30 Classic 80s Fashion Outfits by Wearing Leather Jacket

30 Classic 80s Fashion Outfits by Wearing Leather Jacket


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More fashion icons emerged during the 1980s than during any other decade. Although it's difficult to fathom now, there were no internet or cell phones in the 1980s. Only a few stations were available on TV, and renting a movie was an indulgence.

After television, publications and advertising were the primary sources of fashion knowledge for the typical individual. Due to their limited exposure, a small selection of musicians, bands, and apparel companies from the 1980s was able to have a significant impact on fashion trends.

What Kinds of Jackets were Popular in The 80s?

Jackets Made of Leather with Rolled Sleeves

Leather jackets were a must-have in the 1980s, being worn by celebrities in the music and film industries, including Morten Harket, Madonna, Cher, Tom Cruise (Top Gun), and Bon Jovi.

The Thriller appearance of Michael Jackson is an ideal illustration of the most popular leather jacket designs, which featured broad, padded shoulders and were worn with the sleeves pulled up.

Denim Jackets

The iconic short-waisted denim jacket for women first emerged in the 1980s; however, denim jackets for women first gained popularity in the 1970s. The 80s stone-washed denim jacket has become incomparable as a component of a traditional American aesthetic when worn with tight trousers and combined with a t-shirt or ruffled top.

Bomber Jackets

After the 1986 release of Top Gun, bomber jackets rose to the pinnacle of 80s fashion, but even before that, as a practical holdover from military duty, they were a mainstay in many American men's wardrobes. After the 1980s, bomber jackets—whether made of leather or nylon—became a fashion mainstay.

Biker Jacket

The most recognizable type of leather jacket is arguably the biker jacket. This jacket has a great "cool factor" and emanates flair. But anybody can wear a biker jacket, and you don't even need a motorbike. You may personalize your leather biker jacket to suit your preferences because it is available in a variety of colors and features.

Leather is a potent and long-lasting substance. It can withstand a beating and is really thick. The leather biker jacket ultimately has a purpose in addition to being incredibly stylish. The original purpose of the leather biker jacket was to shield riders from the weather and the occasional fall or mishap.

The rider is kept warm and cozy by the thick leather's ability to withstand rain and wind. Additionally, the biker jacket's strong leather structure will be sufficient to keep you at least somewhat protected from any scratches and brush burns from the pavement if you were to unintentionally fall from your bike.

Moto Jacket

The conventional motorcycle jacket has a humorous twist with the moto jacket. This jacket emphasizes more design than utility, making it a stylish and enjoyable addition to any outfit. This jacket, which is easily accessible for both sexes and contains some amusing modifications, fits closely to the body and significantly raises one's cool factor when worn.

In the 1980s, people's sports motorcycles were originally intended use for leather motorcycle jackets. People were shielded from the elements, the wind, and a potential collision by the thick, long-lasting leather.

The thick leather might shield the user from any scrapes and cuts, and the jacket's internal padding and stitching may strengthen the defense. The contemporary moto jacket still includes many of these qualities, stylized.

How Did They Wear A Leather Jacket in The 80s?

80s Leather Jacket Outfits for Female

But in the 1980s, the jacket became a standard for all women, from pop stars to soul singers to punk kids, moving beyond its initial connotations of "sexy" or "badass." While the lady could undoubtedly identify the jacket, the jacket could not characterize the woman.

Even before Madonna, who is shown getting ready for her 1986 music video for "Papa Don't Preach," strong women in music like Tina Turner had begun to embrace the leather jacket.

Hardcore punk also gained popularity at this time, which caused young people on both sides of the Atlantic to tear their pants and sew safety pins into their leather jackets (and cheeks).

Punks were concerned with basically expressing themselves sartorially without really thinking about gender, similar to the mod era. Dr. Martens’s boots, baggy jeans, and leather jackets were required for ladies, just as for boys.

