Must-Try Leather Jacket Styles for the Fashion-Enthusiastic Man

Must-Try Leather Jacket Styles for the Fashion-Enthusiastic Man


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The world of fashion is ever-changing, and things that are on the stride today may be entirely out of trend tomorrow. However, if you come across an outfit that is resilient to the fleeting world of fashion trends, it will be a leather jacket. The classic piece of outerwear has stood the test of time for the more significant part of the century. Though you may want to go for buying leather jackets for your wardrobe one at a time, at Pala Leather, we have a plethora of high-quality and top design options for you (we don’t intend to overwhelm you, just helping you with choices!). 

Right from the embroidered vegetable-tanned bomber leather jacket to the multiple zippered designed baseball leather jacket, we have an exclusive range of styles and designs for making custom-made jackets for you.

The only disadvantage of being spoilt for choices is getting overwhelmed and being unable to decide. There are so many fascinating choices, and you have to purchase one at a go. So, what to do?  The best thing to make a significant investment in a leather jacket is to do thorough research. Read this detailed guide to determine the points you need to focus on while you buy top-quality leather jackets online.

Biker Jacket

The moto bomber jacket: The pilots of the earlier times witnessed some of the most testing situations while flying in airplanes that weren’t anything more than tin cans with wings. So, when it was time for the long-haul flight, they needed something that could pack them up for the sub frigid conditions at high altitudes. 

The A 1 Bomber jacket in 1927 was an invention of those times for the daring fighter pilots of WWI and WWII. The A2 bomber jacket superseded it in 1931. The A2 bomber jacket carried the blueprint of the modern Schott perfect or moto jackets of present times. It is impressive how this version underwent very little change in its design for such a long time. Irving Schott was the first to create the much-loved and prevalent version of moto jackets known as Schott Perfecto.

Moto Bomber

The bomber is truly casual in its appearance. It is best worn with a laid-back attire like plaid shirting, knitted polos,  light or dark chinos, or a heavy roll-neck sweater.

Leather Blazer & Trench

Leather blazer or trench coat: The trench coat is undoubtedly a sign of luxury. Hollywood movie directors and producers have loved to flaunt it. The leather blazer with its added component of tailoring will give stylistic and practical expression. By buying it from manufacturers using high-quality leather and the best sewing techniques, you will get great value from your investment.

At Pala Leather, we have complete control over the leather jacket and blazer curation process, and what you get is a perfect piece of exquisite style and attitude that will stay with you for life. We have a team that knows how to perfectly handle the natural drape that leather offers so that you get lightweight and stylish outerwear that gives excellent protection and a proper cover from the elements.

Leather blazer or trench coat

Check the lining of the outfit. If it is unlined, only fine quality leather will give you a soft and luxurious touch that keeps your skin comfortable and breathing. Leather jackets have a certain level of stretch and fluidity. It means the leather blazer looks much better on a leaner cut of a body.

Varsity Jacket

Leather varsity jacket: When you need something spontaneously chic and comfortable, the leather varsity jacket is for you. It is available in the classic black, shiny silver hues; it is a perfect picture of attitude and trend.  These versatile leather jackets let you change your look from basic to punk rock style. It’s available in different collar styles and is made from durable, soft, and supple 100% genuine leather.

Leather baseball jacket

Check our different designs and style or order a custom-made men’s leather jacket for you on our website.  You can also order wholesale men’s leather jackets with customization features like your company’s logo or other embellishments of your choice. Pala Leather offers you genuine goatskin and sheepskin leather jackets and coats in all these styles and more. Just fill the simple form, and you are all set. Do not forget to check again and make the most out of our time-to-time discounts!

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