How To Style Your Leather Biker Jacket

How To Style Your Leather Biker Jacket


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Leather biker jackets were specifically styled for bikers and motorcyclists for protective reasons. Over time, this beautiful clothing item has evolved to become a highly fashionable one, that doubles as a confidence booster. They come in different designs for both women and men . A biker jacket can produce so many outstanding fashion results if styled rightly.

This article is a guide to styling your leather biker jacket, depending on the look you hope to achieve. Below are the styles that have been detailed:

  • Simple and stylish
  • Cosy lady style
  • Cosy man style
  • The classy style for winter
  • Gentlemanly
  • Stylish lady
  • Street

Simple and Stylish

simple leather jacket style for women

A not-so-popular wardrobe stylist once said: “Several times I dare to call most-of-the-time, simple does it!” You might be wondering who that stylist is. lol. You are reading an article written by that stylist. On a serious note, many times you should opt for simple because ‘less is more’.

A simple leather biker jacket style would be to wear it together with a white round neck top, blue jeans and a simple black boot – A desert boot or jodhpur boot will be perfect. Replacing either the jacket or boot with a brown one still maintains the simplicity.

Cosy lady style

cost lady leather blazer style

This style is perfect for you if you want to feel in your elements. Well, I don’t know if being cosy is you being in your elements. Who isn’t comfortable with being cosy though? To achieve this style, combine your leather biker jacket with a button-up girl-style white shirt, preferably one much longer than the jacket, or a black top.

Wear this top combined with a pair of leggings for the bottom. You can either wear black or any other colour – be creative but do not be a fashion felon; make sure you choose a colour that matches your entire outfit as well as your skin tone. Highlight this beautiful combination with a pair of sneakers or high-heels.

Cosy man style

For the men styling leather a jacket that love feeling relaxed in their outfits, yet stylish, this combination is for you. Wear a white button-down shirt under your black leather biker jacket.

Chinos pants are perfect for this style. Grey, carton, brown or any colour within that frame would do just fine. Wear a derby shoe with this combo.

The classy style for winter

leather jacket for winter

During the winter your leather biker jacket can be styled with other clothing pieces fit for the season to give you a classy look whilst driving in the cold. To pull this look, wear a plain polo of any colour – the colour doesn’t matter in this case as your jacket would look better completely zipped – with black jeans, topped with a winter scarf of your choice pattern and colour.

I’d suggest you go for a dark and neutral colour as they always win in pulling up this look. Then throw on your leather biker’s jacket.

Do not forget to zip it up. For your foot, go for a neutral-coloured sneaker. Alternatively, you may want to substitute your winter scarf and plain polo with a white- or cream-coloured turtle neck. Don’t forget to cover your head with a head warmer and your hand with matching winter gloves.


Biker jackets can also be used to style a perfect gentleman look. A black or very dark brown leather biker jacket can be worn on a white button-down shirt. For pants, you can go for a pair with hazelwood, beige, tan, or any other related colour.

The low tone in the colour combination, together with the “formalness” of the button-down shirt will produce the gentleman look you so desire. To complete the look, go for a pair of black moccasins or loafers.

Stylish lady

stylish leather jacket

Is the goal you wish to achieve, simple yet stylish? Then you definitely should try out this style. Wear a long gown together with your leather biker’s jacket to pull this look, or you can go for a three-quarter length wide-legged jumpsuit.

Just make sure your footwear is making a statement. A Chelsea boot or chunky sole boot can do the trick. For your bag, a shoulder bag or crossbody will be just fine. Complete this outfit with mild makeup and a wide smile.


streetwear leather jacket style

Not trying to be stereotypical here but, trust me, ripped jeans and nice shades can work wonders when you’re trying to look street. To look street yet stylish, try out any of these three sleek combos. One, wear a white or grey polo under a striped button-up long-sleeved shirt. Do not button up the shirt! We don’t do that in the streets.

Then top up with your black leather biker jacket, unzipped. Wear this with a pair of flat-soled sneakers, your blue or black ripped jeans and black shades. Two, wear a grey round neck top under your leather biker jacket, a pair of mildly ripped jean trousers, a white or greysc flat sole sneaker and a light neck chain to accentuate your look.

You may want to wear a neutral look (no smile, no frown) instead of a shades, you’d still look street. Lastly, you could also wear your leather biker jacket on a grey pullover hoodie. Complement this with nice sunglasses and a white pair of sneakers.


green leather biker jacket

An uncommon style: An alternative to changing your clothing piece combination to get a perfect style for your leather jacket, is to get a different kind of leather jacket. You can try out this bright coloured letter patched leather biker jacket.

One advantage of this unique style is that you don’t have to rack your brains about what to wear with it, as the jacket is already a statement piece. Just wear it together with a white or black polo, a black pair of jean trousers, black or white flat sole sneakers and your smile, then you’re good to go.


Biker jackets are not just stylish clothing pieces, they are wardrobe essentials and can achieve various great fashion outcomes, just be flexible with your combinations.

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