Best Different Types of Leather Jacket 2022 For Men | Style Fit Tips

Best Different Types of Leather Jacket 2022 For Men | Style Fit Tips


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The best genuine leather jacket Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 for men. Which types of leather jacket should you choose and how to buy a perfect leather jacket for yourself. Should I choose a genuine or a faux leather jacket? Today we are going to talk about the most worth leather jacket you should own in your wardrobe.

It's soon going to be fall getting into winter and that's the time when it's time to break out the leather jackets. There are four types of leather jackets I'm going to cover. Also with some style tips you can follow to wear different types of leather jacket. In addition to a great leather jacket, a must-have in your closet is a great pair of jeans which I think is the easiest way to style a leather jacket.


Cafe Racer

First of them is the cafe racer motocross jacket. A cafe racer is far more versatile and easier to wear than any other pieces. The cafe racer jacket is the universal leather jacket , it does not matter how cool you are, doesn't matter who you are, doesn't matter what you normally wear, this jacket is for everybody goes with every single outfit out there. They are timeless and effortlessly cool.


The design is super clean and you can style the leather jacket with almost every simple garment. It’s also good for people who want to try a motorcycle leather jacket but not so cool for the biker jacket. It’s the most simple leather piece which is super friendly to anyone. Tom Cruise looks really good in a cafe racer short jacket with T-shirt and jeans so you can just follow this kind of style ideas. Also, style with a pair of boots can be totally cool for the whole look.

I want to show you one thing, so to add to the classic look sometimes in the fall winter depending on where you live some of you live where it's very cold so you obviously can't pull this trick off.

If you live in a place that is just moderately cold, you could throw on your leather jacket with a great blanket scarf. Something I sometimes do while I'm going out, I just throw that over top and then I just kind of wear it like that if it's a little bit too cold.


Biker Jacket

The biker jacket which I love now it's a really specific style though you have to make sure that you can embody that and pull it off because it's more of a rock and roll kind of look. If you want to style chic and cool then definitely try this jacket, but with the biker jacket what's key is that you go with the leather that is in a good quality.

As I said before, I love quality goods which will make people different in the whole look so a good biker jacket can totally change your style.


And then in terms of hardware you better avoid super cheap looking hardware go with cheap zippers and other metal pieces on the jacket because that will blend in and be more subtle. It really jumps out otherwise and it can really cheapen the look of a leather jacket. I love the detailed quality of a good leather jacket, some leather jackets you can tell are very expensive and good quality through hardware so definitely check the quality of the hardware.

It looks a little off especially in the biker style, so in terms of styling the biker jacket, I love matching with shirts but you can easily wear a t-shirt or a sweater underneath and pair it with some dark wash jeans or black or charcoal jeans.


You can actually pair it with some chinos as well, I would think darker color chinos look best with a biker jacket because it has this edginess to it and then throw on some boots but you can also go with a pair of sneakers as well. I would go on the darker side, maybe not white sneakers go with a pair of black or charcoal sneakers because you really want to kind of keep the spirit of like a dark mystery of the biker jacket bad boy looking.


Bomber Jacket

This is one of the most staple pieces that I almost recommend to everyone. The bomber jacket doesn't matter if you're a thin man or broader, bigger gentleman, it complements every body frame. I really like it when you're a bigger guy and have it unzipped. It actually helps break up your torso vertically so it makes you look even slimmer than you are.


And again same kind of thing, avoid cheaper leather jackets which tend to be really shiny and off looking, go more matte style if you can help it and have actually said if you're a bigger guy leave it always unzipped or half zipped. If you're a slimmer to regular bills then by all means you can have it zipped up but I still feel that it looks its best when it's half zipped or unzipped.

You can go with black or a dark brown or even a dark green color that I love and that actually is kind of it feels very neutral because it feels like a greenish gray color you can wear easily. Again you can wear the collared shirt with some dark wash jeans black jeans, gray jeans or even some chinos look really nice as well as some wool trousers and then a pair of boots or dress shoes or sneakers.

Depending on how dressed up or dress down you want but the beauty of a bomber jacket is you can really dress it up there on a tie if you want throw on some wool trousers and some nice dress shoes or dress it down by wearing it with the t-shirt jeans and sneakers and this is a piece that you guys want to buy it for life so invest in this piece t-shirts jeans you can get away with, going with more inexpensive brands but with leather jackets, with your jacket invest in it because it's going to transform your entire look and really elevate it.


