7 Tips On Choosing Long Leather Jackets/Coats

7 Tips On Choosing Long Leather Jackets/Coats


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It is cold weather time and you are searching for the best long leather jacket or coat to wear informally every day. There are many things that you should look for when purchasing a leather jacket or coat. Read on in this article to discover what to look for with long leather jackets or long leather coats.


High Quality Material in the Sleeves and Body

A great leather coat or jacket has an extra material in the sleeves and body that is of the highest quality. This material feels smooth against your skin and allows for a more comfortable fit. You will wear your leather jacket or coat many times during the season, so a comfortable fit is important.

The insulation in the sleeve and body are for the two places where wear and tear happen most. The insulation is like a protective covering for the interior of the leather jacket or coat that will help to add to the life span of the jacket or coat. It is also an extra layer of protection for your skin during cold weather.


inner lining material for leather jacket

Insulating Material in the Body of the Jacket or Coat

Insulating material in the body of your jacket or coat is important for cold weather. The inner material not only supports the interior of the jacket or coat, but works to keep your body warmer in the cold weather.

Insulation is the best way to keep the interior of the leather jacket or coat dry. Rain snow and other elements can cause significant damage to a leather jacket or coat if the interior is not kept dry with this protective covering.

Higher Set Armholes

Higher set armholes allow for freedom of movement even for the longest arms. A great coat or jacket allows you to move your arms around with ease for running errands or anything that needs to be done during the day or night.

Higher set armholes offer you the convenience of not having to take off your coat to pick something up, bend over or reach for something that is at arm's length. Higher set armholes in your leather jacket or coat gives you movement that you will not get in a coat with lower armholes.

choose correct size long leather jackets and coats

Choose Correct Size

Choose Your Correct Jacket or Coat Size

Choose your correct jacket or coat size so that your leather jacket or coat is not too loose or too snug on you. Having a jacket or coat that does not fit is not a good look. Movement becomes difficult and you begin to feel uncomfortable in a coat that is two sizes too small.

Experts recommend that you should size down with your leather coat or jacket from your outerwear size. Make sure that the jacket or coat fits snugly through your chest, waist and shoulders. Make sure and button or zip the jacket or coat all the way up to ensure an easy fit.

There should be no more than three inches of fabric on any spot. Leather usually expands over time after wear and use, so you will need to take this into consideration when purchasing your leather coat or jacket.

Label Saying Genuine Leather

When you purchase a leather jacket or coat, you want to make sure that it is of the highest quality leather possible.

Leather will not easily tear and will not wear out because of excessive use. Genuine leather will last for years and if well maintained, will look just as good in 10 years as the day you bought it.

The label of your leather jacket or coat should say 100 percent leather to let you know that your coat or jacket is the real thing. A genuine leather label tells the owner that this is a jacket or coat that has been conditioned and will stand up to the pressures of cold weather.

Choose Correct Length

Choose Your Correct Leather Jacket or Coat Length

When you are choosing a long leather jacket or coat, be sure and select the correct coat length. A jacket or coat in particular that is not the correct length will look awkward when you wear it. Your jacket and coat should showcase your body frame which means accentuating your height. A taller person will obviously have a longer coat or jacket length because their arm length is often longer.

great stitching and hardware for long leather jackets and coats

Great Stitching and Hardware

The quality of a leather jacket or coat will depend upon its stitching and hardware. If a leather jacket or coat does not have great stitching, then it will easily fall apart and not last very long, particularly during the impact of cold weather.

A jacket or coat's hardware also says a lot about its quality. Buttons and zippers mean that your jacket and coat will last for many years to come. A leather jacket or coat is like an investment that you want to wear for many years. Great stitching and good hardware like buttons and zippers are the beginning to a high quality jacket or coat.


These are 7 things to look for when purchasing leather jackets or leather coats. Remember to do your homework and choose wisely.

After all you can expect to pay in the hundreds of dollar for a high quality leather jacket or coat so choosing one that accentuates your body frame is important. Make sure there is an interior material in the sleeves or body, insulating material should also be on the interior of the coat, choose the right size and length, choose a coat with great and sturdy stitching and durable hardware like buttons and zippers.

There are many size and length charts that can help you determine your true coat size and length. Use a mirror when purchasing so that you can see how you look in your leather jacket or coat before you walk out of the store.

A clerk can help you decide if you are choosing the right leather jacket or coat for you. Your coat should have a good feel to it for your skin and fit a little snug which will allow for the expansion of the leather over time.

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