Punk Leather Jacket: A Biker’s Best Friend

Punk Leather Jacket: A Biker’s Best Friend


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A punk leather jacket can be the single most important item of clothing that a punk owns. Not just because these jackets are fashionable, but also because they provide protection. 

Tailored to fit your body shape, a punk leather jacket will accentuate your curves while maintaining a tough yet cool look. These jackets are made of high-quality materials. They might have a cuff, studs, or spikes on them. A well-made long leather jacket is an investment in your wardrobe and a very versatile piece at that. You can dress it up or down, depending on what you pair it with.

Punk Rock has a stronger association with different rock music genres, garage rock, noise rock, hardcore punk, post-punk, Gothic rock, and even pop. 

There are four main types of leather jackets that punks tend to wear ranging from vintage, classic, retro to the present day. 

Vintage punk leather jacket

A long leather jacket was once associated with power, wealth, and status in ancient cultures like Egypt and Greece. It was believed to be armor against evil spirits. Further added to its popularity among those who had money and authority to buy it.

Classic punk leather jacket

Classic punk leather jackets come out with a style that is both edgy and masculine. They were first worn by aviators and bombers in the First World War and later by greasers in 1950s and 1960s America. Classic leather jackets are long leather coat that are made from original cowhide, although goatskin is sometimes used instead due to its lower cost. They have lots of pockets and a prime black color with natural leather sheen.

Retro leather punk jacket

The punk style has been around since the 1960s, making it one of the oldest styles of rock 'n roll fashion and punk lifestyle. Since the punk rock movement started in the 1970s, punk leather jackets have been part of the fashion of rebellious youth post-world war. This era gave the punk leather jacket the identity it has today.

Today's biker leather jacket

It's hard to imagine riding a motorcycle without a biker jacket. It developed as a means to protect the wearer from injury or other harm while riding motorcycles. It was often adorned with patches or badges that signified membership in a particular club.

A punk jacket is made longer at the back for protection. With the changing times, the length of the biker’s jacket also got reduced. The punk biker jacket has a very distinctive style now. It's a shorter jacket that doesn't cover much of your torso but it has long sleeves and big cuffs with zippers. The punk leather jackets close in front with a zipper on the top and there are usually two or three buckles on the top of the biker jacket. The color of this treasured apparel usually goes from black to burgundy to brown to beige and sometimes green or white. 

You can wear your biker jacket as part of your everyday look or for more formal occasions as well. You just have to be careful about how you combine this garment with other clothes in your closet. You should pair it with jeans, leather boots, simple T-shirts, belts, motorcycle helmets, and sunglasses. If you want to be more formal, you can wear a white shirt. The best thing about the punk leather jacket is that it will not go out of style, and you can customize it as per your style statement and personality. You can add badges, patches, silver or gold studs, spikes, chains, and paints. 

In addition to the obvious self-defence benefits, wearing a punk leather jacket will definitely turn heads!

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