Blazer & Trench

Over the years, Blazers have become part of fashion identity. I literally love them and I wear them all the time either in normal fabric and a leather blazer. So black leather Blazers is my favourite piece and I will be the first to admit that it may be a little bit difficult to style them well. Personally, I love layering a blazer with a shirt and other simple underneath. A pair of jeans and boots really make the whole outfit stunning.

The shape and leather really make the classic Blazer different compared to others. Leather feels more strong and cool which I would recommend to someone wanting to change your style or try something really chic. A classic black leather Blazer will give you a really nice shape, it will go with so many things and you can also make it smart and casual.


Another thing that I tend to look out for quite a lot with Blazers is the lining because I tend to roll the sleeves quite a lot and if you have ugly lining it doesn't look very nice so always make sure that has quite a nice lining because you can see whether it's a really nice fit. Also make sure the sleeve length fits you, too long or too short would make the outfit confused.


Gear Moto Jacket

These kinds of jackets are for those of you who want to get a professional gear motorcycle jacket from online or local stores . There's actually a bunch of different styles of jackets that are out there. One of the major styles that you see frequently are a sport street style. There's Cruiser jackets, racing jackets, sport street adventure and dual sport jackets and there's like a whole bunch of different kinds of jackets. Get what you want, what you like with good mesh and good reflection.


There are some jackets out there that are designed specifically for the type of bike you got because they will have specific reflection and specific ergonomics to the jacket for being tucked and everything or being relaxed. You're going to really have to try on the jacket that you'd like and see if it fits and functions well.

Usually they have different liners, pockets and stuff that you need to consider which type of jacket suits you best. When it comes to the styles with different types, when it comes to what you want to get, usually cruiser jackets have you know more of a dead down color. They're like brownish earth tone type stuff.

Racing is mostly just there for protection and they have like a lot of logos on it sporting streets. They do more of like the high vis stuff, you can find some high vis stuff with cruiser stuff but I mean there's just so many different types of so many types of different things and but that still those are the main ones. I'm going to kind of jump off that it's not the most important part.


One of the most important parts is leathers or textile, leather versus textile what would you get. First of all, let's talk about some pros and cons. Leather has really good abrasion resistance like it really depends on the type of leather and the type thickness and all that stuff so you can have like goat hide you can have cowhide you can have kangaroo hide you can have you know bunch of different types of leather and each one has their own lane. Some of them are softer than the others, some have better abrasion resistance so look up that kind of stuff.

When you are going to buy a jacket make sure it's a certain kind of leather, longer pretty standard, a lot more free, kept free center with cowhide so you can't really go wrong with that. You get some goatskin and kangaroo hide in gloves because it's meant to be flexible but in jackets you mainly get more of the stiff stuff because you're not really needing the dexterity of fingers with that.


However, leather doesn't do well in wet situations if you ever get leather stuff wet guess what it shrinks a little bit and that sucks and it's going to shrink if you get it super wet and it gets heavy it gets heavy one way it absorbs the water absorbs the moisture and it can be very heavy compared to textile when it comes to that nylons and a few other textiles they don't absorb water, they repel it.

It needs to be considered while leather has a good abrasion resistance and the textile it's easily waterproofed and usually lighter. It really depends on your situation to decide which one to choose. Personally, the gear motorcycle jackets pay more attention to functional rather than style so I recommend you to choose jackets based on your biker need.


Quality is Important

I would always recommend you invest in a real leather jacket because I think that if you buy a good one. It can last you for a very long time so if you invest then you can get features like hardware that's not going to tarnish, leather that's going to look better as it ages, a lining that's going to keep you comfortable and a fit that flatters you.


I also think that because it's such a timeless staple piece, it's something that you can feel comfortable investing a lot in. The price is not always a reliable indicator of quality like this brand PalaLeather which provides high quality genuine fashion leather jackets with affordable price. You can get a staple piece in PalaLeather and wear it for a long time which would never go out of trend.

About the PalaLeather jackets are one that the leather is very very smooth and very very soft two some of their jackets because they're made of lambskin, they're more fitted and they fit really beautifully on the downside they are more prone to scratching. I would recommend everyone to get a genuine leather jacket rather than a faux leather jacket.


Jacket Buying Guide

The better quality jacket you buy when it comes to leather jackets the longer to last the better it'll age the better it will look to begin with. If your budget allows for you to stretch a little bit, definitely go higher quality. Click here to learn more about leather jacket buying guides which helps you to get the perfect jacket.

When you're picking out your leather jacket also make sure to get a leather spray and a leather conditioner. You want to make sure that your leather jacket doesn't get dry or crack and that it doesn't get ruined in the rain. Click here to get the most easy way about how to clean and care for your leather jackets.

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