How to Clean & Care A Shearling Leather Jacket

How to Clean & Care A Shearling Leather Jacket


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Clothing made of shearling is fashionable, long-lasting, and exceptionally warm. The only time a lamb's hide is shorn, it is then tanned, treated, and colored with the wool still intact. This is true shearling. With clipped wool on one side and a suede leather finish on the other. Shearling and sheepskin are frequently used interchangeably.

Lambs produce shearling, and sheepskin is used to make clothing and carpets. Man-made fibers are frequently used to replicate the appearance of shearling in home décor items and coat linings. Usually, faux shearling may be machine-washed; just make sure you read the care label.

Shearling is static-resistant, hypoallergenic, and breathable. Shearling ages more supplely and comfortably with proper care. Learn how to maintain the finest possible appearance for your shearling clothing, accessories, and shoes.

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How Often Do You Clean Shearling

No matter if the stain is on the suede or wooly side of the shearling, it needs to be cleaned right away. Use a soft-bristled suede brush to clean any loose dirt and dust from the suede side at least once every week.

Regular brushing might help put off the need for cleaning services. Allow the shearling to gently dry away from direct heat or sunshine if you are stuck in the rain. Any locations where the fabric has been crushed can subsequently be raised using the suede brush.

If sweat smells or major stains appear on a shearling coat, it should be properly cleaned. Before storing any form of shearling item at the end of the season, it is usually advisable to clean it.

How to Clean Faux Shearling

How to Clean Faux Shearling leather

Nowadays, imitation shearling is often used in blankets and clothes since it's less costly and simpler to maintain. "I wash faux shearling in my washing machine using my Laundry Super Powder, a mixture of sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, and enzymes, on a gentle cycle in cold water.

Despite being mild and natural, it nonetheless performs incredibly well, "Rapinchuk explains. "With other fake shearling or by itself, I wash it. Even better if you can turn the object inside out, like a coat." She dries the items in the dryer using wool dryer balls, fluffs on low or no heat for 15 to 30 minutes and then lets it finish drying in the air.

How to Clean Real Shearling

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Treating Spot Stains on Real Shearling

1. As soon as you can, dab a spill with a fresh towel on the jacket. If you spill something while wearing your jacket, get a clean cloth or paper towel, and use it to wipe up the spill right away. To absorb the moisture, dab the liquid gently rather than rubbing it with a cloth.

- It may be harmful to rub the shearling jacket with a towel or other material.

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2. Use a steel comb or a suede brush to remove little dirt stains. Use the suede brush to remove any minor dirt from the smooth suede side of your shearling jacket if it has one. To maintain the shearling exceptionally soft and to eliminate any dirt clumps, lightly brush the fur with a delicate steel comb.

- To ensure that all of the dirt is removed, comb the hair numerous times.

3. To clean the soiled area on your jacket, dab it with a gentle detergent. Squeeze a tiny bit of a mild washing detergent directly over the stain before using it on your shearling. Use a clean paper towel to dab it in gently, and then wipe the soap away with a moist cloth.

- When removing the soap, dab at the sheepskin softly rather than vigorously rubbing it to prevent damaging the jacket.

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4. Keep your shearling coat out of the washing and dryer. Even if you use the gentle cycle, this can destroy your jacket. To prevent damage to the shearling material, which is readily harmed, especially by heat from a dryer, it is important to heed the instructions on the care label.

5. For thorough cleaning, bring your jacket to a professional fur cleaner. You should take your shearling jacket to a specialist, according to the care label, which you may find on it.

To prevent damage, if you decide to take your shearling jacket to a conventional dry cleaner, make sure they have expertise in cleaning sheepskin. Otherwise, it's preferable to choose a specialized fur cleaning service so you can be sure to safeguard your jacket.

  • Shearling might stiffen or alter color if a conventional dry cleaner doesn't know how to clean it correctly.
  • At the conclusion of each winter, try to get your shearling jacket cleaned before storing it.

