How to Create Streetwear Look with Your Timeless Leather Jacket

How to Create Streetwear Look with Your Timeless Leather Jacket


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The leather jacket has now been with us for 100 years, and it was originally invented as streetwear. Motor Cycle riders always had a leather jacket, as it protected them when they fell off the bike, and it became mandatory to wear for bike riders.

Most modern leather jackets are produced in Pakistan, China, Canada, India, and the United States, using hides from cattle processed in the meat industry. There are dozens of examples of great streetwear leather jackets, and the traditional jacket is typically dyed black, and when worn as part of the bike culture the look can be intimidating. However, we have adapted it to suit our own timeless leather jacket streetwear look.

Different Streetwear Looks

The leather jacket will take you through the day from the office until dinner at night, but you are going to need more than one in your wardrobe. The jacket you wear in the office will be well cut and conventional. while your weekend leather jacket will be stylish, but edgy.

There are a few examples in popular culture that you may want to adopt for the 'edgy look'. Take a look at the movie Blade and the three-quarter length trench coat style worn by Wesley Snipes ( for men) and Keanu Reeves in The Matrix are good examples.

Wesley Snipes from Blade wearing leather trench coat

The three-quarter length trench coat style worn by Wesley Snipes from Blade - Source: Vanity Fair

For women, take a look at Suzi Quatro, a US singer from 1970 who nearly always wore edgy leather jackets, usually really short, and often open down the front with zips, as singing is hot work. She is 71 years old and still wearing leather jackets.

Suzi Quatro wearing short leather jacket

Suzi Quatro Album picture - Source: Suzi

here are 100s of photos of gorgeous young women in edgy leather jackets, all making the most of their own streetwear look. Many of us first felt the full impact of leather when we watched the movie Grease. Who could forget John Travolta's Danny Zuko in his gorgeous black leather jacket? It was in the years following Grease that everyone began to wear leather jackets as a staple. Even when the jacket is basic, we can dress it up to look sensational.

History of Leather Jackets

During the second world war when planes were basic, fighter pilots wore leather jackets to stay warm at altitude, and they were known as leather bomber jackets and can be seen in really old movies. The jackets worn by the aviators were brown and insulated. The leather biker jacket would be another history story.

By the middle of the 20th-century leather jackets were accepted as a fashion item for both men and women. You will remember Indiana Jones wearing one in "The Temple of Doom".

Most of the modern leather jackets are produced in Pakistan, China and Canada, using cattle hides, and over the years leather has become cheaper and more available to all for day-to-day wear.

Warm Weather Leather Jackets

When just starting out, you really only need two leather jackets in your wardrobe. One for winter with padding to keep you warm, and a lighter one for warmer weather. You can wear a leather jacket during summer and because it is a natural fiber it will keep you cool and comfortable, choose a lighter color like a tan because black absorbs the heat. When you go out on summer nights, leave it open in the front, and as the night cools, you will be glad that you brought it with you.

What you wear under your summer leather jacket is also important. A young woman may have a light slip dress underneath the jacket, and in a cool movie theatre, she will be glad to be enveloped in the jacket. In public places, the air conditioning is always way too cold for comfort.

A man wearing a light leather jacket will find it looks great over a white Tee shirt or crisp linen, depending on the occasion.

streetwear with leather jacket for men

For those whose look is 'grungy punk', a black Tee will probably be preferred.

If you feel hot, leaving your leather jacket open will usually solve this problem as the air will circulate around you.

With the lightweight men's jackets, some are able to roll up their sleeves and do this carefully, so as not to permanently crease the leather.

Your leather jackets can be worn all the year-round, just choose them carefully. In fact, you can still wear the lightweight one in winter with a heavy sweater underneath it.

rivet black leather jacket

Black Leather Jackets

Black leather is not only stylish and fashionable but is also a slimming look. When it is classically cut and fits perfectly it can make the wearer appear much more slender than they really are.

For those concerned with their weight coming out of winter, consider an edgy black leather jacket to help you look svelte for that date. If you feel the cold, black leather is very warming as black absorbs the heat, so leave your jacket buttoned up to feel warmer.

You can Never Have Too Many Leather Jackets

You can Never Have Too Many Leather Jackets

The good thing about your leather jackets is that they don't wear out. Every couple of years you will want to add a new design to your wardrobe.

As the old ones are still good, keep them and in a couple of years, you will want to start wearing them again. Fashion goes in cycles, and it is difficult to predict when an item will be fashionable again, and all we know is it will be back sometime in the next 10 years.

In the meantime have your old jackets professionally cleaned and stored for later. If you really don't require them anymore sell them through a bespoke second-hand clothing store. the ultimate way of recycling unwanted good clothing.

wear leather jacket to create a streetwear look


Leather is a beautiful natural product, and the good news is we never tire of our leather jackets. Once you have perfected your streetwear look.

You will want to reinvent it year after year to look new and edgy all over again. The other day an acquaintance had her white leather jacket died black for a new look. It turned out brilliantly, and she has a new jacket to add to her wardrobe, because, leather never goes out of style.

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