A biker jacket, blue jeans, a basic t-shirt, and boots are staples of street style

True experts of the casual yet excruciatingly stylish leather jacket and jeans combos are Kristen Stewart and Kate Moss.

The basic pairing of leather and blue denim, simplified to meet the fashionable demands of 2022, has an easy and subtly masculine quality.

Put on your favorite blue jeans and a black leather jacket over a simple cotton t-shirt. Low V-necklines frame the face while revealing a little flesh to contrast the generally covered-up appearance.

Try pairing a cropped leather jacket in a structured style with a pair of high-waisted flared jeans for a retro-inspired look. Leather always complements worn, lived-in denim best, enhancing the "I stayed up all night, but I still look amazing" appearance.

If you want to seem elegant, use slender stiletto heels, or match your leather jacket with a pair of heeled biker boots. With a hint of gold jewelry, such as a gold hoop in the ear, or a pair of melancholy black sunglasses, you may add an additional layer of texture.

Layered white linen on tan-brown leather

Returning to the earthy tones of the 1970s, with brown leather and creamy natural fibers, let's look back another decade for design inspiration. Gigi Hadid, a supermodel, pulls off her effortless look with flawless skin, free-flowing hair, and a carefree weekend feel.

At least one white linen button-down shirt belongs in every closet. Put it on underneath a tight-fitting brown leather jacket with the shirt collar out.

Try experimenting with the style by experimenting with various bottoms, such as embroidered skirts or worn blue flares. The combination of a brown leather jacket and white linen will amaze you with how adaptable it is. Tuck the shirt into a pair of black cotton wide-leg or cigarette pants to make it work-appropriate, and wear your jacket over your shoulders like a cape.

Layering an oversized blazer over a crop top

The stunning Hailey Bieber (as well as her group of model pals) are often demonstrating to us how to dress up and update the crop top trend.

Hailey has frequently been photographed wearing a crop top with a black leather jacket hung over it to reveal her flawless stomach. Hailey is the leather jacket queen of 2020, whether she's walking the streets with her husband or posing on the red carpet.

Pair a fitting crop with a big, loose leather jacket in an 80s-inspired design with puffed sleeves and fringe. Combine the cropped look with bottoms that offer more coverage. For the warmer months, choose high-waisted wide-legged pants, a high-waisted midi skirt, or high-waisted shorts. To balance the grungy attitude of the leather jacket, consider a cropped sweater in cashmere or mohair knit in a delicate shade of pastel pink or yellow.

80s Leather Jacket Outfits for Male

Although leather jackets are often linked with fashionable bad guys, their roots are in traditional utilitarianism. Leather jackets were mostly utilitarian clothing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Since they would shield the wearer from road rash in the event of collisions and provide insulation and warmth while riding, motorcycle jackets originally started out as safety equipment.

Early drivers enjoyed wearing leather coats as they sped across the countryside at the absurd pace of 15 miles per hour. These outfits kept them appearing fantastic while protecting their clothing.

Casual street clothing

Therefore, the first look is a highly contemporary ensemble that most males may wear. I'll start with two suede-wrapped brown leather coats. A moto jacket is among them. The other contains pockets of this nature on the side. Both are excellent since the suede keeps them stylishly informal.

We'll add light T-shirts, maybe a Henley, pants that are either light blue or dark blue, footwear of your choice, and sneakers to the rest of the ensemble to complement the simple looks of these coats.

The lighter hues make the ensemble light and breezy, yet the unadorned front of the shirt and the plainness of the pants go in nicely with the understated jacket. And if you want to dress up your appearance, you may deepen this color scheme with a darker T-shirt, a dark polo, or a dark pair of boots.

Biker Leather Jacket

As a result of their asymmetrical zip fastening and narrow fit, motorcycle jackets are also known as asymmetrical jackets. Most of them feature shoulder epaulets, and the collars are lapel-style with buttons. The waist is fastened with a belt, and the cuffs are zipped.

