30 Best Chic Knee High Boots Outfit Ideas Fall & Winter 2022

30 Best Chic Knee High Boots Outfit Ideas Fall & Winter 2022


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Although there are fads in footwear, the appeal of knee-high boots has endured. Naturally, it's simple to see why. These timeless boots have a lot to offer ladies, no doubt. These shoes not only keep you warm throughout the winter months, but they're also incredibly stylish and adaptable.

Knee-high boots may look great with a number of outfits, making them the ideal footwear for work, the weekend, nights out, and more. All you have to know is how to properly style them, and that's where we come in. Here is our advice on how to style a pair of knee-high boots.

What do you wear with knee-high boots?

The "I just threw this on" look is achieved by pairing your favorite knee highs with jeans. Your favorite pair of jeans or others in your favorite colors can be worn with your boots because they are all so adaptable.

Try choosing slender jeans instead of baggy ones to keep everything flowing since baggy pants will give your figure less definition. Try tucking your shirt or sweater in at the front to lengthen your figure; the narrow denim will keep you from getting buried in the material.

6 Black Knee-high Boots Outfits

Black boots are always a good choice, and black knee-high boots are even better. These are excellent wardrobe essentials since they go with whatever outfit you choose. If you're feeling daring, choose a pair of black patent boots, or if you're new to the style, consider black suede for casual elegance. Black boots are fantastic since you may wear them during the day and at night, making you prepared for any situation.

1. Knee High Boots paired with a Dress

A dress and knee-high boots make for the perfect feminine ensemble. You may easily wear a dress with your boots and yet seem put together if you are stylish and elegant.

Try a tiny dress for a sensual, contemporary style, with a flash of leg for the most fashionable and on-trend appearance. Because there are so many different types of knee-high boots, you may wear a plain black dress and yet stand out, whether you choose the lace-up trend or just burgundy leather.

2. Knee High Boots paired with a Skirt

It's so much fun to mix and match different outfits with skirts of various lengths. Alternatively, wear your skirt with tights for the ultimate winter appearance. Try a tiny skirt with bare legs once again to mix up the ensemble.

Whatever skirt length you choose, the boot will show below, so a midi or maxi skirt will also work. Try a leather skirt to give your outfit a touch of motorcycle style if you find yourself being a little too safe; you'll look totally current.

3. Knee High Boots paired with leggings

Leggings may be an excellent addition to your wardrobe if they are chosen and used properly. You can maintain a stylish, well-groomed appearance while also being at ease.

Try white leggings with beige suede knee-high boots, along with a long grey knit sweater, as an alternative to black. The length in the back will provide additional comfort and style when worn as a layer over leggings.

4. Knee High Boots paired with a Dress-up shirt

Shirt dresses by themselves can convey a casual mood, depending on the type of shirt (such as a button-down, an oversized sweater, or a graphic tee).

The addition of a knee-high boot might alter the overall appearance. You'll feel a touch more elegant and get a little lift from a narrow or hefty heel, while a cowboy boot or other design will offer some flair.

5. Knee High Boots In Opposition to a Cozy Cardigan

No of what event you're wearing for, 2020 has taught us that staying warm comes first. Then, 2021 intervened and underlined that, while being comfortable is absolutely the key to feeling your best, you don't have to give up style in the process.

The secret? Combined with something a bit more elegant, such as a knit cardigan and chic knee-high boots, a comfortable essential looks great.

6. Long Skirts with an Additional Layer

Layering is essential if you want to endure tough winter weather conditions, such as extremely low temperatures. Therefore, wearing knee-high boots as an additional layer of warmth underneath a midi or maxi-length skirt or dress is actually a fairly brilliant choice. 

While you would think that wearing knee-high boots with tiny skirts will give your footwear the most attention it deserves.

6 Brown Knee-high Boots Outfits

Although they are primarily associated with winter, the brown knee-high boots are really adaptable. As such, you shouldn't immediately place them on the top shelf when the weather becomes warmer.

Wear your brown knee-high boots with jeans for a laid-back appearance throughout the cooler months. Put on a winter coat that matches and is a neutral color to dress them up. Choose a flowery dress or denim miniskirt when the weather warms up to wear the look all year.

1. Brown knee-high boots and a grey cowl-neck sweater worn together

Among the essential pieces in a chic casual wardrobe are a black leather slim pair of pants and a grey cowl-neck sweater. Do you feel creative? Put on a more fashionable outfit by donning brown suede knee-high boots.

