Easy and Instant Ways to Wear and Style a Leather Jacket

Easy and Instant Ways to Wear and Style a Leather Jacket


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Leather jackets have been a trending fashion for years now, and they don't seem to go out of style any time soon. They are among the most versatile and long-lasting pieces of clothing that can significantly transform your fashion sense.

The good news is there are numerous styles of leather jackets you can choose from, all steeped in modern-day trends and subcultural references. Cowboys, bikers, preppy lads, mods, and punks are just a few types of leather jacket styles that can delight you.

With the many choices available, you can wonder the best way to wear or style a leather jacket for different occasions or outfits. Well, if that's your dilemma too, then look no further.


This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to style a leather jacket in multiple ways, both for men and women, and other essential information to help you choose the best one for your wardrobe.

Style A Leather Jacket In Multiple Ways

Men and women can style their leather jackets in different ways. Whether it's a moto leather jacket or the trendy leather blazer or trench, the chances for an outstanding and unique outfit centered around this classic clothing are immeasurable.

Different Leather Jacket Styles For Men

Almost every guy gets an itch for a leather jacket at some point in their lifetime. For more versatile use, you should select a design and style that works with most of your outfits in your wardrobe. Below are common kinds of leather jacket designs and the best ways to wear them for a classic and masculine look.

detailed leather jacket

1. A Patterned, Detailed, Or Printed Leather Jacket

Leather jackets with an extensive mix of details, studs, and embroideries are among the trendiest styles revamping menswear today. These jackets have rich embellishments of stitched markings, hand-decorated florals, and accented with studs for a more bespoke and classier look.

The details usually are put on the jackets' arms and chest to create a self-styled tattoo on their bodies. The most trending detailed jackets, however, are those with applique statements on their backs.

Most manufacturers are now transforming the cragginess of guys' leather jackets with embroidered sentences or words, plants, animals, and other custom-made features. For a more unique and customized coat, you can check out PalaLeather goatskin leather collection for high-end embroidered designs based on your specifications.

This jacket can perfectly match with neutral outfits that lack any prints to allow the jacket's flamboyancy to stand out.


2. Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Biker jackets are the epitome of the leather jacket style. Their asymmetrical lancer fronts, highly detailed metallic hardware, shoulder lapels, and front pockets make them a great outfit for an off-duty look.

Matching this jacket with ripped jeans, a band or plain white or black tee, and relatively raised sneakers or skate shoes will give you a street-style look. For a more grunge look, it's best to pair it with dark-colored outfits.


3. Leather Bomber Jacket

The versatility and diverse styling options of leather jackets make them an essential asset for all men. The best way to wear a leather bomber jacket is to make your outfit luxurious but simple. The good thing about this leather jacket is it can perfectly match any outfit.

Pair your leather bomber jacket with a t-shirt or crewneck sweater, boots or sneakers, and jeans (preferably dark-washed jeans) for a simpler look. If you want to look official, you can wear it with wool pants, a collared shirt, and a tie. The color choice of your outfits will vary with your jacket's color.

01.a Perfect Leather Jacket

4. Workplace Leather Jacket Outfit

Leather jackets are also excellent modern office apparel. You can consider getting a uniform bomber or collared leather jacket with brown or suede color for a more official look. However, it would help to avoid jackets with heavy paddings, embellishments, and asymmetrical fronts.

The jacket should also have fewer pockets, and its buttons and zippers should blend in. it's best to go for a jacket with minimal cuffs and collar. Now, match it with derby shoes, some chinos, a shirt, and a tie for a complete office look.

If a shirt and tie isn't your thing, you can try a turtleneck sweater, then add a vest over it and finish off the look with your classy leather jacket. This look is smart for the workplace and will also give you a comfortable and casual office style.

Another simple but preppy office look is a brown collared uniform leather jacket paired with grey pants, a white shirt, a black tie, and some classy oxford shoes matching your jacket's color.


5. Pairing a Leather Jacket with a Hoodie

You don't necessarily need a shell jacket and a windbreaker to be an athleisure enthusiast. Leather jackets paired with hoodies can also suffice. If you're considering this look, a black leather jacket can be the best since it can mix well with any hoodie color.

For a classy and comfortable street look, you can pair your jacket with your best hoodie, fitting pants cuffed at the hem, and sneakers or low-cut shoes (preferably leather shoes). You can carry a fashionable leather duffle bag to tie in with your jacket for a classier style.


Different Leather Jacket Styles For Women

Like men, there are different leather jacket designs for women too. The many styles available make it possible for any lady to get a perfect jacket regardless of their occasion or budget. You can pair them with jeans, ballgowns, t-shirts, or dresses and still get an effortlessly attractive look.

Here are the best leather jackets designs and styling ideas for women that will make people turn their heads and jaws drop:

1. Black Leather Jackets

The best thing about black leather jackets is they can be matched with any outfit. They are perfect attires for all seasons regardless of their designs. A leather jacket matched with a hoodie/jumper can be perfect for colder seasons.


Pairing your black jacket with a floral dress can give you an attractive Rockstar look during warmer seasons. For a casual look, you can wear it with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You can also go official with your black leather jacket paired with beautiful, comfortable heels, nice pants, and a top.

