How to choose the leather jackets color that suits you

How to choose the leather jackets color that suits you


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When you are going to buy a leather jacket, besides choosing the right style, material and size, you may also be faced with the choice of color. Different colors of leather jackets will not necessarily say something about your personality, but it will definitely give others a different feeling about you. Black and brown leather jackets make for a classic and subdued feel, while other colors are bold and stylish statement. The choice of color, then, depends on what kind of image you wish to create or what personality you wish to express.


However, not all colors are suitable for everyone. How to choose right colors then becomes a challenge.

As a first step, you should study your own style, think about what colors you like and observe how jackets in those colors look on other people. Refer to other people's outfits, especially those who have a similar image to yours. If it works on them, you also will have a better chance of success.

Step 2, find the right stores that have a large option of leather jackets which you will like and fit your style.

Step 3, talk to your friends and family to get some advice.

Step 4, refer to the colors of other clothes you already have and try on the leather jackets of your favorite color.

Step 5, to understand what kind of personality the different colors reflect and how to match it, so as to avoid the embarrassment that you have bought a favorite colored leather jacket but don't know how to wear it.

The following are the colorful leather jacket options you can choose according to your personality



Black, classic but not simple. Depending on the design, black can express two very different personalities. When a black leather jacket has a simple and classic design without much decoration, it will make you look elegant, sophisticated and powerful. Also, a black jacket is definitely the right choice for the formal look. But when the black jacket uses some chic designs, plus special elements, black can also show the Punk or Gothic personality. It can be said that black is the most versatile. You don't need to make much effort, black leather jacket just can be paired with various clothes.



Brown leather jacket will give you a stable and dexterous temperament because it will make people feel stable, warm and comfortable. Brown color can be divided into two types: light brown and dark brown.

Light brown jackets are more reflective of the lively quality. It can show more vitality and adventurous spirit, but without looking too prominent and bold. It is a plain color, but with vibrancy, making it a great way to create a powerful style statement.


Dark brown jackets, on the other hand, embody more of a calm image. It is the perfect choice when you are tired of black leather jackets because it enhances your look just as much as black, but is more casual than black. It is versatile and calm without looking dull.

Both light brown and dark brown are great choices for the outdoors. Therefore, a brown jacket will be the perfect everyday outfit. You can match it with many outfits.



White leather jacket is relatively rare, because it’s easier to stain or discolored, and we know that the cleaning of leather jackets will be more troublesome than other clothes. But no matter what, the white leather jacket is still a special existence, it can show the simple, pure and elegant personality. With a white leather jacket, you can pair it with clothes of the same light color to look fresh and natural. Or you can also pair it with other black and white clothes for an elegant and classic look.



Red is definitely the most eye-catching color that cannot be ignored. It can make you stand out in the crowd. If you enjoy the attention from people, a red leather jacket would be a great choice. Red will show your brave, bold, passionate and energetic personality. You can pair it with some black and white basic clothes, or you can pair it with some cool band shirts and black jeans.



Silver leather jacket, especially metallic silver, is definitely another bold and edgy choice. If you are outgoing and don't mind being the center of attention at a party, then wear a sophisticated silver jacket. Metallic silver will blend perfectly with your bold personality and give you a chance to outshine others. If you don't know how to match it, a black T-shirt will be a good choice.

Reddish black


This is a special color that can show a unique temperament. A slight red glow in dark tones can create a mysterious and irresistible charm on your personality. It is as versatile as black jacket, but more special than black jacket.

Dark Green


Green is a pleasant color that reveals soft, peaceful and kind qualities. Dark green will invariably reveal an optimistic attitude, with a unique charm.



Tired of the same old solid colors? Then camouflage leather jacket will break the dullness and staleness, it will bring you a more diverse feeling. The most common are brown or green camouflage leather jacket, which will also bring a sense of fortitude and authority.

Multi Color


If you are tired of having only one color on your body and want a leather jacket that is more lively and shows more youthfulness, you can choose a multi colored leather jacket. It will show that you are a youthful, adventurous and fashion forward person.


For versatility, black and brown are still the first choices, they allow you to wear them almost every day without getting bored so quickly. A red or silver leather jacket will make people notice and be impressed with you at first time, but you will also get tired with this jacket quickly if you wear it all the time. If you are buying your first leather jacket and are not good at matching colored leather jackets, a black or brown leather jacket would be your best choice. Black never goes wrong. If you’d like to stand out in the crowd or you want to show some different vibes, you can refer to the above and choose other colors leather jackets that suit you.

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