How To Distress A Leather Jacket | Easy and Install | Post-Apocalypse

How To Distress A Leather Jacket |  Easy and Install | Post-Apocalypse


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In recent years, the distressed fashion trend has resurfaced, and the greatest celebrities, models, and influencers are wearing ripped apparel daily. People are paying hundreds of dollars for pre-distressed clothing to keep up with the latest fashion trend. We understand if you can't justify spending your hard-earned cash on clothes that have already been ripped and distressed, and we have a solution for you: do it yourself!


Here's a quick guide to distressing leather in 5 easy steps.

Distress A Leather Jacket

1.Use Alcohol For Rubbing.

Lightly spritz the leather with rubbing alcohol using a spray bottle. You may use a cloth or even a toothbrush to apply it. Make sure not to soak your bag in rubbing alcohol; you just want to dampen it, which will cause the leather to dry out and take on a worn appearance.


2.Beat It Up As Much As You Can.

Crease, crumple and knead the leather while it is still moist with rubbing alcohol. This is how you distress leather with lines and folds on the surface to give it a worn look.

3.Get The Sandpaper Out.

To add to the worn effect, sand the leather using fine-grade sandpaper. Pay special attention to the areas of your bag that would normally undergo the greatest wear and tear, such as the bottom and corners. This is also an excellent time to take a breather, assess your work, and consider using a leather conditioner to pamper your leather.


4.Get A Strong Bristled Brush.

Apply a wire brush or a strong bristles brush to your leather to produce a more distressed look. Apply the brush in the same way you did the sandpaper, concentrating on natural wear points.


5.Get Some Dust On Your Hands.

Finally, take your bag outdoors and toss it on the ground to give it a dusty, old appearance. That is dry soil. You're not attempting to muddle the situation. If you like, kick it about in some dust, dirt, or even a sandbox. Simply brush off the excess once you've achieved the desired appearance and texture.

A word of warning: we're discussing how to age and distress leather, not how to damage it. So don't go crazy here; instead, take one cautious step at a time and assess your progress before going on to the next. You can't undress your bag after it's been damaged!

Wasteland Clothing Style


Post-apocalyptic clothing style could be a special part for the fashion world. It can definitely highlight any costume activities and festivals.

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Tools And Materials Need To Distress Leather Jackets

Distressed leather is a style that has endured and will continue to do so in the future. Before you gather your resources and begin distressing your leather apparel item, consider why you're distressing it in the first place.


Distressed leather jackets, in particular, have become a long-lasting fashion style that has been adopted by almost every generation and has become a sign of the passage into adulthood. Distressed leather also has a tale to tell, and the vintage aesthetic of worn leather can make any ensemble seem better!

To hasten the wear and tear on a leather clothing item, you must first equip yourself with the necessary equipment. Everything you'll need to condition leather successfully is listed below:

  • A bottle of rubbing alcohol with a concentration of 90%
  • Sandpaper
  • A brush with thick bristles
  • Gloves made of rubber
  • Shoeshine
  • Waxing your shoes

Difference Between Distress Genuine And Faux Leather

Leather coats, clothing, and accessories are opulent, well-made, and, of course, costly. Here are five methods to identify if a piece of leather is "genuine or fake."

1.Examine the Label

A label stating that the product is genuine leather may be seen on many genuine leather items. Manufacturers want to demonstrate that their items are authentic, thus the label should be easily visible.

If the label states "man-made materials" or if the goods have no label, you may be sure it's not genuine leather. If depending just on a label is too dangerous for you, the remaining suggestions might assist you in determining how genuine it is.

2.Examine the Texture

Depending on the quality and kind of leather, it might feel rough or smooth. It's most likely a fake if the goods feel overly smooth or plastic-like. Because it is natural and difficult to control, real leather has a less uniform texture.

3.Examine the Outer Limits

The edges of leather clothing or furniture can also be used to determine its genuineness. Genuine leather has a more natural, rough edge, whereas fake leather has a flawless, smooth edge that feels a little like plastic.

4.Examine the Pores

Finally, while evaluating whether a piece is a real or synthetic leather, look at the pores of the leather. Just as previously, if anything appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Because it is natural, real leather has an irregular pore pattern. Manufactured leather, on the other hand, has a regular, recurring pattern.


Spend time comparing leathers that you know are fake with leathers that you know are genuine to improve your skills at distinguishing faux vs. real leather. With practice, you'll be able to tell if the item you're looking at is genuine and worth the money.

When it comes to caring for leather, knowing how to distinguish between real and imitation leather will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

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