The Difference Between Bespoke And Made-To-Measure

The Difference Between Bespoke And Made-To-Measure


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Meaning of Bespoke

The word bespoke has derived from a verb which means 'to speak for something', to its simultaneous sense as an adjective. Actually, the adjective bespoke evokes as tailor-made suits and shoes. Later it tends to explain something locked to a particular specification (altered or modified to the customs, views, or usage of an individual purchaser). In simultaneous usage, bespoke has derived from a general marketing and branding sense which implies exclusivity and limited runs to reach customer satisfaction.

Advantages of using bespoke garments

If customer plans to have a Bespoke garments that means to 100% comfort to wear and fit with an individual. If people tend to get one of the kind which comes under Bespoke leather jacket that will takes into an consideration of personal body structure, good preference to wear and overall good sense to wear in different styles in trend.


Meaning of Made-to-measure

The word Made-to-measure has refers to customer clothing that tend to be cut and sewn by using a standard-sized fundamental pattern. Suits and sports coat are come under Made-to measure garments. If customer need to order a made-to-measure garment, the customer’s specifications or measurement are should be taken first by a made-to-measure retailer. The next step is to select a fundamental pattern that is almost similar with the customer’s specifications.

Advantages of Using Made-to measure garments

Main advantages of customer’s made-to-measure clothing will tend to be comfort to customer’s body and the customer have chance to alter as they need.

Made -to-measure retailers will always plan to meet clients internationally within the cities, by providing demo of upcoming styles and materials. Made-to-measure also referred to as individual or personal tailoring.

In most of the upcoming years, tailoring has come under accompany with young companies like Artefact London, which will blend with both Bespoke and Made-to-measure approaches.

An fundamental pattern which is used to enhance customer’s measurement and customer‘s special or unique pattern which is plan to create electronically including all modification accounted to prefer to cut.


Differences between Bespoke and Made-to-measure Garments

Bespoke leather jacket traditionally comes under hand sewing, whereas made-to-measure garments which make use both hand sewing and machine sewing. Made-to-measure sometimes requires fewer fittings when compare to bespoke, which results in a quick wait between customer specification and garment tend to deliver.

If alleviating the need for base fitting that is always mandatory for bespoke with very small changes needed to fit but in case of made-to-measure it is not mandatory.

Made-to-measure  garments often  includes some form of standard measurement in the pattern and production, whereas bespoke garments is fully manufactured from scratch depend on a customer’s measurement with much more attention to minute fit ideas and to use different fitting ideas during production process.

All being equal, made-to-measure garments is more expense than ready-to wear garments yet when compare to bespoke, it is cheaper one.

From an existing pattern, Made-to-measure suit can cut by machine and can be alter or adjust according to customer’s ideas.Meanwhile, bespoke suit will come under the control of hand-made and the pattern can be cut within the medium stage from scratch which includes a foremost fitting so that adjustment or chances can be done at half-made-suit.

The main disadvantage of made-to-measure garments like leather jacket when compared to bespoke garments is that the customer needs to wait for a longer week to get garment sewn and to deliver. An approximate price mark-up for a made-to-measure garments is 15% over the price of its bespoke counterpart.

With a Bespoke fit, a particular pattern need to be design and manufacture  from scratch which depends on the customer’s measurement always from 20+ measurement  which includes multiple fittings and takes to a consideration for a longer period when compared with Made-to-measure item.

Bespoke garments can be alter or adjust according to short or long necks, excess or low girth, large or short flat seats, high shoulders or short and many more. But for Made-to-Measure garments, we can’t adjust anymore according to shapes and slopes.

Addition to that, new and current technologies can be allowed for Bespoke but in Made-to-measure, we can’t add new technologies yet.


While clarifying the differences between Bespoke and Made-to-measure, it leads to having the effect of blurred line which effectively equalize the concept of Bespoke and Made-to-measure terms.

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