How to Hand Paint Leather Jackets

How to Hand Paint Leather Jackets


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It is unnecessary to use expensive paints or tools when hand painting a leather coat. Learn how to make hand-painted art on leather jackets with painter’s paints. You can achieve an excellent end product with just a few cheap paints and tools.

Painting on leather with acrylic paints is similar to painting on any other canvas. Once a student gets past the initial nerves of painting on a potentially expensive leather jacket or coat, he or she will find that traditional acrylic painting techniques work equally well on a leather surface, as long as the following simple preparations are followed.

Getting Ready to Paint with Acrylics on a Leather Jacket

paint with acrylics on a leather jacket

The hide from which a leather jacket is manufactured determines its finish. A biker's leather jacket, for example, is often constructed of a tough cowhide that is nearly plastic in texture and quite stiff. Still, lambskin leather jackets are soft, smooth, and more readily torn than cowhide equivalents.

The way you prepare a leather jacket is determined by the coat's finish. Lambskin is a more absorbent leather than cowhide, and it will work even better with acrylic paint. Water may be required to soften cowhide coats at first before applying the paint.

It's critical to keep the leather pliable to avoid the acrylic paint splitting once it's been applied and cured. You need to make sure you buy leather jackets from high-quality suppliers when painting on your jacket.

Before Painting, Clean The Leather Coat

clean the leather jacket before painting

Clean the rear panel of the jacket and any other areas that will be painted while softening the leather. Leather cleaning should be done with water rather than oil-based solutions, which may react with the acrylic paint or bleach the leather.

Sanding or otherwise roughening the surface of the leather before painting may ruin it. While abrading the leather may improve paint adherence, it isn't essential when painting a leather jacket with acrylics since acrylic paint is flexible and resilient enough to be applied straight to a flat leather surface, and flat leather is simpler to paint on than roughened leather.

Acrylic Paints for Leather Painting: What to Look for

use acrylic to paint leather jacket

Painting a leather jacket does not necessitate the use of specialty paints. Any water-based acrylic paint will suffice. Acrylic paints, of course, exist in a variety of quality, with the more costly ones having a higher permanence.

The pigment strength of a color is determined by its permanence, and acrylic paints are known for having low durability on hues like yellow.

Brushes are the same way. A student can paint leather jackets with any soft or hard-bristled brush. While any artist's brush can suffice, having a range of sable brushes in various sizes is perfect for painting leather jackets.

Larger brushes may be used to paint broad areas, while finer points can be utilized for finer details. Brushes made of sable are extremely simple to clean and keep a sharp point. Learn more about Acrylic paint on leather.

How to Paint Leather Jackets with Acrylics

paint leather jackets with acrylics

Black leather jackets are the most common. This makes black acrylic the artist's buddy, as it can be used as an excellent eraser while painting a leather jacket. Black acrylic paint dries to a matte texture, making it impossible to tell the difference between it and the original leather when applied to a jacket.

Always dilute acrylic paints before painting on leather. The measures used will depend on the subject of the painting and the effect the artist is trying to achieve.

Still, as long as the acrylic is diluted in part, it will retain an elastic quality that will allow the paint to flex without cracking when the leather jacket twists and bends while being worn, according to the experts.

Techniques for Painting Leather Jackets

The leather jacket student's acrylic painting method should be the same as that employed on any other canvas. The most noticeable distinction between painting on leather jackets and painting on standard canvas is that leather jackets are often dark in color, whereas traditional canvas is white.

A base coat of white acrylic can be used to solve this problem. Stencils work effectively on leather stretched over a drawing board for basic designs like band names.

Acrylic paintings of leather jackets do not need to be varnished. Acrylic paints are durable enough to survive ordinary wear and tear, and few varnishes are as flexible as acrylic.

Acrylic Paints are used to Paint Leather Coats

use acrylics paint to paint leather jackets

Acrylic paint is a flexible medium that works well on leather. It has a quick drying time, so you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. When dried, it's flexible enough that an acrylic-painted leather jacket may be worn for years without the painting cracking or flaking off. When dried, it's also waterproof, which is essential for leather paint, mainly when used on all-weather leather coats.

The major challenge that a beginning leather jacket painter is likely to face is neither a technique nor a tool issue. Instead, it's more than likely to be one of dread. Painting a leather jacket, especially one that belongs to someone else, might seem like a daunting task. It's impossible to ignore the potential of destroying a costly leather coat.

After the first fear fades, the learner will likely realize that leather is one of the most forgiving canvases, and acrylic paints are one of the most accessible paints to work with on leather.

In Conclusion

hand paint leather jackets

There are many ways to paint a leather jacket and many types of paints that can be used. The techniques that you can use are spray painting or hand-painting. We suggest the second option because you have more control over where the paint goes.

If you are someone that would love to customize your leather jacket, then using Acrylic paint will be the best option for you. If you follow all these steps, then you will have a stunning end product that can be worn for years before they need to be repainted. Also, find out how long will you leather jacket last?

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