They come in a variety of hues, including brown, but black is the most popular. These are also known as leather motorcycle jackets since they are frequently worn by riders, who also understand the need to get ready before a ride.

Leather Shearling Jacket

The outerwear with a fur or shearling inside lining for added warmth is a leather shearling jacket. They come in a trench coat, flying, and biker styles. These are perfect for icy weather.

You don't need to wear the scarf around your neck because they typically include plush fur or shearling lining in the shirt or lapel-style collars. Due to its stunning appearance and fierce spirit, this jacket became an iconic statement throughout the 1980s among pilots.

8 Classic 80s Fashion Look with A Leather Jacket

Combining a tough motorcycle jacket with a delicate dress

A tight-waisted, 1980s-inspired fit-and-flare midi dress looks wonderful tucked beneath a cropped, structured leather jacket. Find a leather jacket that looks like a blazer and layer it over a little dress with embellishments and shoes for the ideal going-out look. Together, a bias-cut spaghetti strap midi dress in a 90s pattern and a leather motorcycle jacket with studded embellishments look stunning.

For the ultimate mix-and-match style, try a flowery skirt, a graphic blouse (tucked in), and a pair of strappy heels or heeled ankle boots. To emphasize the feminine image, apply beautiful, pink-hued cosmetics and style your hair in delicate curls.

We are now displaying leather jacket outfits from our inventory to complement the amazing 1980s fashions. Review the information, then place your orders at William Jacket.

Vintage Brown Bomber 80s Women's Top Gun Leather Jacket

Fashionable attire and outerwear are well-known for appearing in movies like Top Gun. The recently released sequel to Top Gun, Maverick, features some unusual attire. Each of these costumes is offered for sale by William Jacket. Look at this antique brown top pistol bomber jacket for women. It is a gorgeous jacket.

This jacket is stylish and has several standout design elements. It is constructed from real leather. A YKK zipper is used to shut it. The garment has the ideal body form thanks to the rib fabric used for the collar, cuffs, and hem. The jacket is offered in a nice brown color. Each and every woman needs this jacket.

Olivia Newton-John’s Greece rocker outfit

Most people loved the last scene of Greece and were inspired by Olivia’s outfit. Combining your black tights and a black crop top with a belt can make a perfect outfit. All you need to add is the black biker jacket, and you are set. You can add any shoes you would like, although black high heels will be the perfect option if you want to have the “all black” look.

Jeans + Leather Jacket

One of the most iconic 80s outfits is the jeans and leather jacket combo. Take your best pair of blue jeans and put on a white T-shirt. Include your favorite black leather jacket, and you have the most retro and well-known look of the 80s. You have the option to combine this with any shoes of your liking since all of them will look exquisite.

Black leather pants and jacket

The 80s are known for their gothic style of black all around. It would come as no surprise that black was the go-to color in the 80s. The well-known style for men was the black boots + black leather pants + black leather jacket combo. This outfit must be paired with old-school sunglasses, and then you have the recipe for the best bad-boy vibe.

Men's Bomber Jackets

Every man should have a bomber jacket in his collection since it is a versatile item that contributes to a handsome appearance.

In the same vein, the design is ideal for both professional and informal settings, making it a staple item for any man's wardrobe. A black bomber jacket may be worn in a variety of ways, but the key is to keep it basic and avoid overaccessorizing.

Black Leather Blazer

A black leather blazer is a fantastic way to give your outfit some edge. It is the ideal way to give any ensemble a dash of class. A black leather blazer's fit is a crucial factor to take into account while styling.

Too-tight blazers will be uncomfortable to wear and will also appear too tight. Overly loose blazers will be saggy and unattractive. Finding the ideal fit requires finding a good compromise.


Since the 1980s, leather jackets have been a staple of fashion, and there are several ways to wear them. After learning about the many leather jacket types, get straight to your closet and try something new right now.

This article included styling advice for both men and women on how to wear various styles of leather jackets. Please visit our website for additional details if you want to add a leather jacket to your closet.

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