What Goes Well with a Brown Leather Jacket

What Goes Well with a Brown Leather Jacket


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A brown leather jacket can be easily associated with masculinity and boldness. The brown color depicts nature and life. The most common leather jacket choice may be black, but brown jackets do command a high level of class and exquisiteness.

The key to having a chic look with a brown leather jacket is a proper combination. You should first select the best brown leather jacket for yourself from PalaLeather.

Do you feel the urge to step up your leather jacket game? It is time to stop the predictive black jacket wearing. Let us help you step into the glam of brown. Wondering how to style your brown leather jacket? This blog is just for you. Keep reading to discover what goes well with a brown leather jacket.

The 4 Types of Brown Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have come a long way in history. There are several styles and below are the four common ones.

Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket for men

This is also called an aviator jacket. The bomber jacket is a casual leather jacket with rib-knit cuffs and elastic waistbands. Out of the jacket types, it is the most casual looking owing to its simple design. This jacket is designed without collars and is often made with light leather materials.  

Flight Jacket

flight jacket

As the name implies, flight leather jackets are made for pilots to protect them in very cold conditions. This jacket is designed to have more insulating layers to provide warmth against cold. This makes it often heavier and puffier than other leather jacket types.

Motorcycle Jacket

motorcycle jacket

This is also called the riders jacket, it features the most youthful jacket design. The motorcycle brown leather jacket is usually with asymmetrical front zippers that allow a side to fold on the other. Metallic adornments like studs and zips are commonly found on this type of leather jacket. 

Racer Jacket

racer jacket

The racer jacket is a standard design that is mainly used in motorsport racing. It is particularly inspired by motor and bike racing. The design has a collar usually with an extension that snaps short over the other parts. The jacket is the most streamlined and fitted in design giving a smart look. 

How to Style Brown Leather Jackets

Brown Leather Jacket with Jeans

Out of the things that go well with a brown leather jacket, jean takes the front position. Be it black, or blue denim, there is no going wrong here. Any fitted jean trousers combine well with a brown leather jacket to give a hot casual look. 

brown leather jacket with jeans

The denim jean can be washed, ripped, or any other style. For ladies, a jean short also goes well with a brown jacket. For jean trousers, the only code to follow is fitted jeans. A brown leather jacket goes well with denim jeans any day.  

Brown Jacket with Pants

Are you looking to tone down on looking casual? You can wear a brown leather jacket with pants rather than jeans. A smart look will always be achieved with fitted pant trousers or chinos. You should be ready to step out for a date or a casual office setting with this combo. 

brown leather jacket with pants

When it comes to color, grey, black, and blue pant trousers are the usual accomplices of a brown leather jacket. For a more outstanding and classy look, a white to cream pant trouser is just the perfect card.

Brown Leather Jacket with Corporate Shirt

A corporate shirt with a tie can have a brown leather jacket over it. A bright-colored shirt with a tie is cool when combined with a brown jacket. Ensure that the jacket is not excess in length and you’re good to go.

brown leather jacket with shirt

The bottom of this combo can be between pant trousers or a pair of denim. A sweater or cardigan can be a good option before the leather jacket in colder seasons. Bear in mind the rules here, the jacket should not be too long.

Brown Jacket with Casual Shirts

Casual shirts are usually more in a man’s wardrobe maybe with T-shirts. A good oldie look can be gotten with a casual shirt and a brown leather jacket. The good contrast between the jacket brown and the shirt is something to pay attention to. You don't want to wear colors that are blending. 

brown leather jacket with casual shirt

Patterned shirts are the best to wear with brown leather jackets but plain ones too are not bad. For the down, a jean, pants trousers, or chinos will do the magic. As usual, the trousers should be fitted to give the expected smartness.

Brown Leather Jacket with T-Shirt

Brown leather jackets go so well with all types of tees. Be it V-necks, Scoop necks, or Henly shirts, T-shirts are cool with brown jackets. The common colors that go well are blue, white, grey, and cream because of their sharp contrast to brown.

brown leather jacket with t-shirt

Feel free to go all out with tees and your choice of denim. It is probably good for guys to avoid softer colors that are more feminine like purple, and pink. Once this is considered, there are no restrictions to what spark you can create with brown leather jackets and tees.

Other Considerations

Other Considerations when Wearing a Brown Leather Jacket

An important part of dressing that has not been discussed is footwear. What type of footwear goes well with a brown leather jacket? There are decent options to pick from when it comes to what type of shoe. Brown boots, white sneakers, and rugged black or brown shoes are the common footwear options.

Brown suede boots give the coolest casual look with a brown leather jacket. For a less casual combo, a brown shoe should be on the card. White sneakers are best with an outgoing, lively, and fun appearance.

Finally, it is important to choose quality clothes to combine with a quality brown leather jacket . It means the choice should begin with the jacket. Ensure to get a fitted jacket and a type that suits your body frame, you can check PalaLeather. The best colors to go well with a brown leather jacket are white, blue, and grey for shirts, or tees. Black or blue jean is just perfect for a mature and smart look.

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