How To Style A Leather Varsity Letterman Jacket

How To Style A Leather Varsity Letterman Jacket


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A Varsity letterman jacket is a basic piece in everyone’s wardrobe. This is a kind of cloth that you can wear on any occasion. Also, perfect for vintage and streetwear lovers. For varsity jackets that have been popular for a long time, but how to style them correctly.

Here are the 5 easy and installed ways I recommended to style a varsity jacket.

1. Jeans and Sneakers


This is the most common and easy way to style a Leather varsity jacket both in a fashion way and casual way. Either dark washed jeans or light ripped jeans are perfect for a varsity jacket. At this time, any kind of sneaker will fit the whole look. It's a much more simplistic look, there is not as much stuff on it. You can match with different jeans and sneakers for all seasons.

These 2 leather varsity jackets are both from PalaLeather 2022 new collection. Using 100% genuine leather with designed patches which I will recommend to everyone if you want a staple piece in your wardrobe for fall and winter. Different from other varsity jackets which splicing leather, these 2 are made by full leather material on the body. Click here to check more new arrivals and leather varsity jackets on PalaLeather.

2. Hoodie and Casual pants


For a leather varsity jacket, it is most suitable to match with a hoodie and casual baggy sports pants. The top-down sportswear gives you a sense of vitality. The hoodie gives an extra layering for the whole outfit. Choose a breathable and sweat wicking suit, which is very suitable for morning and night running in spring and fall. In addition, this whole look can also be used in other casual occasions to wear as youth and vitality.

I personally love layering clothes style recent years. The hoodie with leather varsity jacket matching is definitely first choice in fall especially I could wear it in a cozy way with any kinds of hoodie and pants.

3. Cargo Pants and Boots


Boots are always the top choice for men’s cool wearing. With cargo pants or some workwear pants, the whole look will just stand out in the crowd. This is something we definitely need to add more of into our rotation to upgrade our own style aesthetic.

A leather varsity jacket with a pair of black leather boots can be a chic match for both men and women. Boots always can give me a power than normal shoes when I want to have a outdoor adventure.

4. Sweater and Wide-legged Pants


In fall and winter, how to stay fashionable while keeping warm at the same time. You need a nice warm sweater and baggy pants to protect from cold weather. This is the look that would never go out of trend in fall and winter. A leather varsity jacket would always pop up. I prefer a leather varsity jacket since it is easy to clean and has a nice function to protect from rain or cold temperature.

Sweater with leather varsity jacket was I get inspired from Boss Fall 2021 Menswear and I was totally love it. It's a perfect style when I want to keep warm and stay cool for a walk outdoor.

5. Basic T-shirt and Skateboard Shoes


If you want to style a leather varsity jacket easily and install, then just throw on your basic T-shirt with some Converse or NIKE. It’s a more casual style that no one would notice if you are paying attention to the style outfit but still looks great.

When you decide to zip on the leather varsity jacket then you should just wear a basic T-shirt and there is no other worries what should I wear inside.

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