2. White oversized sweater

Both a white knit oversized sweater and a pair of blue skinny jeans are adaptable must-haves that go great with your casual wardrobe. When it comes to footwear, you might be a little more daring and complete your look with a pair of brown suede knee-high boots.

3. Knee-hight booths for a Shade-Dimming Moment

Although Ariana Grande didn't create the lampshade, she undoubtedly revived the fashion in 2018. It's easy to master the craft of lampshading: Stride confidently while wearing an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie and knee-high or over-the-knee boots.

However, given that winter is quickly approaching, you should add a heavy coat and tights to the outfit if the weather drops in your area.

4. Make your look sporty

You're not alone if your mind immediately jumps to chic outfits when you think about brown knee-high boots. Although this kind of footwear tends to be more traditional, it nevertheless has an athletic side.

Wear your favorites with a hoodie and exercise leggings, add a puffer vest for layering, and finish off the outfit with a beanie. The final output is professional yet extremely loose, allowing you to cross tasks off your to-do list while maintaining a cool, collected demeanor.

5. Shorts with Knee-High Boots

Throughout the year, you may wear knee-high boots with shorts for a laid-back look you can wear about town. Whether you style suede, leather, or denim shorts, your knee-high boots will give you a stylish and modern look.

Your flowy lace or silk shirt should go well with your high-waisted denim shorts. Add a belt to complete the look. If you lack the necessary components to put together the ideal ensemble, choose a short skirt or dress to create a comparable look.

6. Brown knee-high boots with a skirt

You may experiment with various looks and trends by wearing knee-high boots with a skirt. Wearing a tiny skirt with high boots and some of your legs showing is attractive and will make you appear taller, similar to how a small dress does.

For warmth and comfort during the cooler months, use tights with your skirt. Depending on the fabric, midi and maxi skirts are fantastic transitional items that go well with any season. Wear a pencil skirt with a blouse, sweater, or button-down shirt, tall boots, and long business attire for professional ladies who wish to create a slimmer shape.

How do you wear knee-high boots in 2022?

Black and white winter outfit

With all of the neutral hues that are popular for 2022, this monochromatic style in nude tones looks amazing. Dress this up with stunning accessories that will contrast with the rest of the ensemble.

Given that everything in this ensemble is on the lighter side, it may even work for spring with over-the-knee boots.

Traditional Trench + Boots

Trench coats are timeless wardrobe staples for a reason—they are always in fashion! For a classic style, pair it with a pair of black over-the-knee boots. If you don't have a trench coat, you may still duplicate this stylish style with a long coat for the winter.

Over-the-knee boots and jeans combination

It's difficult to foresee a day when tall boots and thin jeans won't go together! With items from your winter closet, it's simple to duplicate this casual clothing concept.

Outfit with brown over-the-knee boots

Put on a poncho over your leggings outfit and end with a nice pair of brown over-the-knee boots if you're searching for a simple, casual outfit concept that requires little work. It's a chic look that's quite simple to recreate and a great way to make your brown boots stand out.

Knee-high boots with the black dress

A black dress is one of my favorite outfit combinations with over-the-knee boots. Select a dress that is on the longer side so that you are just slightly displaying flesh. If you want a little more warmth on those chilly days, you may also achieve this with a pair of opaque tights.

Can I wear knee-high boots over jeans?

Yes, because of their tight fit, skinny jeans are ideal for pairing with knee-high boots. Boots in any material—suede, patent, riding, heeled, or slouchy—can be worn with jeans. Pair with a simple t-shirt or blouse and wear a jacket or cardigan on top.

For social gatherings, high-heeled boots are a terrific option. If you want to stand out, choose ones in a vibrant color or snakeskin.

Wearing shirts that extend past your hips is not advised in this situation. This could make it appear as though your physique is out of proportion.


Although there are numerous hues to pick from, black and brown boots are the most adaptable and go with the broadest variety of clothes. Long suede boots will provide texture and contrast, while black leather knee-high boots are stylish and classic.

To simply transition your knee-high boots from fall and winter to spring, add transitional elements to your ensemble. Wearing leggings and slacks that tuck in your boots can help you show them off. You can also put your boots on display by wearing miniskirts and dresses.

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