Ultimate 5 Leather Jackets with Patches and How to patch them

Ultimate 5 Leather Jackets with Patches and How to patch them


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A leather jacket is a staple piece both for men and women in your wardrobe. There are multiple styles of leather jacket to choose and you may wonder how can I show my personality while I’m wearing mt leather jacket. Most of the jackets are have the same styles with no highlight point. When you want add some unique elements on your leather jacket, then the patches can be definitely a good choice. Let's first talk about how to add patches on your leather jacket.

How to Add Patch on Leather Jacket

iron on patches

Iron On

Place the patch on the target position. It is recommended to cover the patch with a cotton piece. The temperature of the iron should be adjusted to cotton hemp gear, about 150 ℃. Press hard for 20-30 seconds and cool down. If you are worried about it, you can sew a few more stitches on the edge of the patch after ironing.

Personally, I won't recommend sewing patches on leather jackets for those of you who are just starting hand sewing. Leather is different from other normal materials, sewing would make holes on leather permanently so you need to be extremely careful.

glue on

Glue on

This is another easy way to add patches on your leather jackets. Use a fine leather gule product and decide the position where you want to add patches on. Glue the patches carefully on the jacket and wait till it dries. This way won't hurt the leather and can be quick.

leather jacket image 2

Then leather jackets with patches can be a good choice for you to consider. I've put together a list of some essentials that I think all of you guys would absolutely rock when you are wearing this. I promise these would all be awesome to wear when you're enjoying your time outside.

1. Goatskin Fashion Moto Leather Jacket

leather moto jacket

This is a genuine leather jacket which has a strong concept. The patches are covered all over the jacket with multiple colored patterns. Also, printing and hardware make the jacket more attractive. As the title said, it is a moto jacket so it’s definitely functional as it is named. You can wear it while you are riding.

Small tip here, when you're in a riding position your sleeve length should sit exactly at your wrist. If it's about an inch short or long, it's definitely not a big issue when you wear riding gloves because those gloves tend to go past your wrist which would make up for that gap.

2. Fashionable Embroidery Goatskin Casual Moto Jacket

moto jacket leather patches

Another beautiful made genuine goatskin moto leather jacket from Pala Leather. The back embroidery and patches make the whole jacket look super cool. Personally, I love the patch on the sleeve most since the combination of hardware and patch make this accessory such a beautiful look. The jacket details are also worth every penny. You can wear it while riding or just as a fashion leather jacket.

3.Goatskin Moto Jacket with Appliques

02.moto jacket

Now, let’s talk about one of my favourite pieces. This one is such an art working with crystal pattern, embroidery patches and rivets. A classic leather jacket can be a good choice for your wardrobe but this kind of special one also can be a nice choice for those of you who love to show personality and be different in the crowd.

4.Hooded Bomber Leather Jacket

bomber leather jacket

Besides moto leather jackets, let’s talk about bomber jackets. This is one of the most classic styles of jackets. Pala Leather uses unique logo patches and 3D embroidery to redesign the classic bomber jackets and make them more fashionable. The crystal patches make the jacket become a special one.

5.3D Embroidered Goatskin Moto Jacket

embroidery leather

Let's move on to this special fur collar leather jacket . The fur collar can be removable so you can wear it in autumn and winter. The patches on the chest and back make this jacket definitely unique and chic.

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