts until you find what works for you.

You'll want to make sure that any conditioner is completely dry before wearing or storing your jacket. This will take several hours depending on temperature and humidity. If there is any excess after drying, wipe off with a soft cloth.

The best time to condition your leather jacket is when it's still slightly damp after cleaning. This allows for better penetration of conditioners into deeper layers of hiding.


Even if you look after it regularly, there will be a day when you want to clean up that brilliant white leather jacket and realize it's not quite as bright as it used to be.

Thankfully, our quick and painless guide can help return that gorgeous luster in no time. Hopefully, you won't have any accidents with red wine or greasy spaghetti soon, but if you do, no need to worry.

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