How to Easily Get Wrinkle Out of Leather

How to Easily Get Wrinkle Out of Leather


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Today we're going to talk about how we deal with leather that is all wrinkled and removing wrinkles from your leather jacket. First of all, there are different types of wrinkles. There are the wrinkles that come from poor packaging or maybe it was hanging wrong on the hanger for a period of time.


There are natural wrinkles in a lot of leather that are in the skin that you may not be able to totally remove at all. There are other wrinkles that maybe if it's been in the trunk of your car for a period of time and the wrinkles are really hard in there, you may not be able to do anything with it but let's talk about the simple poor packaging wrinkles or hanging on the hanger bad.

Hang it

If your leather jacket has been stuffed in a closet with a bunch of clothes around it and it's been misshapen or the sleeve has been tucked or maybe you're like my parents and you have motorcycle clothes that are thrown into a trunk somewhere leather does get wrinkled and it's pretty easy to get wrinkles out of leather.


Actually, since it is a heavier material if you just find an open doorway where there's air going through front to back where the jackets are not going to be touching any other clothes. If you can just hang it where it's not touching anything and let it stay there for a day maybe two days, the wrinkles should just work their way out by the leather the weight of itself.

Use An Iron

The jacket should work, the wrinkles should work themselves out if that doesn't work you can try to use an iron. This is a tricky procedure and I would test it first in an inconspicuous place before you try to remove wrinkles on the larger parts of the leather. First way I went about it I kind of went over with high heat on an iron going over the top rain even which is kind of a no-no. You might damage the top believe it or not all leather is different every single piece.

What are you doing so the best way I found is to iron it from the back and you can get this leather to accept a little bit of moisture which really helps in the ironing process just like ironing clothes.

All you need is some piece of brown craft paper you smooth the garment out on a flat surface ironing board and it works great with an iron at a medium setting. Take the area that you want to press, smooth it out, place the brown paper over that and the iron right on the brown paper keeps it moving.

use an iron

A big thing that I noticed as well is letting the leather cool before you pick it up and start handling it if you pick it up and start folding it right away some of those wrinkles are gonna come back and it's not gonna stay as flat

No steam will burn the leather and permanently damage it and we'll just see how we do right away. Moving the iron keeps everything nice and smooth and flat because you can actually iron a wrinkle in worse than what you started with and see how we did so that's how to remove wrinkles from a leather jacket just in different areas. Make sure you smooth them out using your brown paper, medium setting, no steam and that's all.

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