How to Dress Like a Tomboy with a Leather Jacket

How to Dress Like a Tomboy with a Leather Jacket


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If you're a tomboy and you want to fully express your boyish side through clothing, one of the best pieces that you could go for is a leather jacket. May it be a plain, black leather jacket or a statement piece, it will sure make you look and feel your identity as a tomboy.

Straying away from bright colors, you will observe that the top 7 ways how to dress like a tomboy with a leather jacket revolve mostly around dark neutral colors. This is because boys don't really like to wear all that bright-colored clothing. They mostly wear blacks, grays, and dark blues. Of course, you can wear the occasional brown or red for a bit of color.

With that being said, here are our top 7 ways how to dress like a tomboy with a leather jacket.

Wear a baggy hoodie underneath

wear a baggy hoodie under a leather jacket

When you're going for the tomboy look, wear clothes that are loose and baggy. This shows off a more simple and casual look that is often seen in men's fashion. Some baggy clothing is baggy jackets, hoodies, and t-shirts.

In this example, try wearing a baggy hoodie that complements your leather jacket. If your leather jacket is black, try pairing it with a lighter-colored hoodie such as gray or white. You may also opt to pair the black leather jacket with a statement or graphic hoodie to make the hoodie pop. Then, pair it with some loose or fitted jeans as well as some chunky sneakers.

Wear combat boots

wear combat boots with a leather jacket

In many action movies or series, it is often seen that the strong, adventurous women wear combat boots along with their leather jackets. This whole look gives off a strong, tomboyish vibe that oozes intimidation and appeal. The term "tech-wear" was then given to fit such a theme of fashion. There is no limitation as to what kind of leather jacket goes with what kind of combat boots. As long as the colors go together, it's a great fit to wear.

To help you out, you can combine a black leather jacket with either black, brown, or even red combat boots. Then, you can wear any type of trousers that have good material to match the leather jacket. You can finish off the look by wearing a chunky backpack. This whole outfit will give you a lot of positive attention because of how strong the impact it can bring on others.

Wear slacks

wear slacks with a leather jacket

This next look is more on the high-end side because the leather jacket is not much for casual wear. It looks similar to a trench coat, but not quite. This whole look shows off grace and elegance, something that even tomboys can look good in. Especially with a black turtle neck to go with the black leather jacket, the outfit oozes elegance.

If you want to give off a rougher edge to it, you may opt to wear chunky shoes instead of flats. To tie the look together, try wearing black slacks and a black belt to cinch the waist. Having a good bag such as a shoulder bag, messenger bag, or even a fanny pack will do.

Wear ripped jeans

wear ripped jeans with a leather jacket

Nothing says "punk rock" or "tomboy" than wearing a good pair of black ripped jeans. Unlike the previous example, this one shows off a rougher side to tomboys as it depicts that tomboys are not so elegant. In this example, you may opt to wear any type of leather jacket in any color, as well as any type of top garment.

The top can be either plain or graphic, depending on what type of leather jacket you're wearing. For the shoes, you can wear flats, chunky sneakers, or combat boots, the one more edgier than the former.

Wear Mom Jeans

wear mom jeans with a leather jacket

Who knew that wearing Mom Jeans would make a tomboy look so stylish? This whole outfit gives off a retro 80s to 90s as its baggy clothing shows off what was trending in the past. Nowadays, we want to wear something simpler, more casual, and more comfortable.

This whole outfit does just that. It's up to you what type of top you're going to wear since Mom Jeans can be paired with almost anything with any design. You can accessorize however you like; either it is just simple jewelry or it can be as eye-catching as wearing big, chunky chains. To top it all off, you can wear chunky sneakers or some chunky Mary Janes.

Wear a cropped-top leather jacket

wear a cropped-top leather jacket like a tomboy

Next up is wearing a cropped leather jacket that can really show off your waist and stomach. If you feel like this outfit is too revealing for you, you may opt to wear an undergarment that can cover up your torse. This whole look shows off your playful and fashionista side to your tomboyish ways.

Wearing baggy pants is recommended but you can choose to wear something more tight-fitting. It's best that you wear a statement belt such as one that has chains dangling off from the side to give it an edgier feel to it. For shoes, you can wear flats, chunky sneakers, or chunky combat boots. Rubber shoes are also a great addition to the whole outfit.

Wear an eye-catching leather jacket

wear eye-catching leather jacket

Lastly, if you want to show off your bright personality through your clothing, you can choose to wear a statement piece in your whole look. In this example, you can opt to wear a statement leather jacket. It can be bright and colorful or has some interesting designs that are sure to be a head-turner.

Depending on the design and whole feel of your leather jacket, you can mix and match what kind of tops, pants, and shoes you will be wearing to complement the jacket.


It's really up to you and your creative mind on how to wear and complement your leather jacket. You can mix and match different types of design, texture, and fabric to really bring out your personality. We hope that with this guide, we have helped you with how to style yourself with your available wardrobe.

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