What Should You Wear Under a Leather Blazer to Look Chic

What Should You Wear Under a Leather Blazer to Look Chic


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A blazer is a clothing piece typically in the semblance of a suit jacket, but the two are not the same. While they can both depict formalness, blazers are different as they are single-breasted, have metallic buttons, and are more uniform-like – they are in fact uniforms.

Leather blazers used to be a popular outfit among air hosts and hostesses, students belonging to a particular school, even members of a particular sports team, and many other collective groups requiring uniforms. In recent times, this ‘uniform-like’ clothing has become a popular fashion trend, especially among women.

Blazers come in different types and are classified based on their sizes, hem length, fabric/material type, colour/pattern option, collar types, etc., each depicting a different level of formalness. Leather blazers are particularly a type of blazer that is in vogue.

leather blazer for men

To look chic, in order words sophisticated, stylish, fashionable, and elegant in a blazer, you must carefully select a nice piece of clothing to be worn in combination with it. The type of cloth you wear under your blazer is particularly important as you do not want to appear shabby, old-fashioned, or poorly dressed.

In this article, I have carefully curated a list of clothing pieces you should consider wearing under your blazer to look chic whether you are a man or a woman.

For Men

  • T-shirts
  • Flannel shirt
  • Sweater
  • Turtleneck


blazer pair with t-shirt for men

Wearing a T-shirt under a blazer is a smart way to create a balance between looking cool and formal. One way you can perfect this look is to wear a plain cotton T-shirt. White is good if you'd ask me. You may use a V-neck or round neck T-shirt depending on personal preference.

Minimally designed striped tees will also perform the cool-formal magic. Striped tees with logos, graphics, patterns, or any other kinds of detailed design are a no-no.

Another T-shirt option is wearing it with a black T-shirt. Ever heard the saying, 'with black you can never go wrong?' You can never go wrong wearing a black tee under your blazer. This is a smart combo. You'd look even smarter if the blazer is a leather blazer.

No matter the type of T-shirt you're going for just make sure it is a slim fit and that the colour complements the colour of other outfits you are wearing.

Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt makes good casual wear. Wearing it together with a sleek blazer would mean you're looking to look smart-casual.

The shirt may either be plain or checked. If checked, be careful of the colour of the trousers you are wearing together with them so you don't look weird. Go for neutral colours. This combination may be worn to work on Fridays.


Button-down shirt plus sweater plus blazer. This combo is a stylish winter classic. It makes neutral-coloredessly fanciful and gentlemanly if complemented with the right pair of shoes and pants.


pair blazer with turtleneck

Turtle necks are very 2022 clothing pieces. They go well with many clothing pieces and your blazers are not left out. Fitted-but-not-so-tight turtlenecks should be tucked into your pants and topped with a sleek blazer. To look dapper in this combo, go for a light- or neutral-coloured turtleneck. Also, avoid stripped blazers for this combo. This outfit will also pass for a winter classic.

For Women

  • Crop top
  • Camisole
  • Sleeveless top
  • Turtleneck
  • Button-down shirt

Crop top

The crop top and blazer combination is a blend of casual and fanciful. A black crop top together with a colourful blazer would definitely make you look chic. For this outfit, an alternative to the traditionally styled blazer is the cropped blazer. The good thing with this blazer type is that it can serve as a jacket (on your cropped top) or a top on its own.


A formal alternative to a crop top combined with a blazer is a camisole. Black or white camisoles are go-to options if you are wearing them with coloured blazers. The good thing with this combination that would leave you looking chic is that the pairing options are inexhaustible as camisoles come in different types and patterns, and these varieties always have a blazer they are pair perfectly with

Sleeveless tops

blazer with sleeveless top for women

Sleeveless tops will definitely look chic under blazers. Go for a blazer with high necks – so the neckline lies above the collar of your blazers. Tops with low necklines work too.


pair blazer with turtleneck

Turtlenecks are also classic clothing pieces for women in 2022. Wear one under a blazer to look modern classic. They come in so many girl varieties. Just like for guys, there are some things you must take into consideration before combining your turtleneck with a blazer.

Firstly, make sure the neck of the turtle neck is long enough – short-necked turtle necks would look nice under blazers. Also, make sure the neckline is tight and firmly laid against your neck. Another thing to consider is the size of the turtleneck. Opt for slim-fit.

Button-down shirt

For a sharp and professional look, wear a masculine-passing collared button-down shirt under your blazer. The collar of the shirt should be left open to add a feminine feel to the outfit. This would definitely make you look chic. Girly shirts with neckties work well too.

If you are going for this option make sure you work the necktie beautifully into a bow or a knot. This outfit would look perfect for an office outing


While different clothing pieces can be worn under blazers without breaking fashion rules, it is important to note that not all can produce the result of a chic look. The carefully curated list above is my suggestion on the right combination that would make you look chic.

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