Tips to Style a Men’s Brown Leather Jacket

Tips to Style a Men’s Brown Leather Jacket


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Brown leather jackets have a very different charm when it comes to leather jackets. From Hugh Jackman as Wolverine to Brad Pitt in Fightclub, brown leather jackets have seen it all.

Unlike the usual pain of having fewer options, when it comes to men’s fashion, leather jackets have a lot of varieties to be played around with. Pair it up with something casual or formal and you will always look on fleek!  Be it an elaborate beautiful brown glossy leather jacket with fur collar for men or something more rustic and rugged like a minimal brown suede jacket that has a different badass vibe, brown leather goes the best with colors like white, blue and black. But hey! You can always get creative.  So, here are some tried and tested tips for styling a men’s brown leather jacket. 

Pairing It with Jeans

Jeans are one of the most popular clothing pieces for the convenience it holds. And fortunately, the comfort and convenience of a pair of jeans can be paired with the style of a brown leather jacket! This combination makes the wearer look pretty neat and keeps their confidence at an all-time high. However, the jeans should be a skinny fit or at least a moderate fit. If you remember this golden rule of pairing denim jeans with brown leather jackets, you can literally just pair it up with any color of jeans; from blue to faded to black. Ripped jeans are a huge hit too. 

Pairing It with a T-shirt

T-shirt and brown leather jacket combinations are an absolute hit. However, sticking to the basic solid colored t-shirts like grey, black, white, or blue t-shirts can be a good idea. Try to absolutely avoid warm tones like pink, orange, or red. Scoop neck or v neck both work like magic with the ruggedness of brown leather jackets. 

Pairing It with Formals

Pairing your formals; shirt and tie, with a brown leather jacket mainly helps to tone down the ‘formal-ness’ of the overall look. This look can be very good for a date or even for occasional office wear. And when the temperature drops even low, layer it up with woolen cardigans for a more refined look! 

Pairing It with Pants and Trousers

Getting creative with the bottom-wear is one of the biggest trends in men’s fashion. There are multiple ways to style leather jacket in trend. Try pairing your brown leather jacket with a pair of tailored trousers. Go for basic clothing colors like black or blue. You can also try other pants and chinos exclusively during the summer for a more comfortable and casual look. 

Pairing It up with Casual Shirts

Pairing a glossy or suede brown leather jacket with some colorful casual shirts can be fun. This can give you a scope to experiment with different colors and patterns with your brown leather jacket and build up different looks and vibes. Maybe wear it with a nice and loose Hawaiian shirt or maybe a classic red-black flannel, but avoid shades of brown as brown-on-brown can look pretty boring. 


Brown leather jackets are compatible with almost everything available under the banner of men’s fashion. However, there are just some golden rules that should be followed to make your overall look impactful.

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