How to Wear A Leather Jacket & Look Stunning on Every Occasion

How to Wear A Leather Jacket & Look Stunning on Every Occasion


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Did you know that people sometimes consider a particular season their 'favorite' based on their favorite seasonal fashion? While investing in a seasonal wardrobe can cost a hefty amount of money (especially if you're brand-conscious), there are ways by which you can expand your wardrobe without wasting money.

Most people are unaware of the term seasonless fashion when the concept can positively change your ways of styling. As the name suggests, you can wear seasonal garments in any season, and their main goal is to achieve sustainability and durability through high quality.

wear a leather jacket for men

You might be new to the term, but check your wardrobe, and you'll find at least 3 seasonless articles. Let's start with the winter staple , the leather jacket! Many people find it odd to wear a leather jacket during spring for all the right reasons, but it's a permanent fashion feature that you can style every season and occasion.

The classic leather jacket is an all-time style statement, even if you pair it with simple jeans and a top. But the variety of leather jackets out there can cause you a shopping coma, which you want to avoid, so why not research hard and shop smart?

In this style guide, we will describe 10 ways to style 10 different leather jackets that you can wear on any occasion, so without any further a due, let's hop right into it.

Hooded Leather Jacket

hooded leather jacket for men

A comfy hoodie or a chic leather jacket? Why not both! The black-hooded leather jacket is the go-to college look of most students because it is effortlessly stylish and in fashion. The majority of young adults like this style statement mainly due to the warmth provided by the bomber leather and the 'cool factor' of the hoodie.

This hoodie+leather jacket is a must-have in winters and summers (if you live on the northern equator), and it will go a long way. Pair it with a complimentary grey shirt and black jeans, or better, put on a black top with a skirt and stockings for the elite-goth fusion party look.

Leather Bomber Jacket

genuine leather bomber jacket for men

No matter much you defend the classic, you can't argue with the fact that this multiple pocket bomber jacket slays every look. Be it the classy hair-down look or the messy bun; everything goes dope with this baby. And if you're someone who never carries a bag, then this jacket will get you covered with its multiple deep pockets.

The leather splicing design with the adjustable belt leaves no room for accessories, making it the complete attention-puller. You can style this jacket with a white shirt and black jeans and a pair of your good old sneakers whenever you're rushing for outdoor activities.

Patched Varsity Jacket

patched leather varsity jacket

With sports season right around the corner, the pattern-patched varsity leather jacket will be a treat for your wardrobe. But that's not it; you can wear it casually for college and gatherings with friends because it is the ultimate tomboy look in one piece.

The black jacket with a black and white striped round collar and contrasting sleeves goes majestically with a black and white striped t-shirt, skin-fit faux leather pants, and ankle boots. If you're into experimenting with wild looks, try wearing the look with light-blue mom jeans and sneakers. The second look is ideal for hanging out with friends.

Cafe Racer Jacket

genuine leather racer jacket from PalaLeather

What first word comes to your mind when you hear leather jacket? Bet it's biking! Leather jackets are the uniforms when you go biking or even if you're the audience. The classic cafe racer jacket is the best if you wish to keep it simple yet classy. It has two flaps and inner pockets with additional storage space to secure your belongings while you race.

You can ace your biker's look with this cafe racer jacket on a black turtleneck and faded ripped jeans. Pair the jacket with jeans, your preppy sweater and button-down, and your office tote for a business casual look.

Genuine Leather Bomber Jacket

yellow stripe genuine leather bomber jacket

If you want a touch of your bright personality in your gothic look, then the black and yellow stripe genuine bomber jacket will dazzle you. Keep it in your wardrobe for a go-to look or when you're in a rush. It will save you from those early morning OOTD decisions that make your life a mess.

A simple white shirt with complimentary jeans or shorts and a messy ponytail can give you that girl-next-door look without any effort. Don't hesitate in wearing an androgynous hoodie underneath the jacket and a beanie cap for adding chicness and cuteness to your look. You can wear this look to the grocery store or airport, anywhere you want to be yourself.

Patched Bomber Jacket

genuine leather bomber jacket

One must-have for all Slytherins out there is this black pattern-patched bomber jacket with the perfect shade of green. This leather jacket has logo embroidery patches on the front and pattern leather patches on the back. Some might think of it as a bit too 'extra,' but isn't that what Slytherin's about, wink!

Try something new with this leather jacket, like a black turtleneck and high-waisted jeans with a funky belt. To keep the look on the lighter page, wear it with a white sweatshirt, black leggings, and your casual slip-on. Although chokers are no longer in fashion, they'll suit perfectly with this look, so feel free to break the norms and go your way when styling.

Genuine Leather Biker Jacket

punk biker jacket for men

A black rivet punk genuine biker jacket is the ultimate proof of your dark teenage soul. The punk and rock metal detailing makes it all the more devilish and dark. You can wear it in college, with friends, and even at picnics.

The best way to wear it to a family brunch is with a pretty floral dress (in dark shades) with braided hair and flat mules. This jacket will add the definition of your rebellious personality to the charming attire. You can even wear it with a top and skirt, ending with a doubled infinity scarf around your neck.

Wind Jacket with Mink Fur

mink fur leather jacket

Everyone loves fur, but how do you style it with a leather jacket? Simply by wearing a leather jacket with a high mink fur collar! The beautiful black wind jacket with mink fur can create an eye-grabbing entry at the office cocktail party. If you want to look stylish, chic, yet formal:

Pair this jacket with a pretty cocktail dress and heels.

Pull up your hair in a bun and add a few accessories, and that's it.

Let the jacket alone make a fashion statement for your minimal look. You can even wear this jacket at a formal dinner party with accessories that suit your look according to your dress.

Red Buttoned Leather Blazer

red buttoned genuine leather blazer for men

Who says leather jackets are informal? Wear one to the office or a meeting, and you'll get asked for your stylist's number (for all good reason, of course). And try a different color for this scenario, like a dark shade of red suitable for official events, mainly because black would be considered goth.

Pair this leather blazer jacket with a plain white button-down shirt and straight denim jeans. Furthermore, tie up your hair in a swill bun or a sleek ponytail for that professional office girl look, and voila, your chic yet informally-formal office look is ready to go.

Zippered Cuff Moto Jacket


Last but not the least, the black zippered cuff moto jacket can be your all-time favorite if you know the right ways to style it. For example, wearing it above a pair of boyfriend jeans can be innovative and trendy but mostly a disaster.

So note down the best way to wear a black-zippered cuff moto jacket with a colored shirt (silk maybe) and a doubled scarf and tight pants. It would be best if you also accessorized with sunglasses and ankle boots or loafers. Pull your hair up in a bun or down in beachy waves as you like, and there you have a perfect shopping day look without much hustle.


style a leather jacket and look stunning

The cool part about a leather jacket is that you can wear it almost everywhere, and if you've got the guts, you can even pull it off on a plain formal dress with heels at weddings.

Although the leather mentioned above jackets go brilliantly with the styles described, they are not a mandatory shot. After all, these are just clothes that keep on revolving and evolving with fashion, so put in your fashion sense and get those Vogue magazines in immediate use.

A pro tip is always to keep experimenting with your style because, with something as popular as a leather jacket, it will be hard to beat your fashion competitors (aka friends). So stock up with these seasonless fashion articles in different styles and save your dollars for something sustainable and high-quality.

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