Another classic way to wear your jacket is by matching it with fitting hipster pants, a turtleneck sweater, and suede heels, then spice the look with an executive shoulder or handbag. The styling opportunities for black leather jackets are endless, explaining why they're classic.


2. Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Biker leather jackets are perfect for anyone craving a classy grunge look. They come in many designs, including cropped, vintage, and oversized styles to fit the many fashion sense of different women.

You can opt for casual style by pairing your biker jacket with a white tee and a jeans pair. If you want a rockstar look, wearing your jacket with fitting checked trousers and chunky boots will do the trick.

You can pair this classic jacket with outfits of any color that suits your fashion sense or occasion.


3. Vegan Faux Leather Jacket

Vegan leather describes the material that mimics animal leather, but it's usually developed from plant or artificial products, not animal skins. This timeless and elegant material is used to create some of the best stylish leather jackets you can wear on different occasions, including casual and official events.

Like the animal leather jackets, faux leather jackets come in many styles, including biker, cropped, long raincoats, puffed, studded, and printed designs with numerous colors, including mushroom, pink, and other attractive feminine colors.

Depending on the event, you can wear them with turtlenecks, dresses, faded jeans, mum jeans matched with appropriate sneakers or heels.


4. Brown Leather jacket

Brown leather jackets are another essential accessory for any wardrobe. They come in many cuts, designs, and shapes that can pair with any outfit you desire. They look more stylish and outstanding when matched with contrasting colors like grey, blue, and green.

For a streamlined and monochromatic office or night-out style, you can wear your brown jacket with neutral and camel-toned outfits and shoes. You can spice up your look with an elegant handbag, preferably a brown one.


5. Red Leather Jackets

You can never go wrong with a red leather jacket. Try wearing your red jacket with white or black-colored outfits and shoes for a noticeable and luxurious look. Wear a red leather bomber jacket with a fitting white tee, a black skirt, and low-heeled leather boots for a varsity look, then finish off the look with a small shoulder or backpack.

A red leather jacket paired with black leather pants, stylish bad, and low sneakers can be a fabulous outfit for someone looking for a casual look.

You can consider other attractive leather jacket colors like burgundy, purple, tan, yellow, white, blue, and pink. You can also check exclusive styles like the cropped, vintage, oversize, embellished, fringe, and fur-collared leather jackets.


5. Leather Trench and Blazer

Leather blazers and trench coats can offer you a luxurious and elegant look. They're perfect for nigh-outs and official outfits due to their state-of-the-art designs. However, you need to select your outfits very carefully for a unique look.

If you need a trench that can show off your waist, you can select those with tie-up belts. You can pair them with a nice turtleneck, boots, and a classy matching bag.


Basic Leather Jackets Styling Tips

While there are many ways to wear and style leather jackets, most people still have challenges selecting the best outfits to pair with them. some of the key takeaways for a classy and trendy look for men:

  • Remember that style is the most critical factor when procuring a leather jacket. Hence, you should ensure to pick ones that match your outfits and suit you well.
  • The most versatile and easy-to-style color is black. It's compatible with almost anything. You can otherwise go for a brown color.
  • It's best if you focus on keeping the look simple. So, it's best to match your jacket with neutral-colored outfits.
  • Your leather jackets will serve you longer if you properly maintain them. It's best to store them on padded hangers to ensure their shape is maintained. Poor storage can make their shoulders form points that can affect their general appearance.

Why Genuine Than Faux

The Advantage Of Purchasing A Genuine Leather Jacket Than Faux Leather


While faux leather provides deluxe and attractive pocket-friendly leather jackets, they are not the best option compared to original leather jackets. Although expensive, the benefits associated with original leather jackets make them a completely worthwhile investment.

Some of these benefits are:


1. Long lifespan

Genuine leather jackets can serve for a lifetime if well-taken care of. Most faux leather jackets cant even last for more than two years, making their cost higher in the long run. On the other hand, original leather jackets can last for even 10+ years.

2. Slow aging

Real leather jackets are more robust than faux leather. They hardly undergo wear and tear based on how they're treated. The PU (faux) leather jackets tend to crack and fade after a short time. The main reason for creating faux leather is to provide you with a cheaper option, not a durable one.

3. High versatility

Combining original leather jackets with other looks is relatively easy than faux leather jackets. You don't need to purchase different outfits for various occasions.

4. High-quality material

The feel and smell of pure leather jackets can't be compared with anything. They are made from raw animal skins, explaining why their value is usually high. Their elegance and charm are also timeless.

5. Higher Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship involved in making genuine leather jackets is usually superior to that of faux leather. The remarkable aspect of pure leather craftsmanship is the maker is the primary determinant of the final result.

It requires more time, keenness, and effort to create a unique and exclusive genuine leather jacket. Something companies can't offer.



Buying a leather jacket is a worthwhile investment. It's best to select a design that matches your fashion sense and outfits for broader use. It's also best to go for original leather jackets for a durable, elegant, and cost-effective option.

If you're looking for high-end men's leather coats for your everyday style, you can look at the palaleather.com custom collection gallery for bespoke, high-quality, and well-designed pieces.

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