Popular Types of Leather Jackets and Ways to Style Them

Popular Types of Leather Jackets and Ways to Style Them


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It can be confusing if you are buying a leather jacket for the first times as there are too many terms for styles and types of jackets. Bomber, racer, airforce jackets; so many different option and each one is wonderful in its own ways. Thus, here’s a list of different types of jackets and tips to style them so that you can understand each jacket better and buy exactly what you need. 

leather color and material

Color and Material

Leather jackets mostly come in the shades of black and brown but there are also other colors that are produced, for example, red, white, maroon, etc, as some people like trying out new shades. The leather jackets are also divided on the basis of the animal that the leather comes from, e.g. sheepskin and goatskin and a vegan variety called, faux leather. Meanwhile, the leather can be glossy or suede and both have a different aesthetic value. 

hooded leather jacket

Hooded Leather Jackets

Hooded jackets are undeniably comfortable and when combined perfectly with the style and reliability of leather, hooded leather jackets become one of the best things ever. The hood can be combined with almost all jacket styles and is usually lined from inside with a softer material like fur for comfort. 

Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are pretty popular straight-cut leather jackets. They have a tough look and the material has to be of the best quality as these jackets are made for the purpose of on-road usage. These jackets protect the wearer from weather, dust, cold and even injuries. They are also adorned with a lot of pockets for utility purposes. There are some sub-categories of on-road jackets that are used by motorcyclists.

One of those categories is Racer jackets. Racer jacket are more of a modern take on the biker jacket but with less utility and more glam. And then there is moto jackets that are again similar to biker jackets but with slimmer fit.  The best way to style a biker jacket it styling it with comfortable clothes like jeans and t-shirt so that the body movements aren’t restricted. 

style a leather jacket for women

Bomber Jackets

Vintage aviator jackets that are Bomber jackets are easily distinguishable because of their unique fitting style and elastic fabric on the end of sleeves and waist of the jacket which was primarily added so that the jacket clings to the body, seals off completely, and does’t let any cost get inside the jacket.


Another take on bomber jackets with some additional features like, wrist binders and a thick interior insulation marks a different aviator leather jacket; flight jacket or airforce jacket.  These jackets are pretty versatile and go with literally anything, from casuals to even semi formals. 

Leather Trench Coats and Blazers

Leather trench coats are basically long leather jackets in a trench coat fitting style. These jackets have the classic European vibe of trenchcoats but with the style and reliability of a leather jacket. Leather blazers have also been pretty popular in the last era of men’s fashion and it is exactly what it sounds like; a leather jacket but with a cut of blazer.


Both leather trench coats and blazers can be paired up with formals as a part of experimental ‘office-wear’. The trenches especially go very well with a pair of tailored trouser, formal shirt, and a tie layered up with a knitted cardigan. 


Every leather jacket has a unique style and all those styles have their own impact on the overall look of the wearer. Even though so many choices may feel a bit overwhelming, knowing the basic features of each one and understanding what exactly is the look that you want to create can help you choose your ideal leather jacket.

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