What Color Shoes to Wear with a Black Leather Jacket

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Black Leather Jacket


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There is an old saying, "The shoes make the man", but I think it should be "the shoes make the outfit".

If you are of the male persuasion and choose to wear a black leather jacket you have many options depending on the situation at hand. According to Vogue, GQ and certain writers for Men's Health, there are some tips and tricks for pairing shoes with clothing. Let's take a look.

For Men

leather jacket with black boots

One of the go-to's for any situation and provided by most manufacturers is the tried and true black. Whether it be canvas shoes, work boots or even dress shoes, all can be matched and worn with confidence with any black leather jacket.

The cool thing is that with black shoes or boots the fabric and make doesn't matter at this point, the texture of canvas or leather, the most common shoe making materials, doesn't stand out and is subdued enough to blend perfectly with any outfit and not bring too much attention to your feet.

On the opposite end of that spectrum is of course white. But the same rules can be followed that apply to black, shoes or boots in most shades of white are not textured enough to draw the eye and will compliment any black leather jacket fabulously. The only exception to either of these rules glossed, or patent leather. The shine of black boots or corfram shoes will without a doubt draw the eye down.

brown boots with leather jacket

A happy medium here is the oft overlooked and much maligned brown, as pointed out. This very functional shade is most often associated with boots of some sort but can be found on certain canvas shoes and matches brilliantly with that black leather jacket.

Of course, you can always embrace the brown boots in the back of your closet and pair them with a black leather jacket for a very fashionable and functional look.

In between the two extremes of black and white, and around the corner from the color brown is where we get to have fun, colors! The cool thing about black is that it goes with everything! Any color shoe works will work here but there are some things you must keep in mind. Always think solid colors, a shoe or boot with a loud pattern or complicated design will always draw attention and make the overall leather outfit look cluttered or sloppy.

With this in mind, dig out those bright red hightops or the pair of yellow suede work boots you have laying around. That pair of green runners you just found at the thrift store? Snag 'em and pair 'em with your trusty black leather jacket. One rule to this however is the material.

Brightly colored shoes needn't be too rough in texture or overly smooth either. Shoes or boots made of suede or canvas are acceptable but you should typically shy aware from overly processed or faux materials.

The most important rule of men's fashion is to appear that you didn't put as much thought into your look as you did, and to come across as natural and timeless.

For Women

Women's Shoes with a Black Leather Jacket

black shoes with leather jacket

According to Vogue and womens-fasion.com, many of the same rules men should follow for matching shoes and black leather jackets can be applied to women's shoes as well. Black is a solid choice for shoes, but here too, we must examine the materials used in the construction of the shoe. Think simple fabrics and materials for black shoes, canvas and real leather are key here.

The same can be said with white as well, canvas and leather shoes are the safest route to take and will complement any outfit just fine. However, there is always the option of classic glossy white shoes or boots, as these are becoming very fashionable again. This faux leather can be paired with any black leather jacket and look both fierce and chic at the same time.

As a general rule from outfitideas.com, brown is best left to the men's section. This isn't to say that brown shoes can't be paired with your favorite black leather jacket, but fashionable women's shoes in brown are hard to find. But always remember that clunky brown work boots or even cowgirl boots can be paired and work for a rural/chic look.

red shoes with leather jacket

Like the men's section this is where things get fun! Colors and textures! Pull out that pair of red rubber rain boots for a fun autumn look or pair that black leather jacket with your favorite pair of green clogs for a summer or spring look that screams laid back. Don't forget about yellow either, cuff those pants and throw on a pair of yellow canvas boots or even a pair of electric blue saddle shoes for a fun and sassy spring looks.

According to Pinterest and shoetease.com, patterns and prints are free game for matching with any black leather jacket. From floral prints to animal prints, they will all match effortlessly and will show a little bit of your wild side. The neat thing is that any shoe or boot could work for this, tiger stripes an canvas shoes?

Yes, please. Giraffe print rubber rain boots? Uh-huh. Floral printed patent leather knee highs? Totally. The only limit is your imagination, and of course the rest of your outfit. But the shoes or boots you wear with your black leather jacket can be the focal point of your outfit and not merely an accent or accessory.

wear textured shoes with leather jacket

Another option is the textured look for your shoes. Rough textures such as the heavy fabric of a brightly patterned woven moccasin or even cream suede are complimentary to the smoothness of black leather and lend itself to a carefree but thoughtful look.

In this category are moccasins or any shoe with a heavy or prominent feature such as a distinct hem or weave, though typically darker in tone you can occasionally find brightly colored variations that ill pair well with your black leather jacket and give you an air of fun and a very stylish look.

Always remember, the sky is the limit and there are always options in pairing shoe colors with you favorite black leather jacket.

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