Are Shearling Jackets Worth It

Are Shearling Jackets Worth It


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Sheep are known to be a good supplier of pelts. Our ancestors used various techniques to utilize wool and sheep's skin. Shearling is a process by which the skin of the sheep recently sheared is tanned and dressed. Shearling is done with the wool still on. Shearling is done on a young lamb. Doing this will ensure that the lambskin is soft to the touch.

Shearling lambskins are good insulators making them perfect for the winter. This makes it perfect for winter apparel such as jackets, pants, hats, boots, or simply anything you wear in winter. It is commonly used in winter jackets.

What Is A Shearling Jacket?

Shearling has a long history. It was being used by our ancestors, then later it became a status symbol. Later, the shearling became a popular lining of the hat. The shearling lambskin was then used in skiing jackets and became widely popular. Shearling jackets even became popular in movies. With Marlon Brando wearing it in his movies, this jacket became a fashion icon.

With its popularity both in movies and on the catwalks, it is not surprising that people would ask what is a shearling jacket. The shearling jacket is made of two materials, shearling lambskin, and leather. The shearling lambskin is the inner lining, carefully handcrafted by craftsmen. the exterior is made of leather.

Despite the exquisite materials used to create the shearling jacket, they are made to look rugged. Shearling jackets are known for their durability. Shearling jackets are not as bulky as other fur jackets but history had proven how lambskin can protect you from cold.

Shearling jackets are mostly water-resistant. This makes it easier to clean. In case the shearling lambskin would get a stain that is hard to remove, it is better to immediately take it to the dry cleaner.

Caring for a shearling jacket is easy. You put it in your closet during any other season and take it out during winter. These jackets could cost as much as USD 1000. Despite the price, it is still popular for both men and women. It is highly discouraged to buy fake ones. The fake shearling jackets will not be able to protect you from cold the way the real ones could. A shearling has a lot of benefits and this is hard to be imitated.

Is Shearling Real Fur?

One of the few questions is if shearling is a real fur. By definition, fur is a short, fine hair of an animal. A shearling still has its wool attached to the hide or the skin of the lamb. This makes it a real fur. Shearling is not sheared wool. Understanding how a shearling was harvested is key to knowing that it is fur. 

Although there had been various arguments regarding its characteristics, when looking into it, a shearling qualifies as fur. The lambskin has to go through a lot of processes, just like fur does to be integrated into leather and become a shearling jacket. This process is long and tedious but it is worth the wait.  

Is A Shearling Coat Worth It?

A shearling jacket is considered to be one of the most expensive winter apparel. It can cost higher than USD 1000. Despite this, it comes with characteristics that make consumers want it more. It is not surprising as it keeps on being displayed in shops during the winter season. Its ability to protect someone from cold makes it all worth it. 

It is not only its capability to keep you warm but shearling jackets had other characteristics that you would want for the winter. Wearing layers and layers of clothing during winter is important. Some clothes are not comfortable to wear. Shearling jackets are comfortable, breathable, and water-resistant. These are important for a jacket that you might have to constantly wear. 

You would not want something that you need to constantly wash during winter since drying it would be difficult. Even a constant visit to the dry cleaner is not economical. This makes this ideal since lanolin wool is self-cleaning. It means it has antibacterial properties and is hypoallergenic. This means that this jacket is expensive but it is low maintenance. Making this all worth the price.  

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