Shearling Jacket Drying

clean Shearling Jacket Drying

1. If your jacket is drenched with dampness, use a towel to absorb the extra liquid. Lay your coat on a towel that has been stretched out if you wear it in the rain or if it gets too wet. To absorb the water, place a second clean, dry towel on top and apply gentle pressure. To begin drying, pat the entire jacket through the towel.

- Before patting the coat dry with a towel, gently shake it out.

2. Put the coat on a reliable hanger. If at all feasible, hang the shearling jacket on a fine wooden hanger; if not, use a solid plastic hanger. So that it may naturally air dry, hang the hanger on a reliable laundry rack or another hook.

- Wire hangers should be avoided since they frequently aren't sturdy enough to support a bulky, damp, shearling jacket.

3. Dry the jacket by airing it out in a cool, shaded location. It can be damaged if you hang your jacket to dry close to a fire, a hot vent, or any other unusually heated place. To prevent the sheepskin from drying out, maintain your shearling jacket in a space that is at normal temperature.

Taking Good Care of Your Shearling Jacket

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1. Your clean shearling coat should be kept in a cotton bag to allow it to breathe. When storing your shearling coat during the warmer months, use a clean cloth bag rather than wrapping it up and putting it in a plastic bag. This will allow the jacket to breathe, preventing mold growth and odor development.

- The leather will last longer if it is kept in a ventilated bag.

- Before keeping your jacket, make sure it is clean.

2. For further defense, spritz a stain-resistant spray on your jacket. Purchase a spray repellent that is suitable for shearling or leather and will ward against liquids like rain and water. Apply a uniform application of stain-resistant spray to the jacket after shaking the container. Before wearing the jacket, allow it to dry fully.

- Before using the spray, make sure you read the directions on the container.

 use hanger to hang your shearling jacket

3. To help it maintain its shape, hang your jacket on a reliable hanger. Shearling jackets are heavier than the majority of other jacket kinds; therefore, it's crucial to hang them up securely while storing them to preserve them in excellent condition. For enough shoulder support, hang your shearling jacket on a wooden or plastic hanger.

4. Don't expose your jacket to the sun for an extended period of time. Over time, sunlight can literally bleach your shearling jacket, fading the hue.

Choose a location to keep your jacket that is a bit more covered rather than placing it next to a bright window or hanging it on a hook that receives a lot of light.

How to Maintain Shearling Jacket Longer

maintain shearling jacket
  • Before using it for the first time, mist the shearling suede side with a non-silicone water-repellent spray.
  • Between wearings, brush the suede side and let the inside wool side air dry.
  • Do not wear shearling clothing that is moist.
  • Cover the shearling with cotton cloth if you won't be wearing it for a while to keep dust from adhering to the surface.
  • Your lambskin jackets and coats should never be washed. This variety of clothing articles is not intended to be handled by these home repair tools. For the same reason, stay away from dryers as well. Typically, this collection of dresses has to be dry cleaned. You can also think about drying them by air.
  • Items made of lambskin should not be used near fires. Also should be avoided are sources of extreme heat. More than anything else, flame and extreme heat harm this variety of apparel.
  • It's crucial to hang your lambskin clothing properly. Always use an appropriate hanger for the job—one that is substantial and large enough to support the weight. To prevent damaging the curve at the shoulders, never drape your lambskin garment over a doorknob or any other rounded object.
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Can You Dry Clean A Shearling Coat

You can indeed dry clean your shearling jacket, but you should avoid doing so frequently with your lambskin coat. The item might become discolored while cleaning.

How long-lasting is Shearing?

A by-product of the meat industry is shearling. Real shearling is frequently a far greener choice than imitation or vegan shearling, which is mostly manufactured of polyester. Our shearling skins are produced by skilled artisans and sourced mostly from Spain, Italy, Australia, and Turkey. Each item is carefully and lovingly crafted.

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In Conclusion

You could have concluded after reading the aforementioned list that investing in a high-quality shearling jacket is not necessary. The truth is that a high-quality jacket is quite simple to maintain. And is highly adaptable, serving as a stunning day-use jacket, a backwoods jacket, and pretty much everything in between.

Just keep in mind that shearling requires a particular kind of maintenance because it is a different form of insulation than other textiles.

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